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Hire This Guy to Wait in Line for iPhone 6

Robert Samuel knows some people are willing to pay good money to have someone else do the waiting for them. In fact, he has turned line-waiting into a prospering business.

Investors Breathe Sigh of Relief at Scottish Vote

As Scotland rejects independence, businesses and investors breathe sigh of relief

Moody's Backs UK Bond Rating After Scotland Vote

Moody's backs 'Aa1' rating on UK's bonds after Scotland votes to remain part of union

As Wall Street Watches Alibaba, Stocks Drift

US stock indexes end little changed after Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba debuts

The Biggest Winners From Alibaba's IPO

The spirits of Alibaba's biggest shareholders were soaring along with the Chinese tech company's stock in the biggest initial public offering ever.

Figures on Government Spending and Debt

Figures on government spending and debt

How the Dow Jones Industrial Average Did Friday

How the Dow Jones industrial average and other major indexes fared on Friday

Fitch Keeps 'AAA' Rating on US Credit

Fitch says US credit still deserves highest rating and keeps stable outlook

Watch: Alibaba's Big Day

Record-setting I.P.O. for the Chinese E-commerce giant.

Greece: New Bailout 'Out of the Question'

Greece says new bailout 'out of the question,' despite election threat

Flight Attendants Reach Tentative Deal With AA

Flight attendants for American and US Airways reach post-merger contract deal with company

Oracle and Concur Are Big Market Movers

Oracle, Concur Technologies, Yahoo, Dresser-Rand and Red Hat are big market movers

Watch: Alibaba Fever Hits Wall Street as IPO Begins

Chinese megasite valued at $168 billion.

First Person to Buy an iPhone 6 Drops It on Live TV

Talk about bad luck.

Home Depot Reveals How Bad Its Security Breach Really Was

More than two weeks after Home Depot's cyber attack first discovered, the home retailer said today a payment data breach exposed 56 million credit and debit cards. The company said the breach has been contained and the malware responsible eliminated. The malware was custom-built to evade detection and, contrary to earlier reports, had not been seen in other breaches.

Watch: 4 Tips To Lose Weight at Work

Tory Johnson reveals how weight loss can boost your career

Watch: From GE Wants To Pay You For Your Idea To How Weight Loss Can Get You More Dough

Rebecca Jarvis reveals what you need to know to become more financially abundant on Real Biz 9.18.2014

Watch: Women, Men and The Culture Shift in America

Carlos Andr????s G????mez & Courtney Martin on the next conversation between men & women in America

Watch: General Electric Wants To Pay You For Your Big Idea

FirstBuild crowd sources customer ideas to build the next home appliance

Watch: Major Sponsor 'Deeply Disturbed' by NFL Players' Behavior

PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi says she's disturbed by the behavior of a few NFL players, leading to speculation the company may reconsider its sponsorship.

Photos: 'Sound of Music' Star's Former Connecticut Home For Sale

The Oscar winner used to live in this sprawling estate, now $12.5 million.

Watch: FedEx Delivers Huge Jump in First Quarter Earnings

The shipping company saw its stock rally after good news on earnings boost.

Watch: Investor Wants DuPont to Split

Activist investor, Nelson Peltz calls on DuPont to split into two separate companies, saying the move could help it save $4B annually.

Watch: Analyst's Suggestion Boosts RadioShack Stock

A technology analyst says Amazon should buy the electronics retailer.

Vacations Now Come With 24/7 Social Media Assistants

For the rich, vacations with one travel company can now be booked complete with social media assistants. This person not only takes the photos, but makes sure you and your travel party appear in the most flattering angles and light. They make sure your moments are captured at the most spectacular spots your vacation destination has to offer. And then they post your photos to Instagram, Facebook and wherever else you like so you don't miss a moment.

How Auto Mechanics Can Rip You Off

A seasoned auto mechanic is warning consumers to be well-versed in how their car works to avoid being ripped off at the auto repair shop.

How This Mom Travels the World for Almost Nothing

Summer Hull???s secret is raking up those travel points by using different credit cards for various purchases.

There's No Such Thing as Free Mortgage Refinancing

The next time you see an ad to refinance your mortgage for ???Free??? or with ???No closing costs,??? run the other way.

Photos: Homes With Awesome Tailgating Spaces

Here are amazing places to tailgate during football season.

Photos: The Apple Watch Isn't the Only Game in Town

The Apple Watch isn't the only game in town.

$16K Poured Into Walk-In Tub That Won???t Stop Leaking

ABC News Fixer calls in the big guns to fix the flooding, eventually.

6 Timeless Fashion Tips to Make Your Old Clothes Look New

Here are 6 timeless fashion tips to turn your old clothes into new items for fall.

The Lie That Could Keep You Safe From Hackers

The hack that created millions of morally challenged voyeurs???and, depending upon which celebrity they downloaded, child sex offenders???also provided us with a teachable moment.

Car Parts Business Disappeared With My Money

ABC News Fixer tries to track down slippery company after reader loses $1,500.

5 Ways to Save Big on Car Insurance

This list was reverse-engineered by people who know. It comes from the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, the umbrella group that includes Consumer Credit Counseling Service, the in-the-trenches non-profit that helps people pick up the pieces when they screw up their finances in colossal fashion.

Will Keeping Your Kids On Your Insurance Hurt Your Credit?

Some parents are now keeping their adult children on their health insurance plans thanks to the Affordable Care Act. That law requires healthcare plans that offer dependent coverage to make the coverage available until a child reaches the age of 26. But just because parents are willing to pay for their kid???s health insurance, it doesn???t mean they want to pay for all their medical expenses. Yet, because the insurance policy is in their name, some parents are getting bills for their kids and are worried that if they don???t take care of them, their credit is at risk.

Completely Chocolate Bathroom Can Be Yours for Just $133,000

... and 9.4 million calories

We Tried to Break This New Android Phone and This Is What Happened

When given the chance to test a smartphone that claims to be built for abuse, I jumped at the opportunity.

Sky-High Price Differences for Passengers on Same Plane

Need another reason to complain about your airline seatmate? He or she may have spent less than half what you did for the ticket.

Why You Should Buy a Winter Coat Right Now

Scoring deals and saving money can be some of the best parts about shopping. Summer is a great time to shop, because retailers know that consumers are using their money for vacations, retreats and weekend activities. Combine that with tons of end-of-season leftovers, and it can really be the perfect time to hit the stores. It doesn???t matter if you are shopping at thrift shops, websites with super deals and free shipping, or just taking advantage of the seasonal sales. If you are looking for deals, you will definitely find them ??? you just have to know what to shop for.

Forced to Pay for Insurance I Didn???t Want

ABC News Fixer solves a billing mystery, saves a reader hundreds.

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