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Lydia Ko Rolling Toward History on LPGA Tour

Humming her song: The wheels on Lydia Ko's speeding train go 'round and 'round

Murray Earns 500th Win by Beating Anderson at Miami Open

Andy Murray earns 500th win by beating Kevin Anderson in 4th round of Miami Open

Bama's risky decision backfires

When defensive lineman Jonathan Taylor enrolled at Alabama in January, Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban said he was the "kind of guy that deserved a second chance." Alabama athletic director Bill Battle said: "Our coaches and I feel he is worthy of a second chance at completing his college football career." After Taylor was arrested on domestic violence charges??Saturday night, Alabama now has egg on its face. When Taylor was admitted to Alabama, Saban, Battle and the university's administration were fully aware that he was a two-time loser at Georgia before Bulldogs coach Mark Richt kicked him off the team. Taylor was arrested twice in five months last year for allegedly double-cashing meal-reimbursement checks from the UGA athletic department, and then, worse, allegedly choking and striking his girlfriend with a closed fist during an altercation in his dorm room. Now, Taylor is a three-time loser. He was arrested in Tuscaloosa,...

Tennessee close to Rick Barnes hire

Tennessee has offered its vacant coaching job to former Texas coach Rick Barnes, and the two sides are closing in on a deal, two sources told ESPN. "It looks as though it's going to happen," one source told ESPN. "It's close, but it's not done yet." Barnes, 60,?? was fired by Texas athletic director Steve Patterson over the weekend despite going to 16 NCAA tournaments in 17 seasons. On Sunday, Barnes confirmed that Patterson told him a few days ago he had to fire members of his coaching staff or be fired himself. That ultimatum was leaked to the media Thursday, publicly turning up the pressure on Barnes and his assistants. Barnes blamed the leaks on the athletic department but didn't name any individuals behind them. "I was shocked" by the leaks, Barnes said. "I couldn't do that. That would be me saying this is about me. I've been carried by a lot of people here. We're in this together." Barnes said his staff offered...

Epic Final Four awaits in Indianapolis

There was a moment, just before the tide rolled back, when you just knew: Whatever happened next, you'd remember it forever. It was the 2:35 mark of the second half. Kentucky, all 37 wins and zero losses of it, was trailing deep into what was supposed to be Victory No. 38. But undersized and undermanned Notre Dame wasn't just testing the unbeaten, supposedly unbeatable Wildcats. The Fighting Irish had been, for 37 minutes, out-and-out beating them: spacing the floor, rebounding, controlling tempo, making all the big plays. Then the ball left Jerian Grant's hand. You could pinpoint the moment, freeze the frame in your mind. Grant may have been 30 feet away from the rim, but you knew that thing was going in. And no matter what came after it did, it was going to be monumental. For Kentucky guard Andrew Harrison, a different realization crept in: This is actually happening. "Desperation," Harrison would call it later, after...