Health News

Watch: Dog Digs With Prosthetic Paw

Brooke the black Lab uses her prosthetic paw to dig up her favorite ice treats.

Girl Mauled by Raccoon Leaves Hospital With Ear on Arm

An 11-year-old girl who was mauled by a pet raccoon as a baby is back home today after a seven-hour surgery to embed a makeshift ear in her arm.

'Anti-Thigh Gap' Jeans a Hit With the Muscle Set

Barbell Jeans are for athletes.

A Close-up Look at Acupuncture for Pain

A close up look at acupuncture for relief of chronic pain.

Top 4 Foods for Spring

Right now grocery stores and farmers markets are coming alive with seasonal fruits and vegetables. Here are a few spring foods that you don’t want to miss.

Why Incredible Story of Stowaway Teen Is Raising Eyebrows

Experts discuss how -- and if -- someone can survive at 35,000 feet for five hours in a plane's wheel well.

Surprising Bacteria That Live on Your Money

Germs are an unavoidable part of life. No matter how many times you sanitize, there’s always another door knob, public space, or bathroom you’re bound to come in contact with. But do you sanitize every time you slip a few bills into or out of your wallet? A recent study conducted by New York University’s Center for Genomics and Systems Biology identified 3,000 types of bacteria on dollar bills from a Manhattan bank. Most of the bacteria were unsurprisingly microbes found on the skin, while others matched those found in mouths, and even some in vaginas.

Brothers Get Wheelchair-Friendly Playground

Boy with cerebral palsy can now play on a nearby playground with his brothers.

Laughing Makes Your Brain Work Better, Study Finds

Ever have trouble remembering where you just left your keys? Laugh it off! New research suggests that humor can improve short-term memory in older adults.

Boston Marathon Bombing Victims Represent With Finish Line Selfie

Jeff Bauman and Adrianne Haslet-Davis posed for a selfie at the Boston Marathon.

Runner Killed by Allegedly Drunken Driver Honored With Sneaker Memorial

Sneaker memorial for runner Meg Cross Menzies to grace Boston Marathon course.

Kids Get Codeine in ER Despite Risks

The opiate drug can have serious side effects.

Top 3 Foods for a Longer Life

Here are three foods that could help you live longer.

How to Get Healthy for Less Money

In the quest to stay healthy and happy, nothing is free: $350 to fill a cavity, $120 for a monthly gym membership, $30 for a yoga class. But you don't need to go broke just to be at your best. The key to paying less? Asking for it.

Woman With Engineered Vagina Says She Has 'Normal Life'

The woman took part in a groundbreaking study where patients' cells were used to engineer organs in a lab.

13-Pound Baby Waldo Wows Parents

"We knew he was big but not that big," says mom.

5 Do-It-Yourself Hangover Helpers

Have you heard about the Hangover Heaven Bus in Las Vegas? For $45 and up, it’ll pick you up after a night of hard drinking, give you oxygen, hook you up to an IV (with a proprietary blend of vitamins and medicines) and inject you with mega doses of vitamin B, in a bus decorated more like a nightclub lounge than a doctor’s office.

Watch: Scientists Engineer Lab-Grown Vaginas

Four women with a genetic condition took part in a ground-breaking study.

Ohio Soccer Player Is Dangerously 'Allergic' to Her Own Sweat

By the time Caitlin McComish was back in fall training at University of Toledo, she had gone into shock 17 times, always near the soccer field. She missed more than a month of school and couldn't leave her apartment.

Watch: Baby Can't Open Mouth in Medical Mystery

Video shows doctors assessing Wyatt Scott's ability to swallow.

Baby Can’t Open Mouth in Medical Mystery

The Scott family started a website to find out what's wrong with baby Wyatt.

Watch: 8 Mumps Cases Reported at NJ College

Stevens Institute of Technology reports eight cases despite students having been fully vaccinated.

3 High-Tech Diets That Work

Experts say that dieters who include apps in their weight-loss efforts score greater success than those who don't. We asked three Health readers to each test a leading digital diet and report back.

Watch: Digital Mirror Reveals Internal Organs

3D installation creates what your body might look like on the inside.

Dangers of Vaccine Hesitancy Explained in 10 Tweets

Many parents hesitate to vaccinate their children because of safety concerns.

Why Your Spouse May Be 'Hangry' for a Fight

The link between marital discord and hunger pangs.