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Boko Haram Refugees Risk Lives to Cross Lake to Chad Camps

Refugees flee Boko Haram violence in Nigeria by boat as jihadist group steps up violence

Italian PM in Moscow to Discuss Russia-EU Ties

Italian PM visits Moscow, set to discuss Russia-EU ties and Ukrainian crisis

Libya Says 11 Oil Fields Non-Operational After IS Attacks

Libyan state oil corporation declares 11 oil fields non-operational after suspected IS attacks

Iranian Special Operatives Free Diplomat Abducted in Yemen

Iran says diplomat abducted in Yemen in 2013 is freed by special operatives, returns home

Skeleton Horse Erected in London's Trafalgar Square

Skeleton horse statue installed atop empty 'fourth plinth' in London's Trafalgar Square

AP Interview: Charismatic Lapid Revives Israel Vote Campaign

AP Interview: After rough first term, Lapid mounts come-back in Israeli election race

UK Report: Spy Agencies Should Seek Female Recruits Online

Bond, Jane Bond: UK lawmakers say intelligence agencies need more female spies

Winner of Prestigious World Press Photo Award Disqualified

World Press Photo disqualifies Italian winner for misleading judges over where image was made

European Central Bank Faces Questions on Stimulus, Greece

European Central Bank faces questions as it prepares to start bond-buying stimulus program

Myanmar Cracks Down on Education Protest at Yangon Pagoda

Myanmar cracks down on education protest at Yangon pagoda, drags people into trucks

N. Korea Hails Attack as 'Righteous Punishment' Against US

North Korea hailed a South Korean man's attack on the U.S. ambassador to Seoul in a statement through its Korean Central News Agency.

Knife-wielding Man Attacks US Ambassador in South Korea

Photos show Ambassador Mark Lippert with blood on his hand and holding his face.

Watch: US Ambassador Attacked in South Korea

Mark Lippert was listed in stable condition following the attack.

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'In an Instant': Untold Stories of Survival; 175-Pound Pit Bull Hulk's Big NYC Adventure

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Healthcare battle goes to the Supreme Court; Sheryl Sandberg's mission to empower women.

Watch: Prince William Visits Elephant Sanctuary Just Minutes From Circus

While on a historic visit to China, Prince William visited an elephant sanctuary that was just a few miles from a circus.

Why Prince William Visited Elephant Sanctuary Minutes From Circus

While on a historic visit to China, Prince William visited an elephant sanctuary that was just a few miles from a circus.

Watch: Day In Pictures 3.4.15

Obamacare Supporters Rally Outside The Supreme Court, Boston Marathon Bombing Trial Begins, Prince William Promotes Animal Rights In China

Photos: Holi Celebrations at India's Widow Ashrams

Women from several ashrams celebrate the Hindu festival of colors.

Microsoft Co-Founder's Submarine Finds Sunken WWII Ship

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and a team of researchers used his submarine to reportedly find a Japanese battleship that sunk during World War II.

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Cate Blanchett Stars as Evil Stepmother in 'Cinderella'; Shania Twain Announces New World Tour

17 Dead After Explosion at Ukraine Coal Mine

Dozens of miners were trapped and at least one has died after an explosion at a coal mine in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine Wednesday, and a rescue operation is underway.

Why You Might Want to Think Twice Before 'Spocking' Your Money

The Bank of Canada says 'Spocking' your $5 bills isn't illegal but it's "inappropriate" and could cause your bills to be rejected in transactions.

Watch: Iran Could Be Calling the Shots in Tikrit Offensive

Revolutionary Guard Leader Seen Leading Forces in Iraqi Mission Against ISIS.

Turkish Airlines Jet Skids Off Runway, Passengers Safe

A Turkish Airlines jet landing in dense fog in the Nepalese capital Wednesday skidded off a slippery runway but there were no serious injuries, officials said.

Watch: Israeli Prime Minister Addresses Congress; Justice Department Finds Racial Bias In Ferguson Police Department; Chile Volcano Erupts

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses Congress; Justice Department report finds racial bias within Ferguson Police Department; Chile volcano erupts forcing thousands to evacuate.

'Bibi Thing' Draws Shrugs From Netanyahu Watchers at Home

Curious Israelis take note of their prime minister's trip to D.C.

Watch: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Faces Congress

He says Iran is playing a "deadly game of thrones," poses threat to world.

Thousands Gather for Boris Nemtsov's Funeral

Thousands of mourners lined up in Moscow on Tuesday to honor the slain Russian opposition leader, Boris Nemtsov.

Watch: Thousands Gather for Boris Nemtsov Funeral

Mourners lined up in Moscow on Tuesday to honor the slain Russian opposition leader.

Watch: White House Not Pleased With Netanyahu's Speech to Congress

The Israeli prime minister will speak before a joint session of Congress.

Watch: Chile Volcano Eruption Sends Lava Shooting Into Sky

The eruption from Chile's Villarrica volcano was visible from miles away.

Watch: Netanyahu to Address Congress Weeks Before Israeli Elections

ABC News' Molly Hunter on how the upcoming speech is being viewed back home in Israel.

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