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Start-up Tries to End Holiday Package Theft

A California start up company says it may have solved the problem of holiday package theft.

Why You Should Start Black Friday Shopping Today

Mark Ellwood provided his tips for cashing in on Black Friday deals days before Black Friday actually arrives.

Obama Immigration Plan Good, Not Great for Economy

Economists say broader immigration overhaul would drive more growth than Obama's actions

3 Secrets to Shopping at Outlet Stores This Holiday Season

How to maximize outlet shopping on Black Friday.

Photos: Richard Marx Lists Chicago Mansion

The singer-songwriter is selling his historic home in Chicago.

Can You Afford a New Baby?

While not everyone can be in perfect financial shape before having kids, here are some ways you can prepare for the first year.

Craigslist Fires Back After Criticism Over Recalled Products

The CEO of Craigslist posted a letter to a top U.S. government safety official today, saying that while he agrees the consumer product recall system is deeply flawed...

Watch: Walmart Employee Defends Food Drive for Employees

Critics of the food drive wonder why employees of one of the richest retailers in the world need help.

Walmart Employee Defends Food Donation Campaign for Co-Workers

A group calling for better working conditions at Walmart is criticizing food donation campaign for workers in need, saying it's a symptom of wages being too low.

Watch: Paramount Group Stock Jumps on IPO This Week

Commercial real estate making a comeback on Wall Street.

Alco Stores to Close Following Bankruptcy Order

Small-town discount retailer Alco Stores to end operations following Dallas bankruptcy order

Dow, S&P 500 Push Further Into Record Territory

US stocks rise, pushing Dow and S&P 500 indexes further into record territory

How the Dow Jones Industrials Did on Friday

How the Dow Jones industrial average and other major indexes fared on Friday

GameStop and Gap Are Big Market Movers

GameStop, Gap, Hertz, Hibbett Sports and Aruba Networks are big market movers

China, Europe Chase Growth Amid Global Slowdown

China cuts interest rates, ECB eyes more stimulus in efforts to reverse global slowdown

Generic Drug Price Sticker Shock Prompts Probe by Congress

The prices of common generic drugs have skyrocketed in recent years, but the reasons remain murky, lawmakers said at a Senate hearing on Thursday.

ABC News Fixer Discovers Dangerous Recalled Appliance in Own Home

The ABC News Fixer: Here I was, working on an investigation into recalled products lurking in people???s homes, and I find a recalled dehumidifier in my own basement.

Why You Shouldn???t Reach for That $100 Bill on Your Windshield

Authorities in Maryland have warned the public about a potential holiday scam that involves the temptation of a $100 bill left on a car windshield.

Watch: China Cuts Benchmark Rate to 5.6% in Surprise Move

Stocks surge across the globe as China attempts to jumpstart growth.

Why People Keep Falling for Phone Scams

The FTC estimates that over 25 million Americans lose in excess of $2.5 billion to fraud each year, and phone scams account for a big chunk of that.

To Win the Social Security Game, Know the Rules

Just as investors do with stocks or bonds, people should get a grip on Social Security???s complex rules to develop a strategy to maximize returns.

Markets Get Boost on China Decision, ECB

Parents told of baby stroller recall.

Beware IRS Impersonators' Intimidation Scams

Dear ABC News Fixer: I have been receiving calls from someone claiming to be from the IRS and demanding money from me.

Watch: Holiday Scam Tricks Drivers With $100 Bill

Car thieves are using money placed on windshields to tempt drivers out of their vehicles in Maryland.

Watch: Meet Team Thundercolts: The World's Next Generation of Innovators

These High School Students Are Gearing Up to Compete in First Robotics 2015 Kickoff This January

Infant ???Fingertip Amputations??? Lead to Huge Graco Stroller Recall

Nearly five million Graco baby strollers have been recalled due to ???fingertip amputation hazard,??? but an ABC News investigation found that if this recall goes like most s

Watch: Walmart Exploiting Tax Loopholes: Watchdog

Retailer avoiding $1 billion yearly in taxes, Americans for Tax Fairness alleges.

Watch: Family's Way to Preserve Images Hits Jackpot With the Help of "Shark Tank"

Brian and Julie Whitman sell GrooveBook for $14 million to Shutterfly.

JetBlue to Eliminate Free Checked Bag on Some Flights

Airline announced new fare structure for 2015.

Watch: Housing Starts Fall 2.8 Percent in October

Annual rate of new home construction dips, but future permits are on the rise.

Watch: Home Depot Getting a Lift

Housing prices, improving economy driving sales at Home Depot.

Watch: Bob Marley's Family Helps Launch Marijuana Brand

Marley Natural, with the support of the Marley Estate, aims to start offering cannabis products by 2015.

Photos: You Can Actually Live at Walt Disney World

The luxury, planned community will be the site of 400 homes at the Walt Disney World Resort.

The Holiday Shopping Danger You Won't See Coming

While all of us are at risk of becoming a victim of identity theft this holiday shopping season, there???s an even bigger problem consumers need to watch for.

Photos: 8 Luxury Ranch-Style Homes For Sale

Enjoy open spaces and stylish living in these homes across the country.

What You Need to Know If Your Kid's Applying to College

It???s college application season, the time of year when parents of high school seniors have to quickly learn about things like the Common Application, FAFSA, SATs and student loans.

Parents Ordered to Pay Estranged Daughter's College Tuition

A New Jersey woman has successfully sued her estranged parents to pay for her college tuition.

Stick to a Holiday Budget With These Savings Secrets

With a wife and three young children, including a 5-week-old baby girl, Joel Steinhaus has a mighty long shopping list this holiday season. According to the National Retail Federation, the average US family will spend $804 on gifts this holiday season and the Steinhauses plan...

Walmart Declares a 5-Day Black Friday

Five banks fined $3 billion for currency exchange scams.

Phantom Debt Collection Scammer Pleads Guilty to Fraud

The man investigators say was behind an expansive phony debt collection scheme highlighted in an ABC News investigation has pleaded guilty to four charges of fraud.

Honda Expands Airbag Recall as Frustrated Lawmakers Seek Criminal Probe

As the number of drivers told to immediately replace airbags continued to climb today, members of Congress called for a criminal investigation into Takata Industries, the Japanese manufacturer of the defective airbag parts being recalled, affecting nearly 8 million cars. The push by lawmakers came...

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