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A troubled campaign needs Texas.

Posted By Paul Gleiser On February 11, 2008 @ 11:13 am In Barak Obama,Democrats,Hillary Clinton,Texas | No Comments

Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) [1]

The “inevitable” Clinton nomination is in serious trouble (proving a belief that I have long-held that early front-runners are at a disadvantage).

The campaign went 0-4 this past weekend, losing the Maine caucuses, the Louisiana primary and the Washington State and Nebraska caucuses all to Barak Obama.

By Tuesday evening, the streak could be 0-7 if Clinton loses the so-called “Potomac Primaries” in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia.

This scenario has led to a shakeup at the top of Clinton’s campaign. Patti Solis-Doyle has been fired as campaign manager to be replaced by longtime Clinton aide Maggie Williams.

This time a year ago, no one woulda thunk it, but the road to the nomination now runs through Texas on March 4. Depending on the outcome in Texas – together with Ohio, Vermont and Rhode Island – the Clinton campaign either effectively ends or regains the momentum necessary to win the nomination in August.

Rick Moran writes in American Thinker:

The latest RCP [Real Clear Politics] delegate count has Obama up by 4 – 1139-1134. Even with big wins tomorrow night, Obama is not expected to shoot too far into the lead thanks to the proportional awarding of delegates in all three contests.

But Clinton is in danger of being perceived as an also ran. This could cause a stampede among Superdelegates to Obama which would torpedo her campaign and cause her to throw in the towel. However, this scenario isn’t likely until after the March 4 primaries in Ohio, Texas, Vermont, and Rhode Island. A sweep by Obama there, even though Clinton won’t be behind by more than a couple of hundred delegates – will almost certainly swing most of the Super Delegates his way and end the race rather abruptly.

Read the entire article by Rick Moran here. [2]

Stay tuned.

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