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When a Democrat runs against a Democrat, who wins?

Posted By Paul Gleiser On February 7, 2008 @ 3:22 pm In John McCain,Mitt Romney,Republicans | No Comments

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) [1]

The pundit line goes like this. If given a choice between a Democrat and a Democrat, voters will always choose the Democrat.

Mitt Romney was the fading hope of conservative Republicans in the race for that party’s nomination. Today, he dropped out.

Full story on Romney’s departure from ABC News (includes video).

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R-TX) says the Republicans will rally around McCain. Here’s what she said. [2]

I’m not so sure. If it comes down to a choice between either Clinton or Obama for the Democrats and John McCain for the Republicans, I think the Democrats win.

Except for a strong position on Iraq and the broader war on terror, John McCain is seen by a large percentage of Republican voters as a liberal.

He denounced Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito as “too conservative.” He refuses to drill ANWR. His name appears on McCain-Feingold (limiting political speech) and McCain-Kennedy (effective amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants). He opposed the Bush tax cuts.

In 2004, he actually considered the possibility of a Kerry-McCain ticket.

The Democrats seem to be juiced — particularly about Obama.

If the Democrats are pumped and a large percentage of the Republicans are disappointed or even angry, they may stay home.

In that scenario, McCain has to count on independents and moderates to get him elected absent the support of the Republican base.

Let’s turn the tables. Do you think Hillary Clinton or Barak Obama would have a chance without the support of the Democrat base?

I think the Democrats now have the inside track to victory in November.

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