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Why Soccer's Popularity Continues to Struggle in America

The U.S. team's victory at the 2015 Women's World Cup is part of a slow but steady trend of growing national interest in soccer.

The Tale of How This Man Began Burt's Bees with a Hitchhiker

The start of Burt's Bees began when co-founder Burt Shavitz picked up a hitchhiker in 1984 in his yellow Datsun.

Grain Mostly Lower and Livestock Lower

Wheat higher,corn, oats and soybeans lower on the CBOT; beef and pork lower the CME.

US Stocks Fall After Greek 'No' Vote; European Markets Sink

US stocks slide after Greeks reject terms of bailout package; European markets, oil drop

Here's What Happens Next in Greece

If you think this is bad, wait until Greece's next deadlines.

Greece's Departing Finance Minister, Brash to the End

Loved and loathed, Greece's finance minister never one to mince words, even in his resignation

How Greece's Economy Affects Americans

Greece's economic crisis contributed to a dip in U.S. stocks today, but Americans may have learned its lesson from its past exposure to the nation.

Sears' REIT Goes Public as Others Consider Similar Moves

Sears Holdings' REIT Seritage goes public as others make similar move to raise revenue

Buffett Makes Planned Stock Gifts Worth $2.8B to 5 Charities

Investor Warren Buffett makes annual stock gifts worth more than $2.8 billion to 5 charities

Death Toll From Defective GM Switches Rises to 121

Toll from faulty ignition switches in GM cars rises to 121 deaths and 251 injuries

Growth in US Services Firms Rises in June

US services firms saw slight June acceleration; increase in business activity and new orders

Watch: Stocks Tumble as Greece Rejects Bailout

In a historic vote, Greece rejected a bailout plan from creditors, sending global stocks tumbling and raising fears that the country might be forced out of the Eurozone.

Watch: Burt's Bees Co-Founder Burt Shavitz Dead at 80

The beekeeper and businessman co-founded the personal care products company in the 1980s.

How Bond Investors Stand to Lose When Interest Rates Rise

In a key scene in the movie ???Wall Street,??? the seasoned investment pro played by Hal Holbrook likens Charlie Sheen???s impending doom to a man ???looking into the abyss.???

Watch: Retired NYC Firefighter Wins Millions in Lottery Drawing

Carmelo Mercado retired from the department because of 9/11-related health issues. His winning lottery ticket was worth $5 million.

Photos: Zooey Deschanel Sells Home With Baby on the Way

"New Girl" star Zooey Deschanel and her fiance have a baby on the way.

Watch: Whole Foods Apologizes for Overcharging Customers

Co-CEOs Walter Robb and John Mackey responded to an investigation that uncovered New York City stores had overstated the weight of prepackaged goods.

Watch: What to Know Before You Fly This 4th of July to a Restaurant Review Startup for Real People

Rebecca Jarvis reveals what you need to know this week Real Biz style

Watch: How to Build Your Company Without Any Money

Lessons from Kiva's Founder

Watch: Rebecca Jarvis goes Food Truck Tasting #EEEEEATS

Rebecca Jarvis #EEEEEATS with the Infatuation founders

Watch: Real Biz Rundown: The 5 Things You Need to Know in the Week Ahead

Airlines hiking fees, new Greek vodka Rebecca Jarvis reveals what you need to know next week

Photos: Homes With Swimming Pools Under $300,000

You'll be willing to pay the maintenance costs for these pools in homes for sale

Watch: Macy's the Latest to Dump Trump

The retailer says it will no longer carry the Donald Trump clothing line because of the 2016 presidential candidate's controversial remarks about Mexican immigrants.

ABC News Fixer Throws a Lifeline After Cruise Refund Goes Overboard

Cruise canceled on account of fog, but refund lost at sea.

Photos: Beachfront Bargains For Sale

You don't need millions of dollars for these beachfront properties starting at $244,900, from Oregon to Florida and Maine.

Photos: Homes With 2 or More Bedrooms Under $200,000

Need a room to spare? Check out these homes, from California to Florida.

Watch: Saving Money on Your Daily Commute Could Be Within Your Grasp

ABC News' Linsey Davis reports on some ways that could help you save big on your gasoline bill.

'Economy Is Always Cheaper Than First Class' And Other Air Travel Myths

At least once a year, I like to bust some air travel myths. Here are some of my latest and some of my oldies but goodies from the past.

How and When You Book Travel Can Save You Money

Travel industry pros say that how and when you book flights and hotels can save you money.

What's Behind Door Number 3? Refunds for a Lowe's Customer

ABC News Fixer helps reader after door order gets out of control.

ABC News Fixer Helps With Parking Ticket Battle

City sends check for towing man???s car, but no apology on the way.

ABC News Fixer Helps Hospital Patient Dogged By Collections Agency

ABC News Fixer has tips for medical consumers to help protect their cash.

Family Hit With Home Security Bill They Tried to Cancel

Vivint takes care of nearly $2,000 problem when ABC News Fixer starts asking.

US Is Still Only Industrialized Nation Without Paid Maternity Leave

In time for Mother's Day, advocates remind people that the U.S. is one of only three nations in the world that doesn't offer paid maternity leave.

Scammers Rent Out Occupied Houses

Experts are warning consumers about a scamming practice called scraping, in which fraudulent rental listings are created using photos from legitimate postings.

Man Leaves 7,000 Percent Tip for Waitress, Part of Teacher's Pay It Forward Movement

Mike from New York City left his server $3,000 on a bill for $43.50 last week.

3 Secrets to Buying a Used Car

I???ve been a consumer and investigative reporter for 20+ years and in that time I???ve seen it all.

Servicemember Can???t Escape Phone Bills After Deployment

German telecom co. zeroes out vet???s account after ABC News Fixer asks questions.

My Number One Consumer Tip

I???ve been a consumer and investigative reporter for 20+ years and in that time I???ve seen it all.

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