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Environmentalists, Unions Protest Pacific Trade Pact in Maui

Environmentalists, union members protest Pacific trade pact being negotiated at Maui resort

Hope for Miracle Dims but Search Goes on for Missing Boys

Hope for a miracle dims for teenage boys adrift in the Atlantic, but the search goes on

Unusual Terror Case Going to Trial in US Court in Virginia

Trial set in federal court in Virginia in unusual case of alleged Russian Taliban fighter

California Firefighters Control Blaze That Jumped Line

Firefighters control blaze near Lake Berryessa that flared up, cooler temperatures forecast

Sept. 2 Hearing in Longtime Inmate's Quest for Freedom

Sept. 2 hearing set as member of Angola Three seeks freedom, end to trials in guard's death

5 Things to Know This Morning

Your look at the five biggest and most buzz-worthy stories of the morning.

Panicked 911 Caller: Dispatcher Had No Reason to Hang Up

911 caller: New Mexico dispatcher had no reason to hang up while she tried to aid friend

Las Vegas Attempts to Tame Rowdy Fremont Street Experience

Las Vegas attempts to tame rowdy Fremont Street experience with dedicated zones for performers

California to Release June Water-Savings Report Amid Drought

California to release June water-savings report for first month of mandatory drought cutbacks

Quotations in the News

Quotations in the News

Ohio Cop Involved in Shooting Indicted for Murder

Authorities release body cam video showing a cop killing a man during stop.

See Letter Dentist Sent to Patients Admitting He Killed Cecil the Lion

Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who admitted to killing Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe, sent out a letter today to his patients of River Bluff Dental.

Full Episode: WN 07/29/15: Plane Debris Found Off the Coast of Africa May be From Missing Jet MH370

WN 07/29/15: Plane Debris Found Off the Coast of Africa May be From Missing Jet MH370

Mystery Woman Is 6th Victim of 'Happy Face Killer'

The woman is believed to be named Suzy, Suzanne or Susan.

911 Dispatcher Resigns After Telling Caller: 'Deal With It Yourself'

A 911 dispatcher has resigned after audio of a call was released showing he told a caller reporting her friend was shot to "deal with it yourself" before hanging up.

Bernie Sanders Claims 100,000 Involved in Mega-Grassroots Event

Sanders just held the largest campaign event of 2016.

James Holmes 'Never Harmed Anyone' Until Massacre, Mom Says

???He never harmed anyone???ever???ever???until July 20,2012," said Arlene Holmes

Watch Thief Swipe iPad from 4-Year-Old Watching Cartoons

Dramatic video shows the teen allegedly swiping the iPad from the boy.

Why One Boy Got Over 500 Books Sent to Him

A boy who said he couldn't afford to buy books or get to the library is now getting hundreds of book donations thanks to a mailman's social media post that went viral.

Watch: Robert Kraft Speaks Out on Tom Brady Game Suspension; Mullah Omar Confirmed Dead for Two Years; "Bingo" Allegiant Plane Emergency Landing in Fargo

Patriots owner Robert Kraft speaks out on Tom Brady's game suspension; Mullah Omar confirmed dead since 2013 by Afghan officials; "Bingo" Allegiant plane performs emergency landing in Fargo.

Watch: iPad Stolen From 4-Year-Old Boy in a Beauty Salon

Surveillance captures suspect grabbing iPad from little boy as he watched cartoons.

Watch: Samuel DuBose's Mother on His Death: 'I Can Forgive'

Audrey DuBose expressed her gratitude after a murder indictment was announced against University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing.

Boston Cop???s Son, an Alleged ISIS Plotter, Pleads Not Guilty

Alexander Ciccolo accused of planning Boston Marathon-style attack.

Watch: Police Video of Deadly Cincinnati Shooting Released

University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing was charged for the murder of Samuel DuBose during a traffic stop on the university's campus.

Full Episode: GMA 07/29/15: Afghan Officials: Taliban Leader Mullah Omar Dead

Tom Brady's Suspension Upheld After NFL Rules on Appeal; Ed Helms Is the Grown Up Rusty Griswold in 'Vacation'

Watch: Police Officer Indicted for Murder for Fatal Cincinnati Traffic Stop

Hamilton County prosecutor Joe Deters announced that charges will be filed against University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing for the murder of Samuel DuBose earlier this month.

Watch: Grandfather of Teen Lost at Sea Distraught

Rick Kuntz bought his grandson Austin Stephanos the boat that he and friend Perry Cohen took out fishing before getting lost at sea.

Watch: Terror Arrest in Buffalo, New York

Suspect accused of planning to recruit for ISIS.

Watch: The Buffalo Snow Pile That Refuses to Melt

The now dirt-covered snow has been piled in a vacant lot on Buffalo, New York's east side since a massive snowstorm eight months ago.

Watch: Bulldog Rescued From Hot Car by Police

Local business owner Robyn Urman alerted police to the English Bulldog, named Fifi, that was locked in a parked black Mercedes SUV in Tenafly, New Jersey.

Full Episode: Nightline 07/28/15: Minnesota Dentist Acknowledges Killing Beloved Lion Cecil

Meet the New Face of Dior, She's 14 Luxury brand offered model Sofia; 'Watt's World': Havana's Wild Free Market for Real Estate

Watch: New Sandra Bland Jail Footage Released

The new footage shows Bland's intake and booking at the Waller County jail after her arrest during a traffic stop.

Full Episode: This Week 07/26/15: Turkey Joins the Fight Against ISIS

Guests: Loretta Lynch, Jim Stavridis, Cecile Richards, Maggie Haberman, Ana Navarro, Matthew Dowd and Rep. Keith Ellison

Full Episode: 20/20 07/24/15: 'Manhunt'

Richard Matt and David Sweat spent months preparing for their escape from Clinton Correctional Facility; Despite a massive man hunt and a $4 million reward for his capture, El Chapo has not been found.