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US Durable Goods Orders up 2.6 Percent in March

Orders for US durable goods up solid 2.6 percent in March with strength in business investment

American Airlines Swings to $480M 1Q Profit

After merger, American Airlines and US Airways post first-quarter profit of $480 million

UPS Blames Winter Weather for Drop in 1Q Profit

UPS 1Q profit falls 12 percent as winter storms raise costs, cut into revenue

Applications for US Unemployment Aid Jump to 329K

Applications for US unemployment aid jumped last week to 329K, likely due to Easter layoffs

3M 1Q Results Improve, but Miss Street's View

3M 1Q profit, revenue rise but miss analysts' estimate; Earnings outlook for year unchanged

Southwest Airlines Posts a Record 1Q Profit

During traditionally slow winter months, Southwest posts a record $152 million 1Q profit

Caterpillar 1Q Profit Climbs 5 Pct, Forecast Rises

Caterpillar's 1st quarter profit climbs 5 percent, 2014 forecast also rises

United Loses $609M in 1Q; Fares Don't Cover Costs

United Airlines can't bring in enough revenue to cover its costs; still struggling with merger

Marlboro Maker Altria 1Q Profit Falls

Marlboro maker Altria's 1Q profit falls on lower cigarette sales, year-ago comparison

Blowout Earnings for Apple and Facebook

Tech giants ride customer demand beyond analysts’ expectations.

Watch: What's in Warren Buffett's Pockets?

Rebecca Jarvis goes one-on-one with Buffett to find out his favorite phone and what's in his wallet.

It's Like Online Dating, But for Pets

It’s like online dating—except for people seeking dogs or cats or chinchillas or whatever else many be the prefect one for them. How much is the online experience like using eHarmony, say, or “It’s exactly like using,” says Darrell Lerner, who ought to know. Before he founded pet-finder site Allpaws (which currently has 82,960 pets awaiting adoption), Lerner co-founded SNAP Interactive, the developer of AYI (Are You Interested?), a dating application on Facebook with, he says, some 70 million installs.

Watch: Netflix Stock Drops on News of Amazon, HBO Partnership

The streaming company faces stronger competition in the online video marketplace.

Watch: Kittyo Lets You Play With Your Cat When You're Not Home

The app and device allows pet owners to interact with their felines through a smartphone.

Photos: Largest Blue Diamond of Its Kind at Auction May Be Worth $22 Million

Christie's will auction a flawless blue diamond next month.

Getting Off Alcatel’s Customer Service ‘Merry-Go-Round’

ABC News Fixer helps reader escape phone error message maze.

Can't Wait in Line for a Cronut? Hire This Guy

Robert Samuel turned waiting in line into a booming business.

Photos: 'Game of Thrones' Villain Buys Fixer-Upper

Actress Lena Headey or "Cersei Lannister" bought a home in southern California.

Watch: Rebecca Jarvis Goes One-On-One With Mark Cuban

Real Biz with Rebeca Jarvis 4.22.2014

Watch: Darren Rovell's Twitter Faceoff with Mark Cuban

From a faceoff with Cuban to America's lime shortage Rovell's top 3 Rovellations on Real Biz.

Watch: $47 Billion Offered to Take Over Botox Maker Allergan

Activist investor Bill Ackman and Valeant Pharmaceuticals unveil bid to purchase the Botox manufacturer

Watch: 'Shark Tank's' Mark Cuban: You've Got to Get Up and Grind

Cuban gives advice to startups on how to swim with the big sharks.

Watch: Never Regret the Text

Mark Cuban's new app Cyber Dust deletes messages in seconds to prevent public humiliation.

Watch: 9 Little Known Facts About Mark Cuban

Rebecca Jarvis puts Mark Cuban in the hot seat with Real Biz rapid fire questions.

How FreshDirect and Other Companies Try to Avoid Over-Packaging

With a trove of companies vying for the on-demand grocery and goods delivery market -- Amazon, eBay, Peapod to name a few -- homebodies unsurprisingly run into sloppy excess packaging that would make Mother Earth shed a tear.

Mark Cuban in the Hot Seat: 9 Little Known Facts About Him

Mark Cuban divulges about his new app and whether he picks Apple or Samsung.

Meet the Lyft Driver Who Makes Customers Cry Tears of Joy When She Pulls Up

With the proliferation of transportation apps like Uber and Lyft, it's not enough these days to provide quick and polite service. That's why there are drivers like Amanda Schrader.

Watch: Netflix to Raise Prices for New Users

The streaming service announces plans to increase subscription fees for new users by $1 or $2.

Apple Offering Free Recycling of All Used Products

Apple unveils free recycling of all its devices, vows to increase reliance on renewable energy

10 Most Awful Jobs for 2014 Revealed has their annual ranking of 200 different vocations across North America... and lumberjacks aren't cutting it!

Best of the Best? 4 Companies on Best Places to Work Lists

What are the best places to work in the U.S.? There's no lack of lists claiming to answer this question. Business Insider released its list of the 50 best places to work. It has little in common with Fortune's annual list of 100 best companies, released in January.

Don’t Get 'Ghosted' By Lawn Scammers and Other Spring Lawn Care Tips

At the start of spring, the ABC News Fixer takes it outside to save you money.

Prepaid Debit Cards: Which Have the Lowest Fees?

The cards help people spend on a limited budget, but they can come with a price.

How Do You Know If Your Car Has Recalled Parts?

Though GM has been the center of a well-publicized recall of 2.6 million small cars this year, drivers may either be apathetic or clueless that they may be driving a car with recalled parts.

Banana Republic 'Luring' Shoppers With 'Deceptive' Sales?

Clothing retailer Banana Republic is under fire for "luring" in shoppers with "deceptive" sale signs outside stores, according to a lawsuit filed this week in Los Angeles.

Best Day of the Week, Month or Year to Buy ... Anything

No one can tell the future, but we all can use tools to help us predict when to save the most money.

The Debt Tax: What Owing Money Costs You

If you’re carrying debts — from student loans, credit cards, a car note or a mortgage — you could probably tell me roughly how much you owe and at what interest rates you owe it.

What Businesses Frequently Forget to Protect In a Data Breach

In between the technology, training and tracking, it’s all too common to forget one key factor: preparing to deal with the emotions of those customers or employees whose data have been compromised.

Concert Ticket Price Ruling Could Spell Bigger Trouble

How are an O.A.R. rock concert, parking and telecom consolidation potentially harming consumers?

Why Does Tesla’s New Titanium Fire Shield Have 3 Layers?

Tesla Motors escaped an expensive bullet from the Feds in adding a triple underbody shield to cars with well-publicized incidents last year.

3 Sites Make Shopping Easier, Cheaper

Learn how you can receive extra cash -- and peace of mind -- while shopping.

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