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AP Investigation Finds That 786 Children Died in Plain View of Abuse-and-Neglect Authorities

AP investigation finds that 786 children died in plain view of abuse-and-neglect authorities

Today in History

Today in History

Missouri School Takes Cane From Blind Student, 8

Missouri school replaces 8-year-old blind student's cane with pool noodle; district apologizes

Full Episode: GMA 12/17: Movie Theater Chain Reportedly Pulls 'The Interview' Amid Threats

Pakistan School Massacre Death Beyond 145; Texas Mom Convicted of Killing Foster Child Is Released

Testimony: No Warrant for FBI Ruse in Vegas Case

Nevada agent: Prosecutor was told, but there was no warrant for ruse to enter casino suites

Manhunt for Suspect in Shooting of Texas Meteorologist

A Texas meteorologist was shot outside of a local TV station in Waco, Texas, according to ABC affiliate KXXV.

California Gets More Rain, 1 Big Mudslide

California storms unleash freeway mudslide, boost rain, snowfall amid drought

10 Things to Know for Thursday

10 Things to Know for Thursday

Massachusetts Ride-Share Driver Accused of Rape

Massachusetts Uber driver accused of raping, kidnapping passenger

Central Texas TV Meteorologist Shot; Gunman Sought

TV meteorologist in central Texas shot while in studio parking lot; authorities seek gunman

Video of Albuquerque Police Shooting Released

Albuquerque police release video of accidental shooting by officer that injured man

How Texas Plumber's Truck Ended Up in Syrian Islamist Video

A Texas plumber has now found himself facing threatening phone calls about the country's civil war because his car appeared in an extremist group's video.

Watch: Dec. 17, 2003: 100 Years of Flight #TBT

The centennial anniversary of the Wright brothers' flight in North Carolina. #ThrowbackThursday

Watch: American Released From Cuban Prison Back Home

Alan Gross thanks President Obama as new era in U.S.-Cuba diplomacy begins.

Movie Chains Pull 'The Interview' After Threats

Sony says theaters don't have to show 'The Interview' after threats

Suspect in Kidnap of New Hampshire Girl Faces 205 Charges

Nathaniel Kibby is charged with 80 counts each of aggravated felonious sexual assault and sexual assault, as well as 40 other crimes.

Montana Man Found Guilty in Slaying of German Exchange Student

Markus Kaarma has been found guilty in the slaying of 17-year-old German exchange student Diren Dede, whom he shot after the teen wandered into Kaarma???s Montana garage.

US to Re-Establish Embassy in Havana

The first American embassy opened in Havana in 1923 but it was closed when America formally cut diplomatic relations with Cuba in 1961.

Watch: New Era in Cuban-US Relations; Midwest Schools Sick With Flu; Methane Found on Mars

New era in Cuban-American ties after prisoner swap; Midwest schools sick with the flu; Methane discovery may mean life on Mars.

Watch: American Prisoner Released From Cuba

Alan Gross, 65, freed in prisoner swap.

Watch: How a Texas Plumbing Truck Ended Up in Syrian Civil War

A photo of the truck once owned by a Texas City plumbing company was posted on Twitter by an Islamic militant group.

After Year and a Half, Boston Marathon Suspect to Make Court Appearance

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev trial to begin in Jan., hasn???t been seen since July 2013.

Johns Hopkins Sends 'Welcome' Emails to Rejected Students

Johns Hopkins University accidentally sent nearly 300 students emails suggesting they had been accepted to the school, when actually they had already been turned down.

5 Things to Know This Morning: 'Interview' Threats

Your look at the five biggest and most buzz-worthy stories of the morning.

Full Episode: Nightline 12/16: Sony Hackers Make New Threats Ahead of 'Interview' Release

The Real Reality of Flipping Distressed Homes; Jennifer Lawrence Is Getting Attention For Hot Bodyguard

Full Episode: WN 12/16: Taliban Attack Kills 141 at a School

Sony hackers target movie goers; secret Santas payoff layaway bills across the country.

Watch: Pennsylvania Shooting Spree Gunman Found Dead

Officials say Ex-Marine Bradley Stone committed suicide after killing his ex-wife and her relatives.

Watch: Deadly Taliban Attack in Pakistan; Bradley Stone Found Dead; Russian Ruble in Trouble

Taliban attack in Pakistan leaves students dead; Bradley Stone found dead after multiple murders; Russian Ruble in trouble.

Watch: This Is the Scene at PA Shooting Suspect's Home After His Body Was Found

ABC News' Josh Haskell is outside the home of Bradley Stone about a half mile from where his body was found.

Watch: Pennsylvania Manhunt for Former Marine

Police say Bradley Stone killed ex-wife and 5 other family members.

Watch: What Pennsylvania Killing Spree Suspect May Look Like Now

Investigators have released a digitally-altered photo of Bradley William Stone.

Full Episode: This Week 12/14: The Release of the CIA Torture Report

Guests: Michael Hayden, David Koch, Newt Gingrich, Laura Ingraham, Keith Ellison, Michael Smerconish

Full Episode: 2020 12/13: Undercover and Hired to Kill

Man's Murder-for-Hire Plot to Kill Wife Backfires; NJ Mom Shops for Hit Man to Kill Love Rival