Health News

See a Pair of Twins Hear Their Mom for the First Time

Kayla and Kiara Hernandez were born with moderate hearing loss.

How Virginia Shooting May Help Psych Experts See Warning Signs

What we can learn from the messages sent by Virginia gunman.

Real On-Air Violence Can Traumatize Viewers

The shooting on live television in Virginia Wednesday could have a psychological effect on the thousands of viewers who were exposed to the traumatic event, experts say.

Couple Marries After Doctor's Visit Reveals Woman is in Labor

Stephanie Tallent and Jason Nece got married and had a baby in the same day.

What You Need to Know About Jimmy Carter's Cancer

Jimmy Carter melanoma diagnosis may be helped with new immunotherapy drugs.

Leah Still Gets Own Wheaties Box Cover

Daughter of Bengal's player Devon Still was honored on Wheaties box.

Long Hours at Work Increase Stroke Risk, Study Says

Workers who toil for long hours faced higher risk of both stroke and heart attack.

Historic Hotel Named Source of Deadly Legionnaires' Outbreak

Historic Opera House Hotel named source of Legionnaires' disease outbreak that killed 12

Pint-Size Pitcher Uses 3-D Printed Hand for First Pitch

Hailey Dawson lived every baseball fan's dream by throwing out the first pitch for her favorite team.

Mutant Lice May Resist Drugs, But Experts Say Don't Panic

Researchers report lice with potentially drug-resistant mutations in 25 states.

Boy Celebrates New Ears Before Start of School Year

Elijah Bell was born without fully formed ears.

Dad of 'Success Kid' Gets Successful Kidney Transplant

Justin Griner underwent a kidney transplant last week.

How to Avoid the Plague While Camping

Camper who visited the park became infected last month.

Family Searches for Good Samaritans Who Saved Grandfather

Heinz Arndt was saved after collapsing in a parking lot.

Legionnaires' Disease: Deaths Rise to 10 in NYC

The worst-ever outbreak of Legionnaires??? disease in NYC has yet to be stopped as health officials raised the total number of those infected to 97, including eight deaths.

2nd Plague Death Reported as Residents Warned to Protect Themselves

Cool and wet summer means more fleas that can carry plague.

Yelp Posting Info on Docs, Hospitals Alongside Your Favorite Eatery

Yelp is using government data help users pick their doctors.

Sandra Lee Highlights Post-Mastectomy Difficulties

Complications from breast cancer surgery are rare.

The Amazing Ways 3-D Printing Is Changing Health

FDA approved first pill made with 3-D printer technology.

7 People Dead After Legionnaire's Outbreak Infects 86 in NYC

Health officials still trying to determine source of Legionnaire's disease outbreak.

How Olympic Athletes Will Cope With Polluted Rio Water

Experts weigh on dealing with polluted waterways.

How the Body Reacts to Soaring Temperatures

In Iran and Iraq temps have soared far past 100 degrees.

Outbreak of Legionnaire's Disease Sickens 46 in NYC

Officials are investigating whether deaths are related to the outbreak of Legionnaire's disease.

How Body Cameras Could Affect Police Officers

More police departments are using body cameras on officers.

Boys??? Second- and Third-Degree Sunburns Show Dangers of No Sun Protection

Shauna Broadway was horrified to find her sons had no sunblock on field trip.

What You Need to Know About Disease Linked to Cilantro

FDA has banned cilantro arriving from Puebla, Mexico.

Leah Still Remains Cancer Free, Dad Says

The 5-year-old girl remains cancer free after new scans.

Boy Becomes 1st Pediatric Recipient of Dual Hand Transplant

When Zion Harvey was a toddler, he developed a serious infection that resulted in the removal of his hands and feet. Zion has received the first dual hand transplant.

'Fat Guy' Bikes Across America to Save Marriage and Health

Eric Hites wants to save his marriage and get healthy on a cross-country bike trip.

'Brain-Eating' Amoeba Reappears in Louisiana Parish's Water Supply

Deadly amoeba found in New Orleans water supply for second time in two years.

Girl's Amazing Fundraising Skill Helps Best Friend With Rare Disease

Anne Marie Cox has a rare disease that causes her skin to blister and scar.

Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Sushi Reportedly Sickens 62

Salmonella outbreak linked to frozen tuna arriving from Indonesia.

Kids Battling Leukemia Find Friendship While Stuck in Isolation

Both children are now in remission.

Teen's Nosebleed Leads to Relatives Diagnosed With Illness

A trip to the doctor for a nosebleed lead to the potentially life-saving diagnoses for three members of a Texas family.

Study Says 'Dadbod' Is Real as New Fathers Gain Weight

Researchers found that new dads tend to gain their own "baby weight" after their children are born.

Mom Dying of Cancer Preps Cards for Toddler to Open in Future

Should she miss any precious moments by losing her life to cancer, Heather McManamy said she's determined to remain in her daughter's memory.

Sweet, Salty and Now Fatty: Scientists Work to Uncover 'Sixth' Taste

Food scientists say fatty food has it's own unique flavor.

Experts Puzzled by Teen???s 12-Year HIV Remission Without Drugs

Teen reportedly has been able to stay off HIV medication for at least 12 years.

Man Allegedly 'Treated' Cancer Patient With Mysterious Substances

A California man has been accused of illegally practicing medicine after he allegedly gave a cancer patient expired medication and a "baggie of dirt,??? officials say.

Toddler Helped by 3-D Printer After Head Swells to Three Times Normal Size

A Chinese toddler had surgery to fix build-up of fluids in her skull.

Teen Explains What Life is Like in a Coma

Teen with cystic fibrosis describes life in a coma.

Bush's Fall Common Among Elderly, Expert Says

Elderly patients face severe consequences from falling.

Routine Dentist Visit Leaves Man With 90-Minute Memory

Doctors describe how a man survives with only a 90-minute memory.

Woman Fights Her Ex Over Embryos in Court Battle

A California couple faces a court battle as they fight over the fate of their embryos following a divorce.

Trans Military Member Says He's 'Pumped' About Pentagon Decision

Sgt. Shane Ortega has spent half of his military career as a transgender man.

Teen Dies From Rare Brain-Eating Amoeba

A Minnesota teen has reportedly died from a rare amoebic infection.

Terminal Cancer Patient Weds From His Hospital Bed

Bride and groom celebrated their marriage at a Long Island hospital

Mysterious Muscle-Wasting Condition in 4 Siblings Baffles Doctors

Family spends years searching for diagnosis after all four children develop mysterious symptoms.

Some Anti-Depressants Linked to Rare Cases of Birth Defects

Researchers investigated how anti-depressants affected pregnant women.

Clinic Shut Down After 5 Children Improperly Vaccinated

Health authorities have shut down a New Jersey clinic after finding that five children had been given improper vaccines at the county-run facility.