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Watch: SeaWorld Launches Attack Against Blackfish Star by Releasing Drunken Video

A 5-year-old video of former trainer John Hargrove drinking and using racial slurs was released by SeaWorld a week after the release of his book "Beneath the Surface," which is critical of the company.

Walmart Picks Sides in Religious Freedom Bill Debate

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon is asking Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson to veto a bill that "threatens to undermine the spirit of inclusion."

Watch: Why the Pet Rock Became a Pop Culture Phenomenon

7/7/1984: Gary Ross Dahl says the product sold because the 1970s, post-Watergate world needed a "sense of humor in a box."

By The Numbers: The New York International Auto Show

By The Numbers: The New York International Auto Show

Live in a Porsche? Designer Labels Draw Miami Home Buyers

Care to live in a Porsche? Designer labels are drawing luxury home buyers to Miami

GoDaddy Hopes to Raise up to $460 Million in IPO

GoDaddy prices IPO above previous estimate, expects to raise up to $460 million

Photos: Queen Latifah Sells New Jersey Mansion

The property is the first mansion in New Jersey that the celebrity bought.

Live in a Porsche? Designer Labels Draw Miami Home Buyers

Care to live in a Porsche? Designer labels are drawing luxury home buyers to Miami

Bull Runs Along: Stocks End 1Q up for 9th Straight Quarter

S&P 500 index rises for 9th quarter in a row, 4th such streak since WWII

Scion Youth Looks to Sedan, Hatchback to Revive Sales

Scion, Toyota's youth brand, banks on new hatchback and sedan to revive falling US sales

Business Highlights

Business Highlights

Buffett Says He Expects to Buy More Car Dealerships

Buffett expects to buy more car dealerships, sees little threat from Tesla sales model

Figures on Government Spending and Debt

Figures on government spending and debt

Musicians Who Sign With Tidal Probably Won't Make More Money, Yet

Jay Z touts his music service as an antidote to the existing business model.

Watch: This Industry Could Be Completely Different in 10 Years

Rebecca Jarvis goes one-on-one with Vensette CEO Lauren Remington Platt.

Watch: 10 Minute Makeup Tips For Working Women

Jenny Patinkin makeup artist & founder of Lazy Perfection reveals the easy makeup guide for girls on a tight timeframe.

Watch: 3 Women With 3 Flourishing Businesses: Find Out How They Make Money Doing What They Love

Moon Juice, Mobile Beauty, Easy Makeup Tricks, these 3 women share their success stories on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis.

Watch: Jay-Z Rides Streaming Wave With Tidal

Jay-Z launched his artist-owned streaming music service Tidal on Monday. The company, which Jay-Z bought for $56 million, has music superstars like Madonna, Rihanna, Kanye West and Alicia Keys as partners.

What Hernandez Told Patriots Owner About Odin Lloyd's Murder

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft recalled his conversation with Aaron Hernandez about the incident that's the basis of the football player's murder trial.

Watch: Volvo to Open $500 Million Plant in the U.S

Swedish carmaker Volvo, now owned by Chinese firm Geely, is looking to increase its presence in North America by building a factory in the U.S.

Photos: How to Have a Multi-Million Dollar Garden

These multi-million dollar homes flaunt the season with amazing landscaping.

Watch: Soda Sales Up as Volume Fizzles

Soda sales in the U.S. increased 1.4 percent last year to $77.4 billion. However, volume sold fell. While Coca-Cola remains the soda king by volume, Pepsi jumped into the No. 2 spot, knocking down the previous runner up, Diet Coke.

Watch: And the 'Beat' Goes On... for Apple

According to the New York Times, Apple is working with Beats in developing a music streaming service to take on industry leader, Spotify. The music streaming business hit $1.9 billion in revenue last year, topping CD sales for the first time.

2015 Tax Tip: Affordable Care Act's Impact on Tax Season

The Affordable Care Act is bringing the biggest change to the tax code in 20 years.

How to Get the Premium Tax Credit From the Affordable Care Act

If you bought into the Affordable Care Act, you may end up paying some money back when filing your tax return.

Winning in the Stock Market Has Tax Consequences

Are you prepared to pay your capital gains?

Photos: Look Inside These Spacious Homes That Cost Less Than $300K

Not everyone can afford $300,000 but most people can fit in 3,000 square feet.

How to Prevent a Tax Audit

The chances of receiving an audit notice from the Internal Revenue Service are lower than most people think.

The Tricky Thing About Medical Marijuana and Your Tax Return

Twenty-three states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana, but don't expect to use it as a write-off on your federal tax return.

What Same-Sex Couples Should Know About the Tax Code

Filing joint taxes isn???t just for traditional married couples anymore.

Tax Tip: How to Use Your Flexible Spending Accounts

Americans are reaping the benefits of having access to flexible spending accounts through their employer.

Tax Tip: Avoid Frequent Mistakes on Tax Returns

Having a sense of organization may help avoid common mistakes when filing tax returns.

Tax Tip: Understanding the Tax Code

If you have trouble understanding the tax code, you're not the only one.

How to Know if You Qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit

Couples with children who have a joint annual income of $52,000 or less may have a great way to save on their taxes.

Tax Tip: Tax Apps to Try This Tax Season

Advancing technology has been a driving force behind how to file tax returns. According to the Internal Revenue Service, more than four in five taxpayers now file electro

Tax Tip: How Volunteering Can Lower Your Tax Bill

While volunteering can be rewarding for both you and those you help, you shouldn't expect to receive much more than gratitude in return when it comes time to file your ta

Tax Tip: Consider Life Changes When Filing Your Return

Life changes. And as it does, so do your tax deductions. When you begin the process of filing your 2014 tax return, consider how your life may have changed last year.

Tax Tip: Deductions You May Not Know About

With so many tax deductions available, it's easy to miss a few when filing your return.

Tax Tip: Getting a Deduction for Your Student Debt

When it comes to filing your taxes, it pays to have too much student debt.

Tax Tip: How to Deal With the IRS

If you've ever had to deal with the Internal Revenue Service directly, you know it can be a bit intimidating.

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