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Cecil the Lion's 'Brother,' Jericho, Reported Dead in Zimbabwe

Cecil the Lion was killed in July by an American dentist.

Researcher in Zimbabwe Doubts Report of 2nd Lion Killing

Lion researcher in Zimbabwe says Cecil's companion appears to be OK despite report of shooting

US Presidential Hopeful Martin O'Malley Visits Puerto Rico

US presidential hopeful Martin O'Malley visits Puerto Rico amid economic crisis

Peru Government Reports Shining Path Captives Rescued

Peruvian government reports rescue of Shining Path captives; says some held 2 decades

Zimbabwean Authorities Restrict Hunting After Lion Killing

Zimbabwe suspends hunting, investigates other lion killing in area where Cecil the lion killed

Man Who Studied Cecil the Lion for 9 Years Talks Impact

Dr. Walter Palmer used a bow and a gun to kill the famous lion.

Suspected Flight 370 Wing Flap Arrives at French Facility

Suspected Flight 370 wing flap arrives at French testing facility near Toulouse

AP News Guide: Death of Taliban Leader Roils Afghan Politics

AP News Guide: Death of Taliban leader could have huge impact on Afghan political landscape

Exiled Yemen Prime Minister Visits War-Torn City of Aden

Exiled Yemen prime minister Khaled Bahah visits war-torn city of Aden

Iraqi Kurds Ask Kurdistan Workers Party to 'Withdraw'

Iraqi Kurds ask Kurdistan Workers' Party to 'withdraw' from territory over Turkish airstrikes

Full Episode: GMA 08/01/15: FAA Investigating New Drone Incidents at JFK Airport

Possible MH370 Flight Debris Arrives in France for Analysis; New England Patriots Fight Back with NFL Email Leak

Full Episode: 20/20 07/31/15: 'Diamonds Aren't Forever'

Thieves Go on Cross-Country Diamond-Stealing Spree; How Police Used Social Media to Identify Diamond Thieves

MH370 Probe: What???s Next for the Flaperon?

With authorities ???increasingly confident??? the airplane debris recovered Wednesday comes from MH370, official analysis is set to begin in France Wednesday.

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Slacklining Champ, 18, Tackles Biggest Challenge Yet; At VidCon, YouTube's Biggest Stars Enjoy Huge Fame

Palestinian Toddler Scorched to Death While Sleeping

It???s the tiniest grave in the village???s cemetery.

Full Episode: WN 07/30/15: Double Hand Transplant for Little Boy

Deadly police chases; Rescue of child from hot car captured on video.

Man Describes Finding Piece That Could Unravel MH370 Mystery

Johnny Begue and his friend were out looking for stones earlier this week on Reunion Island when he stumbled upon a piece of an airplane wing washed up on the sand.

Watch: Palestinian Toddler Scorched To Death While Sleeping

Eighteen-month old Ali Dawabsheh died Friday after his house was set on fire.

Clinton Emails: 1,300 Messages From Private Account Released

The State Dept. released some highly sought after emails from Hillary Clinton.

Watch: China's Ski Resorts Prepare for Beijing Winter Olympics

The nearest ski slopes are 125 miles from Beijing.

Mexico City Bans Cages at Facilities for the Disabled

The move was triggered by a new report on the sites' horrifying conditions.

MH370 Probe: Airplane Part May Hold Clues About Jet's Demise

The damage sustained by a piece of airplane debris that washed ashore near Madagascar suggests that the plane likely did not suffer a high-speed, nose-down impact.

Watch: Beijing Wins Bid for 2022 Winter Olympics

Beijing wins bid for 2022 Winter Olympics and becomes the first city to host both the summer and winter Games. ABC News' Bob Woodruff reports from Beijing.

New Details Emerge Into the Moments Before Cecil Was Shot

Lawyer for a local guide says Dr. Walter Palmer only found out afterwards.

US Intel Assessment Suggested That MH370 Taken Off Course

The source cautioned that the assessment is of very little value.

Watch: MH370? Debris Found on Reunion Island Appears to be Boeing 777; University of Cincinnati Police Officer Arraigned; Greenpeace Protesters Hang from Bridge

MH370? Debris found in Reunion Island appears to be from Boeing 777 aircraft; University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing in court; Greenpeace protesters against Shell drilling hang from bridge.

Watch: MH370 Search: Tattered Suitcase Recovered Near Washed-Up Wreckage

Investigators looking into new clues in the mystery of Malaysia Airlines MH370 after a piece of wreckage and luggage washed ashore. ABC News' Kenneth Moton and Tom Haeuter contribute.

MH370 Probe: Mystery Suitcase Recovered Near Wreckage

Just hours after a recovering what appears to be the wing flap of a Boeing 777, a worker stumbled upon what looks to be a tattered piece of luggage on the same beach.

Watch: Plagues of Locusts Darken Skies, Threaten Crops in Southern Russia

A video shot by a local man in Achikulak, a village in the Stavropol region, shows thousands of the bugs swarming towards a church.

Watch: Afghan Gov't Confirms Death of Mullah Omar in Pakistan

Afghan officials confirmed the death of top Taliban leader Mullah Omar in Pakistan back in 2013. ABC News' Terry Moran reports.

Watch: Sandra Bland Jail Intake Video Released; California Wildfires Rage On; Arizona Cardinals Hire Female Coach

Hours of Sandra Bland jail intake video released; California wildfires continue to rage on; Arizona Cardinals hire female coach.

Watch: Fancy McDonald's Offers Fine-Dining Experience

McDonald's opened "Restaurant M" in Tokyo for one day only to highlight its new burger line.

Watch: Cecil the Lion Allegedly Killed by American Dentist

Zimbabwean authorities say the well-known lion, who part of an Oxford University research program, was lured to a farm where it was killed by an American tourist.

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