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Police: Blasts at Mosque in Nigeria Kill 35 People

Police say bomb blasts at mosque in northern Nigerian city kill 35 people, injure 150

Argentina IDs Accounts in Alleged Tax Evasion

Argentina names holders of 4,000 Swiss bank accounts it alleges were used to evade taxes

Venezuela Looks to Cut Spending as Oil Prices Fall

Venezuela's president says he'll cut government's spending in response to oil price plunge

Death Toll in Venezuelan Prison Overdose up to 35

Calls grow for investigation as death toll from overdoses rises to 35 at Venezuelan prison

Officials: Israel's Eisenkot Named Military Chief

Officials say Gadi Eisenkot, officer with experience battling Hezbollah, named military chief

Watch: US Forces on Frontlines of Ebola Pause for Thanksgiving

U.S. troops stationed in Liberia take a break from their mission to celebrate the holiday with turkey and the trimmings.

French President Cheered in Ebola-Stricken Guinea

French President Hollande cheered in Ebola-stricken Guinea; 1st Western leader in Ebola nation

Inside Kobani: Devastation Mixed With Optimism

INSIDE KOBANI: A devastated town as fighting against Islamic State militants turns corner

Photos: Kurdish Fighters Resist Islamic State Extremists While Syrian Town Crumbles

Pictures of Kurdish forces struggling against ISIS forces in the rubble of Kobani, Syria.

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Police say 35 people were killed in bomb blasts at mosque in northern Nigerian city of Kano

Yemen's Shiite, Sunni Rivals Hold Rare Meeting

Leaders of Yemen's Shiite rebels, rival Sunni party hold rare talks

Italian Man Seriously Wounded at West Bank Protest

Italian man seriously wounded during protest in West Bank, Palestinian official says

Watch: Syrian Cheesemaker Finds Success in the UK

Razan Alsous has become one of England's few halloumi cheese producers after fleeing Syria with her family in 2012.

Full Episode: Nightline 11/27: Strangers Give a Kidney So Loved Ones Can Receive a Kidney

Strangers Give a Kidney So Loved Ones Can Receive a Kidney; Extreme Free Climber's Death-Defying Ascents

Full Episode: GMA 11/27: Dream Team of Food Network Chefs Offer Thanksgiving 911 Tips

Snow and Tense Calm Settled in Ferguson; "Finding Neverland" Cast Performs Special Medley for "GMA"

Full Episode: WN 11/26: Holiday Nor'easter Delays Flights

Brown family reacts to Darren Wilson interview; Presidential Pardon and the funny response by Malia Obama.

Watch: Day In Pictures 11.26.14

Ferguson Business Cleans Up, Liberian President Screened For Ebola, Turkey Prep For Thanksgiving.

Watch: International Media Descends On Ferguson

Worldwide attention focuses on racial tension in the United States.

Watch: Buffalo Terrorizes Chinese Town in Mad Rampage

The wandering buffalo injured at least 10 people before being shot by police.

Watch: Day In Pictures 11.25.14

Ferguson aftermath, Afghan forces arrest bomb suspect, Ebola patient arrives in Italy.

Watch: Day In Pictures 11.24.14

Defense Secretary Hagel Resigns, Presidential Medal Of Freedom, Putin Hosts Military Meeting

Full Episode: This Week 11/23: An Exclusive Interview With President Obama

Guests: Dan Abrams, Benjamin Crump, Matthew Dowd, Ben Carson, Katrina vanden Heuvel, James Carville, Benjamin Netanyahu

Full Episode: 2020 11/21: Florida Nurse Accuses Bill Cosby of Sexual Assault

Woman Discovers Own Friend Allegedly Stole $13k From Her; Mom on Crusade After Catching Nanny Shaking Her Daughter