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Health News

States Toughen Ebola Quarantine Rules After NY Doctor Case

Some states to enforce quarantines for all travelers from West Africa.

Ebola-Free Nurse Nina Pham Hugs Obama in White House Visit

Nurse Nina Pham has been declared Ebola-free.

How New Yorkers Are (Irrationally) Freaking Out About Ebola

New Yorkers are on edge after learning the city's first Ebola patient rode the subway, took an Uber and went bowling in Brooklyn before he was diagnosed.

Ebola World View: Who Has It and Where

A look at Ebola treatment outside of West Africa.

Doctor Isolated at NYC Hospital Tests Positive for Ebola

A New York doctor who recently returned from West Africa has tested positive for Ebola Ebola and is being isolated at a New York City hospital, city and state officials said Thursday night.

Can You Catch Ebola on the Subway?

Ebola FAQ to help you navigate the barrage of news reports on the virus.

Timeline of the Ebola Virus in America

How the Ebola virus came to the United States and spread.

Texas Health Workers Use Tabasco to Help Train for Ebola

Find out how Texas is preparing for Ebola patients - just in case.

Watch: Ohio College Student Diagnosed with Brain Cancer Receives Final Wish

Lauren Hill, 19, will get to play one last game of college basketball with her Mount St Joe's team.

Watch: Possible Ebola Patient at NYC's Bellevue Hospital

Officials await test results after doctor shows Ebola-like symptoms.

Watch: NYC Mayor de Blasio Remarks on Possible Ebola Patient

Mayor commends emergency response workers for following careful protocol in dealing with patient who has Ebola-like symptoms.

Uber Tests Bringing Flu Shots to Your Door

Ride-service app Uber isn???t content sticking to the world of taxis and limousines, so they???re now working on changing public health. In time for flu season Uber launched a pilot program today called UberHEALTH. In connection with the healthcare service originally developed by Google, Vaccine Finder, the program aims to make flu prevention as easy for users as opening their front door.

Quadruplet Mom-to-Be Has Emergency Surgery to Save Babies

A Utah couple is getting ready to welcome two sets of identical twins -- a one in 70 million occurrence -- after spending years in fertility treatments.

Ebola Fears Prompt North Korea to Ban Tourists

North Korea is closing its borders to all foreign tourists due to fears of the Ebola virus.

Watch: Sweet Dreams

Having trouble sleeping? ABC's Tech Contributor Tina Trinh tries out the newest technology that could help you get a better night's sleep.

CDC to Monitor Travelers From Ebola-Hit Nations for 21 Days

All travelers to Ebola-affected countries to undergo 21-day monitoring.

Man Pleads Guilty After Faking 2 Year Coma to Avoid Court

A man plead guilty this week after allegedly stealing 40,000 pounds from an elderly neighbor and pretending to be in a coma for two years to avoid charges.

Doctors Combat 'Ebolaphobia' With Facts as Antidote to Fear

ABC News' Dr. Richard Besser moderated a Twitter chat on Ebola.

World Series Wish Comes True for 6-Year-Old Cancer Patient

A Kansas boy who suffers from a painful tumor on his spine was in the stands when the Kansas City Royals threw their first pitch in a World Series game since 1985.

Watch: Paralyzed Man Walks After Cell Transplant

Surgeons in Poland transplanted cells from Darek Fidyka's nasal cavity into his spinal cord.

5 Reasons Women Live Longer Than Men

Find out why ladies are so tough.

Watch: Ebola Travel Restrictions: Passengers Fly to Designated Airports

Homeland Security announces restrictions for passengers entering the U.S. from Ebola-ravaged countries.

Watch: Utility Workers Indicted Over Brain-Eating Amoeba Testing

The indictment alleges that two Louisiana workers in St. John the Baptist Parish didn't test water samples assigned to them.

Watch: Dallas Hospital Apologizes Over Handling of Ebola Case

ABC News's Dr. Richard Besser talks to Texas Presbyterian Health's Dr. Daniel Varga on the Ebola misdiagnosis.

Watch: First Ebola Patient's Family Cleared of Risk of Infection

Thomas Eric Duncan's family and friends were allowed to leave the quarantined apartment.

Watch: Ebola Victim's Fiancee on Quarantine Release: Thrilled To Be Free But Mourning

George Mason of Wilshire Baptist Church says Duncan's fiancee doesn't blame the hospital for his death.

6 Prescription Mistakes You???re Making

How to avoid common medication mistakes.

4 Surprising Things Your Nose Can Tell You About Your Health

What you need to know about your sense of smell.

A Simple Shower Can Help You Become Happier

It's possible to amp up your bliss every single day.

7 Things That Probably Don't Increase Breast Cancer Risk

Find out the truth behind breast cancer risk myths.

Dr. Besser's Look at Life Inside the Hot Zone

Dr. Richard Besser reports on the growing outbreak from Monrovia, Liberia.

Meet the Window Washers That Transform Into Superheroes for Sick Kids

Pediatric patients delighted to meet rappelling superheroes at Mayo Clinic.

8 Surprising Effects of Obesity

Obesity ups the risk of common cancers, a new study found.

Twinless Twins Grieve Together

People whose twin has died have found one another on Facebook.

Cancer Lessons I Learned From a Fictional Teenage Boy

That love scene from "The Fault in Our Stars" is so intense.

How Scientists and Doctors Use Baby-Friendly Tricks to Study Infants

For all the impressive advancements in medical technology, researchers and scientists still face a daunting challenge when they study the habits of the adorable but uncommunicative subjects called human infants.