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Why does Dr. Bob sign off, “I’m Dr. Bob Peters and that’s thirty”?

In the days of linotype machines for setting type, multiple pages of copy contained the footer “-more-” at bottom of each page. The end of the copy on the last page carried the footer “-30-“. That told the typesetter in a definitive fashion that he had reached the end of his copy. Why “30”? No one I have ever asked knows. But the designation “30” has stuck as an indication of “the end”.

Dr. Bob adopted this convention years ago when he was a neophyte broadcaster.
Hope this answers your question. Thanks for listening to us and thanks for taking the time to write.

Paul L. Gleiser

Will you be streaming Texas Rangers games online?


Unfortunately no, we will not.

Major League Baseball retains Internet streaming rights. Individual teams are not allowed to offer streaming in their agreements with their radio network affiliates.

I’m sorry for this. But our hands are tied.

Do you have any plans to boost your AM station’s signal strength?

I love the programming especially sports talk and Sean Hannity. I am also a big high school football fan and this leads me to my problem. I live in Jacksonville and when the sun goes down so does KTBB SIGNAL! Other radio stations start bleeding in. I am left with no other choice but to turn the radio off. (more…)

Why can’t I get your station 600 am before 7:30 in the morning?

Yours is a question we get frequently at this time of year as the sun begins rising later and setting earlier. You didn’t specify where you live in the area so my answer will be general in nature. But put simply, as the sun rises and sets, KTBB, like most AM radio stations, changes its power and the direction in which it more strongly radiates its signal. (more…)

Every morning around 6:15 your signal seems to be pumped up?

That second or so when static comes thru causes the listener to miss half a sentence or so. Can this process occur before 6:00 am, instead of in the middle of the sports update?

The momentary interruption that you hear is the result of the physical movement of some rather large relays that serve to:

* increase transmitter power output from 2,500 to 5,000 watts
* change the shape of the station’s radiation pattern to the daytime pattern as set forth in our license. (more…)

What happened to Radiolicious? How do I listen on my smart phone?

Radiolicious is no longer needed to listen to our stations on your mobile device. If you are using any of the major smart phones (iPhone Android, Blackberry) you should be automatically directed to our mobile site where you will see buttons to access each of the station streams. The direct URL for the mobile site is but you should be automatically redirected if you are on a smart phone capable of doing so. (more…)

KTBB FM going to pure sports – it is hard to see a large audience for sports talk at all hours day and night.

Re: KTBB FM going to pure sports. I know nothing about the radio business, but it is hard to see a large audience for sports talk at all hours day and night. Perhaps during football season maybe, but after that, basketball, soccer, bowling?? We now have 2 stations in this market devoted to sports. This air time gets down to the minutia of the manufacturer of the shoe laces on the 3rd string quarterback’s shoes. C’mon! Does radio make money doing this type of programming? Do women listen to this stuff? I don’t think so. Please explain the business logic from an owner’s perspective of how this is a cash cow. Does ESPN cause this magic to happen? Can this decision from HQ possibly be reversed in the interest of the local businesses who would like to support programming that appeals to a broader market? (more…)

Why did you interrupt Rush for Obama’s Speech?!

KTBB bills its format as news and talk. We pass on very nearly all of President Obama’s speeches. But we treat major policy
addresses as news events and we act accordingly.

The decision to carry the speech today was based on long-standing editorial policy that has served us well and that stands irrespective of who happens to be holding the office at the moment. We made similar editorial decisions throughout the eight years of President Bush’s administration.

We make the programming decisions that we make in as consistent a manner as possible and in a sincere effort to carry out our mission to keep our audience informed.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

Paul L. Gleiser

I am still amazed that your station keeps Rush Limbaugh on the air!

I am still amazed that your station keeps Rush Limbaugh, on the air, as part of your format. Do you people really believe in this guy. Lets see, an admitted drug-addict, high school dropout, never held any public office in his life, and more controversary, than the law almost allows.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. We appreciate all listener input.

With respect to Rush Limbaugh, I wish you could see my email inbox. It’s uncanny how many complaints we get about Rush versus how many listeners write in to thank us for airing Rush. No doubt about it, Rush is a lightning rod and he engenders strong opinion. Here we are talking about him. (more…)

What do you see in future for digital radio in Tyler?

Digital radio will work its way into the marketplace eventually. But I believe that it will take a while for markets the size of Tyler.

IBOC (In- Band, On-Channel) digital broadcasting will begin in about a half-dozen large markets later this year. As of now, none of the major receiver manufacturers has announced plans to build the receivers in large quantities. I expect that will eventually change. (more…)

How important do you think the internet is for radio and TV stations?

You are quite perceptive.

I believe that the internet is hugely important for information content creators such as newstalk radio stations, TV stations and newspapers. I believe that those of us that do a good job embracing the exciting
capabilities of the web will prosper in the coming years. (more…)

Would you consider changing your on the hour and half hour news from ABC?


Changing networks to move away from ABC is not an option for us. There are a number of reasons.

First let me respond to the belief held by you and a number of others that ABC News Radio displays a liberal bias. As you may know from my weekly feature called “You Tell Me” ( I am a committed conservative. KTBB’s hospitality to conservative thought is well-evidenced by the fact that we are the home in East Texas for Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Michael Savage. (more…)

When will you begin broadcasting in HD?

Thanks for your question regarding HD Radio, otherwise known as High
Definition Radio.

HD Radio’s premise is that it greatly improves audio quality by digitizing the station’s analog audio signal and broadcasting it on the same frequencies that we use for our existing stations. Further, HD offers the capacity for a “second channel”, a kind of extra radio station-within-a-station upon which we could offer alternative programming. (more…)

You have too many commercials.

I listen to your station 5-8 hours everyday. I compared KTBB with at least 4 other stations. You have too many commercials. I know you have bills to pay, but when I can go to one station when your commercials start tune back in 10 minutes and am still hearing commercials. Don’t worry I will always listen, but will tune out the never ending spots.?

There’s a saying that perception is truth. And it seems to be your perception that we play more commercials than other radio stations in similar formats. (more…)

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