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Spain: Greek F-16 Jet Crashes at Base, Killing 10 People

Spain's Defense Ministry says Greek F-16 jet crashes at military base, killing at least 10

2 Suspected Looters Killed in South Africa

2 suspected looters killed in South Africa, making 6 dead in attacks on immigrant-owned shops

Spain's Defense Ministry Says 10 People Have Died After an F-16 Jet Crashed at a Military Base

Spain's Defense Ministry says 10 people have died after an F-16 jet crashed at a military base

Saudi Arabia Carries out First Beheading Under New King

Saudi Arabia carries out first beheading under new king in case that has stirred attention

Canadian Soldiers Involved in 2 More Firefights in Iraq

Canadian soldiers involved in 2 more firefights with Islamic State militants

Islamic State Group Pushed out of Syria's Kobani

Islamic State militants pushed out of Syria's Kobani, say activists, Kurdish officials

China's Shadow Looms Large Over Obama Visit to India

As Obama seeks to deepen ties with India, shadow of neighboring China looms large

French Authorities Raid Prison Cells of Radicals

After terrorist attacks, French authorities raid prison cells of radicals, find equipment

Snowboarder 'Happy to Be Alive' After 3 Days Missing in Backcountry

A woman who was found three days after she went missing while snowboarding in Whistler, British Columbia, says she is happy to be alive.

IS Spokesman Calls on Muslims in West to Commit More Attacks

IS spokesman calls on Muslims in the West to carry out more attacks against 'Crusaders'

First US Drone Strike in Yemen Since Leader Resigned Kills 3

First US drone strike in Yemen since leader resigned kills 3; US Embassy closes to public

See the Pair Attempting Record-Breaking Balloon Trip Across Pacific

Two pilots attempt to break ballooning records for distance and time in flight.

US Races to Aid Japan After ISIS 'Kills' One Hostage

In new video, Japanese hostage Kenji Goto forced to hold photo of apparently beh

Watch: Obamas Attend India???s Republic Day Parade

The president watched as camels, dance troupes, tanks and regiments marched by.

Watch: Rickshaw Tour of Delhi's Underbelly: What Obama Won't See in India

Go inside Obama's New Delhi hotel and a middle class neighborhood he won't see.

Full Episode: This Week 1/25: Republicans Look Ahead To 2016 Election

Guests: Denis McDonough, Bobby Jindal, Donna Brazile, Bill Kristol, Sara Fagen, Cokie Roberts

Full Episode: WN 1/25: Northeast Prepares for Massive Winter Storm

How President Obama Is Being Kept Safe on India Visit; Couple Vanishes While Checking Out a Car Listed On Craigslist

Full Episode: GMA 1/25: NFL 'Deflate-Gate' Explained?

Iowa Freedom Summit's Winners and Losers; Shake Shack IPO Could Offer Wall Street a Juicy Investment

Watch: Obama Toasts Partnership Between India, US

The president visits India as the guest of honor for country's Republic Day Celebration.

Watch: Stray Monkeys Greet Obama in Delhi

Monkeys are revered in India and cannot be harmed, even if they are a public nuisance.

Full Episode: 2020 1/24: Teen Goes Missing After Meeting With Girlfriend's Ex

College Student Charged With Friend's Murder, Kidnapping; Girl Testifies At Ex's Trial For Murdering Her New Love

Purported ISIS Video Claims One Japanese Hostage Executed

Second hostage still alive, says ISIS wants prisoner swap.

Watch: Extraordinary Security for President Obama at New Delhi Parade

The president visits India as chief guest of Republic Day.

Full Episode: Nightline 1/23: Hidden America: Chilling New Look at Sex Trafficking in the US

Hidden America: Chilling New Look at Sex Trafficking in the US; Batkid Is Back: The Brave Boy Who Battled Cancer

As Deadline Passes for ISIS Hostages, Skepticism Over Ransom Demand

The deadline set by ISIS for a ransom payment has past leaving the fate of two Japanese captives unknown.

Watch: Yemen Crisis Deepening

The president and prime minister of Yemen resign amid pressure from a rebel group.

Watch: Day In Pictures 1.23.15

Saudis Mourn Death of King Abdullah, U.S. Casualty Buried In Arlington, Austria Hosts Alpine World Cup

Watch: 4 Questions for Roberta Jacobson, The Lead US Negotiator in Cuba

The Lead US Negotiator in Cuba talks to ABC News About This Week's Historic Talks

Watch: Time's Up on ISIS Ransom Demand for Japanese Hostages; What's Next?

The militant group posted a new video online saying the countdown to kill the two hostages has begun after the Japanese government missed a 72-hour deadline.

Watch: Divers Enter AirAsia Fuselage for First Time

Indonesian divers recovered an additional six bodies from the jetliner that crashed in the Java Sea last month.

What You Need to Know About Yemen in 90 Seconds

The crisis in Yemen this week is gaining global attention after the President, the Prime Minister and Cabinet all resigned Thursday.