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US Sending 4 Gitmo Prisoners Back to Afghanistan

The United States will release four Afghan prisoners from its Guantanamo Bay detention facility, the Department of Defense said today.

Cubans Imprisoned in US Appear Before Parliament

Cheers at Cuba parliament as freed prisoners appear, with Raul Castro and Elian Gonzalez

Spanish Protest Their Nation's New Security Law

Demonstrations in Spanish cities protest large fines set by new security law

Sierra Leone Peacekeepers to Leave Somalia Mission

Sierra Leone peacekeepers to leave Somalia mission after rotations blocked over Ebola

Bombings Kill 12 in Iraq

Bombings kill 12 people in and around Baghdad

2 Car Bombs Rock Southern Sweden's City of Malmo

2 car bombs rock southern Sweden's city of Malmo, no injuries

Burying the Dead After Pakistan's School Massacre

Even the gravedigger wept: Burying the smallest of the dead in Peshawar's school massacre

China's Xi Cautions Macau Against Foreign Forces

Visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping cautions semiautonomous Macau against foreign forces

Afghan Leader's Two-Man Government Raises Concerns

Afghan president has yet to name Cabinet after 3 months, missing promised deadlines

Kidnapped Mozambican Businessman Released

Mozambican businessman, who was abducted last month, is released, authorities say

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New Ray Rice Video Shows What Happened After the Elevator Incident; Michael Phelps Caught on Camera Allegedly Driving While Intoxicated Through Maryland Tunnel

Watch: Biggest Holiday Travel Day; Pakistan Launches Offensive Against Taliban; Michael Phelps Guilty of DUI

Millions travelling today for holidays; Pakistan launches offensive against Taliban after deadly school attack; Michael Phelps pleads guilty to DUI

Barbara Walters Talks About Her Meetings With Fidel Castro

The U.S. and Cuba have started to re-build their relationship but Fidel Castro remains a mystery to many.

Watch: Barbara Walters on Her Unforgettable Interview with Fidel Castro

Barbara Walters recalls her five-hour interview with Fidel Castro in 1977.

Watch: Fidel Castro Asked Barbara Walters to Pay Him For An Interview

Barbara Walters tells the story of why she gave Fidel Castro a signed five dollar bill.

Watch: Barbara Walters On Fidel Castro Promising to Shave His Beard

Cuban leader promise to shave off his iconic beard if the U.S. embargo was lifted.

Watch: Barbara Walters' First Impression of Fidel Castro

Barbara Walters explains the duality of Fidel Castro's charm and assertiveness.

Watch: Barbara Walters On Why There Aren't Fidel Castro Posters Throughout Cuba

Barbara Walters explains how Fidel Castro viewed his own image.

Watch: Barbara Walters Had to Have Bodyguards After the Fidel Castro Interview

Barbara Walters received death threats and hate mail after infamous 1977 interview.

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These American Fugitives May Be Hiding Out in Cuba

There is no official total number of Americans who have fled to Cuba but there are reports that it could be upwards of 70 fugitives.

FBI Blames North Korea for Sony Hacking

Feds say they have "enough information" to make that conclusion.

How Scientists Found Deepest-Ever Fish 5 Miles Down

The fish is 20 cm in length, with a distinct snout similar to a cartoon dog.

Watch: US Officially Blames North Korea for Sony Hacking

Analysis of malicious software shows a link "to other malware that the FBI knows North Korean actors previously developed."

Watch: 'Deepest Fish' Filmed 5 Miles Underwater

The footage was captured by an international expedition in the Marian Trench. (NO AUDIO)

Pope Francis Celebrates Birthday by Donating 400 Sleeping Bags

The pontiff donated sleeping bags to Rome's homeless for his 78th birthday.

Watch: 8 Kids Found Stabbed to Death at Australian Home

The mother of the children was found alive, but suffering from stab wounds.

Kim Jong-un Invited to Russia for Victory Day Celebration

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been invited to Moscow, the Kremlin confirmed to Russian media.

What It Takes to Set Up a New Embassy In Cuba

Not as much as you would think.

The Last Time an American President Visited Cuba

Secretary of State John Kerry???s announcement that he plans to visit Cuba in 2015 and that a U.S. embassy will open in Havana are major diplomatic steps, given that the la

Watch Putin Mistake Stroke Survivor for Drunken Journalist

Double-stroke victim jokes along with Russian president.

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