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Serial Killer Suspect Refuses to Speak In Court

The accused serial killer who police say murdered at least seven women in Indiana refused to speak to a judge in court today, forcing her to cancel the hearing.

Doctors Differ on Preteen Suspect's Mental State

Doctors disagree whether 12-year-old girl accused of stabbing classmate competent for trial

North Korean Detainee Reunites With Family in Ohio

American detained half a year in North Korea returns to Ohio, has tearful reunion with family

Experts: Autopsy Shows Close-Range Wound for Brown

Autopsy shows Michael Brown had close-range gunshot wound to the hand, experts tell newspaper

Hearing Postponed for Man Suspected in 7 Killings

Man suspected of killing 7 women in Indiana refuses to respond to judge; hearing postponed

Huge Gold Nugget Going up for Sale in California

Gold rush: 6-pound nugget found in California expected to fetch up to $350,000 at sale

Spot Will Cost You: Pet Rents Become Apartment Fad

Spot will cost you: Pet rents becoming fad at apartments, taking bite out of renter's wallets

Ohio Mother Held Dead Baby While Talking to Police

Police say Ohio woman held dead baby while talking to unwitting officers, later killed herself

Man Suspected of Killing 7 Women in Indiana Refuses to Respond to Judge; Hearing Postponed

Man suspected of killing 7 women in Indiana refuses to respond to judge; hearing postponed

Meet the Man Who Looks Like Eric Frein That Cops Keep Stopping

A Pennsylvania man says he's been stopped by police more than 20 times as authorities continue to search the area where he lives for accused cop killer Eric Frein.

Watch: Man Mistaken for Cop-Killer Suspect Says He Was Assaulted

James Tully cites his resemblance to Eric Frein as reasons why he's been stopped by police and attacked by a civilian.

Display of Gruesome Photos Opens Arias Retrial

Jurors shown gruesome crime-scene photos at opening of Jodi Arias' sentencing retrial

Watch: Jodi Arias Retrial Starts in Arizona

New jury to decide if convicted murderer will get death penalty.

Full Episode: Nightline 10/21: Satanic Oklahoma Preacher Hell-Bent on Controversy

Artisanal Coffee Brands Brew New Ultra-Gourmet Revolution; Sarah Palin, Daughter Bristol In Newly Revealed Party Tape

Full Episode: WN 10/21: Benjamin Bradlee Washington Post Editor Dead at 93

Oscar Pistorius gets 5 years in prison; the dangers of driving while drowsy.

Watch: Nancy Grace: Pistorius' 5 Year Prison Sentence "devalued the life of Reeva Steenkamp"

ABC's Dan Abrams & HLN's Nancy Grace on Pistorius Sentencing & Jodi Arias Death Penalty Trial.

Watch: Oscar Pistorius Sentenced To 5 years In Prison; CDC Issues New Rules For Treating Ebola

"Bladerunner" sentenced to 5 years of prison for the murder of his girlfriend; New rules for healthcare workers treating Ebola; Renowned fashion icon Oscar de la Renta dies at 82.

Watch: Detained American Released From North Korea

Jeffrey Fowle freed after six months of captivity after being accused of "hostile acts."

Watch: Two Possible Sightings of Suspected Cop Killer

Eyewitnesses say they saw Eric Frein near his former high school carrying a rifle.

Watch: Creepy Clown Sightings Spread Across Nation

Residents in California and New Mexico are feeling the "creepiness" after photos of spooky clowns have surfaced online.

Watch: Police Intensify Search After Possible Sighting of Cop-Killer Suspect

Schools are closed in the area in Pennsylvania where a local law enforcement official reported seeing Eric Frein.

Full Episode: GMA 10/20: Quarantine Ends for Dozens in Contact With Ebola Patient

The Future Is Now With Apple Pay; Alleged Indiana Serial Killer May Be in Custody

Watch: Monica Lewinsky Tears Up During Speech About Life After Bill Clinton

The president's former mistress vowed to "give purpose to my past" in first major speech since the affair.

Watch: Alleged Serial Killer Identified as Darren Deon Vann

Indiana police ID suspect in murder of at least 7 women.

Full Episode: This Week 10/19: The Battle Against Ebola Continues

Guests: Judge Clay Jenkins, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Tavis Smiley, Mary Matalin, Stephanie Schriock, Bill Kristol

Full Episode: 2020 10/17: Woman Claims to Police Husband Was Killed by Intruder

TV Interview Leads to Woman Going on Trial for Murder; Bombshell Witness Takes Stand at Woman's Murder Trial