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Firestation Auto Trivia Quiz – Questions, Answers and Winners

Thursday 3/26
What basketball team was the first in major league sports to be named for an insect?
ans..Charlotte Hornets
Winner…C.G. Mata, Overton

Wednesday 3/25
Name the company with the slogan “nothing say lovin’ like something from the oven.”
Winner…Steve Rainwater, Tyler

Tuesday 3/24
What was Rhett Butler’s hometown?
ans..Charleston, South Carolina
Winner…Dick Johns, Tyler

Monday 3/23
Finish this phrase from the book of Matthew…”Blessed are the pure in heart________________________.”
ans..For they shall see God. Matthew 5:8
Winner…Dick Berkhouse, Whitehouse

Friday 3/20
Who was imprisoned in Mexico for two years and three months starting in 1833 for presenting a Texas state constitution to Mexican authorities?
Ans..Stephen F. Austin
Winner…W.H. Harbour, Tyler

Thursday 3/19
Name the first basketball player to win eight NBA scoring titles.
Ans..Michael Jordan
Winner…No Winner

Wednesday 3/18
What does UPC mean to supermarket retailers?
Ans..Universal Product Code
Winner…Randy Stuart, Bullard

Tuesday 3/17
What P-word has been defined in Pentagon doublespeak as “permanent pre-hostility”?
Winner…No Winner

Monday 3/16
In the King James Bible, which book does not contain the name of God?
Winner…Willie Clayton, Tyler

Friday 3/13
Name the largest of the Texas barrier islands.
Ans..Padre Island. It is also the world’s longest barrier island.
Winner…Scott Newsom, Tyler

Thursday 3/12
What does the rider with the fastest time in each stage get to wear the next day at the Tour de France?
Ans..the yellow jersey
Winner…David Fountain, Longview

Wednesday 3/11
What desert is home for Death Valley?
Ans..The Mojave
Tom Ward, Chapel Hill

Tuesday 3/10
Who said he sold over 150 million books by trying “to think up ways to get readers to lock their doors and worry”?
Ans…Stephen King
Winner…Jerry Sadderfield, Chandler

Monday 3/9
About whom was the following statement made? “Among those that are born of woman, there is no ta greater prophet than…..”
Ans..John the Baptist…Luke 7:28
Winner…Ray Terry, Whitehouse

Friday 3/6
A fire in what Texas city in 2005 destroyed a 124 by 20 foot painting depicting the biblical miracle at Pentecost?
Ans.. The Biblical Arts Center in Dallas. The fire was caused by faulty wiring. Now called the Museum of Biblical Art, it was reopened on Good Friday in 2010.
Winner…Teresa Byers

Thursday 3/5
Name the all-time winningest NBA coach.
Ans..Phil Jackson who coached the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers
Winner…Marci Newsom, Tyler

Wednesday 3/4
What sped up trips from New Jersey to Manhattan when it opened in 1927?
Ans..The Holland Tunnel
Winner…Charles Richter, Red Springs

Tuesday 3/3
What was the only TV show in the 1980s to put its theme song atop Billboards Hot 100 chart?
Ans..Miami Vice
Winner…Don Wetzel, Flint

Monday 3/2
In whose tomb was Jesus buried?
Ans..Joseph of ArimatheaMatthew 27:57-60
Winner…Lola Lang, Lindale

Friday 2/27
Name the Lubbock native who recorded such songs as Baby Dont Get Hooked On Me and Stop and Smell the Roses.
AnsMac Davis
Winner…Ronnie Davis, Lindale

Thursday 2/26
What team was lead to Super Bowls VII and VIII by their no name defense?
Ans..The Miami Dolphins
Winner…Joe McNamara, Longview

Wednesday 2/25
What is an ambulatory camisole better known as in mental hospitals?
Ans..a straight jacket
Winner…Buddy Furqueron, Whitehouse

Tuesday 2/24
Name the library that boasts 600 miles of shelves.
Ans..The Library of Congress
Winner…Brent Little, Tyler

Monday 2/23
What type of wood did Noah use to build the ark?
Ans..Gopher Wood.
Winner…Jack Gaunt, Lindale

Friday 2/20
Name the first Texas university to offer a degree in jazz music in 1947.
Ans..North Texas State
Winner…Duffie Monroe, Tyler

Thursday 2/19
Name the Pittsburg Pirate who had exactly 3,000 hits before dying in a plane crash.
Ans..Roberto Clemente
Winner…R.L. Carlton, Kilgore

Wednesday 2/18
Name the U.S. president who weighed the most.
Ans..William Taft weighed 332 pounds.
Winner…Roland Pritchard, Flint

Tuesday 2/17
Wednesday 3/4
Name the U.S. president who would get up at 5:00am and practice the piano for two hours. What sped up trips from New Jersey to Manhattan when it opened in 1927?
Harry S. Truman
Winner…Don Gray, Troup

Monday 2/16
Name the Bible character who had a dream that his parents and brothers would bow down before him.
Ans..Joseph..Genesis 37: 5-7
Winner…Liz Quinn, Whitehouse

Friday 2/13
Name the U.S. presidents born in Texas.
Ans Dwight Eisenhower, the 34th president, was born in Denison on October 14, 1890.
Lyndon Johnson, our 36th president, was born at Stonewall on August 27, 1908.
Winner…Nathaniel Moran, Tyler

Thursday 2/12
Name the first sitting president to thrown out the first pitch at a major league baseball game.
ans..William Howard Taft in 1910.
Winner…Robert Rich, Longview

Wednesday 2/11
Name the only president to take the oath of office from a female official.
Ans..Lyndon B. Johnson took the oath from Judge Sarah T. Hughes following the death of John F. Kennedy.
Ans..The Holland Tunnel
Winner…Kenneth Medlin, Red Springs

Tuesday 2/10
Name the shortest U.S. president.
Ans..James Madison was 5 foot 4 inches and weighed only 100 pounds
Winner…Ann Baldwin, Fort Worth

Monday 2/9
Who were the first twins mentioned in the Bible?
Ans..Jacob and Esau..Genesis 25: 24-26
Winner…Dwayne Lang, Lindale

Friday 2/6
Name thefirst woman to be elected mayor of Dallas.
Ans..Annette Strauss
Winner…Skip Ogle, Tyler

Thursday 2/5
Name the Dallas Cowboy who was the NFLs tallest player during the 1980s, at six-foot-nine.
Ans..Ed Too Tall Jones
Winner…Larry Jowell, Tyler

Wednesday 2/4
What did an official investigation call the greatest military and naval disaster in our nations history?
Ans..The Attack on Pearl Harbor
Winner…Jack Clephas, Tyler

Tuesday 2/3
Name the 1996 movie title that came from a Louisiana prison guards cry as a convict is escorted to his execution.
Ans..Dead Man Walking
Winner…Shannon Childress, Gladewater

Monday 2/2
Three Bible characters are mentioned as having fasted 40 days. Name two of them.
AnsMoses, Elijah and Jesus..Edodus 34: 27,28; 1Kings 19:2,8 Matthew 4:1,2
Winner…John Byers, Tyler

Friday 1/30
Sam Houston was one of four men to serve as President of the Republic of Texas. Name one of the other ones.
Ans..David G. Burnet, Mirabeau B. Lamar and Anson Jones. Houston served as president on two separate occasions.
Winner…Kate Curtis, Henderson

Thursday 1/29
Name one of the two teams with the most super bowl appearances.
Ans..Dallas and Pittsburg with 8 appearances each
Winner…Tim Quinn, Whitehouse

Wednesday 1/28
How did Cleopatra die in 30 B.C.?
Ans..Cleopatra..Some say she committed suicide from a snake bite and others say she poisoned herself. And some have said she died from poison, but that Augustus had her killed.
Winner…Steve Rainwater, Tyler

Tuesday 1/27
Name one of the only two women whose picture have appeared on U.S. paper currency.
Ans.. Martha Washington was featured by herself on the $1 bill in 1886 as well as with her husband George in the 1896 “educational series.” The only other woman to appear on U.S. paper currency was Pocahontas, who appeared on a $10 bank note in 1869 and a $20 demand note in 1865.
Winner…Douglas Hines, Tyler

Monday 1/26
In the King James Bible, what book comes right after the book of Hebrews?
Winner…James Poppell, Teaselville

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