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Aer Lingus Confirms IAG Takeover Bid at 2.55 Euros Per Share

Aer Lingus confirms new takeover bid by British Airways parent IAG, considers improved offer

Asia Stocks Down as Anti-Austerity Party Wins Greek Election

Asian markets lower after anti-austerity party wins Greek parliamentary election

Photos: Jeff Gordon Slashes Prices on Colorado Ranch

It can be yours for $10.5 million.

Should Banks Be Allowed to Robocall Your Cellphone?

According to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, it???s illegal to robocall a mobile phone number without permission.

3 Ways to Finance an Engagement Ring

The average engagement ring ran $5,598 in 2013, according to the That???s no small chunk of change.

Views of the ECB Stimulus From Those Who Must Make It Work

Success of ECB's stimulus plan requires risk-taking from the eurozone's 340 million people

Starbucks CEO Gets 24 Percent Boost in 2014 Pay Package

Starbucks CEO's pay package up 24 percent for 2014 as coffee chain's sales improved

McDonald's Earnings Fall; Changes Afoot to Woo Customers

McDonald's makes changes to woo back customers, but says it won't happen overnight

Viacom CEO's 2014 Pay Rises 19 Percent to $44.3 Million

Viacom CEO Phillipe Dauman gets 19 percent rise while company's stock slumps, earnings flatten

US Regulators Close Small Chicago Bank

Regulators close small bank in Chicago; second US bank failure of 2015

How to Make the Most of Falling Mortgage Rates

The average 30-year fixed-rate mortgage is close to 3.6 percent, a near rock-bottom low that???s more than a full percentage point lower than this time last year. And for many, refinancing could mean huge savings. In the words of ???Shark Tank???s??? Barbara Corcoran:?????Money???s on sale.???...

Watch: Box IPO a Hit on Wall Street

Box soars nearly 70% in today's market debut.

Watch: Rent Surging in Hottest Markets

Apartment dwellers in San Francisco and Denver face steep increases in monthly rental prices compared to a year ago.

Watch: McDonald's Customers Not Lovin' It

Sales slide again at the world's largest fast-food chain.

Oil Prices Spike on News of King Abdullah's Death

The longtime U.S. ally was 90.

Costco's Deep Discount Ticks Off a Luxury Watchmaker

Costco attracts a range of loyal fans with discounted goods.

Watch: After-Hours Earnings Action: Starbucks

Starbucks surging after hours on strong same-store sales for the holiday quarter.

This Sexy Super Bowl Ad Is Cooking Up Controversy

It's not clear until 28 seconds into a new 42-second Super Bowl commercial that it's actually ad ad for Carl's Jr.'s new all-natural burger.

Watch: 3 Really Cool Things To Do In Cuba: Off The Beaten Path

Luxury travel company Cazenove and Loyd will customize your next vacation to Latin America, Africa, India and Asia.

Watch: 3 Inspiring Business Women Share Their Secrets to Success

From jewelry to travel, to yogurt find out how these entrepreneurs turned what they love into a business on Real Biz 1.22.2015

Watch: 2 Tips to Choose the Best Earrings for Your Skin Tone and Face Shape

Watch celebrity jewelry designer Amelia Rose on "Real Biz" with Rebecca Jarvis.

Watch: This Delicious Australian Yogurt is Taking Over Shelves in America

Find out how this woman Koel Thomae built one of the most successful brands in America.

Watch: Google Planning Wireless Offering?

Google strikes deals with T-Mobile and Sprint to offer wireless service, according to reports.

What It's Like Living Aboard a Luxury Cruise Ship

An 86-year old widow from Florida has spent nearly seven years living on a luxury cruise ship, paying $164,000 a year.

Watch: Samsung to Hang Up on Qualcomm?

Bloomberg: Samsung to drop Qualcomm chips from its smartphones.

Wife Stunned After Husband Bulldozes House

Police in New York say James Rhein, 48, rented a bulldozer to raze his home.

Why Low Gas Prices Don't Mean Cheaper Airplane Tickets

The average gas price in the country is $2.06 a gallon, down $1.23 from a year ago. So why aren't we seeing any relief in airplane ticket prices?

Dealership Was Supposed to Repair Car, Made It Worse Instead

ABC News Fixer gets Ford, dealership to help nurse.

How You Can Buy Gas For Under $1 a Gallon

While oil and gas prices are plummeting, some drivers can take advantage of deeper discounts than others, thanks to your local grocery store.

Watch for a Check in the Mail after Illegal Robocalls

If you are one of the legions of consumers who suffered through those annoying robocalls from ???Rachel with Cardholder Services,??? you could have money coming your way.

Photos: Homes for Sale: Fitness Features Inspire New Year's Resolutions

Adrenaline-pumping fitness features should help you break a sweat in your home.

Spring Break: Cheap Trips and Travel Tips

Look at Spring Break as a five-day jaunt beginning on Tuesday and you'll save money.

Why Your Tax Refund May Be Slower This Year

A few weeks ago, the IRS said it expects to be unable to answer half of taxpayer calls this year, but that's only the beginning of what promises to be a messy tax season.

What Airline Ticket Sales Tell Us About Who Will Win Super Bowl

One travel web site has used airfare sales to figure out which city???s fans are the most confident their team will be going to the Super Bowl.

Photos: Rare Cars Discovered in Barn to Be Auctioned

These cars were untouched for nearly 50 years before they were discovered.

Cheap Airfare Dates to Keep on Your Radar

Heading to Europe? These are the key departure dates to keep in mind.

Why You Should Pretend You Make Less Money

We all know you can get in financial trouble by pretending to have more money than you actually do ??? and most of us know that you can???t make an educated guess...

5 Ways to Save Money in the Winter

It???s no coincidence that with dropping temperatures, you may notice a dropping bank account.

Clever Ways Brick-and-Mortar Stores Fight Online Shopping

Some brick and mortar stores are doing all they can to offer high-tech in-store shopping and mimic an online shopping experience to draw more customers in.

5 Tips for Writing Your Will

No one looks forward to writing a will, but the task is important. Here's what to know, along with details that must be taken care of.

Airline Won???t Refund Change of Plans for Funeral

ABC News Fixer steps in to save mourning sister on plane ticket.

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