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Firestation Auto Trivia Quiz – Questions, Answers and Winners

Wednesday 8/20
Name the Kansas city that derives its name from the Sioux word meaning “a good place to dig potatoes.”
Winner…Kevin Braly, Tyler

Tuesday 8/19
Name the ten year old who is said to have started earning his bad reputation by throwing puppies off the Kremlin walls in 1540.
Ans..Ivan the Terrible
Winner…Steve ?, Tyler

Monday 8/18
Who asked God to make the sun and the moon stand still for one day while he was in battle?
ans..Joshua…Joshua 10:12-14
Winner…Joshua Crane

Friday 8/15
Name the Texan who served nearly 49 consecutive years as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.
Ans…Sam Rayburn of Bonham. He served more than 24 terms, entering Congress in 1913 at the start of Woodrow Wilson’s presidency and served until the beginning of the John F. Kennedy presidency.
Winner…Steve Rainwater, Tyler

Thursday 8/14
How many years must a player be retired to be eligible for the pro football Hall of Fame?
Ans..5 years
Winner…Joe McNamara, Longview

Wednesday 8/13
What song includes the lines, “I’ve lived a life that’s full/ I’ve traveled each and every highway…?”
Ans..My Way.. song popularized by Frank Sinatra. Its lyrics were written by Paul Anka and set to music based on the French song “Comme d’habitude” composed in 1967 by Claude François and Jacques Revaux
Winner…Larry Jowell, Tylr

Tuesday 8/12
What South American member of the raccoon family do pet store owners often call a “honey Bear?”
Ans..a kinkajou
Winner…No Winner

Monday 8/11
What kind of tree did Zacchaeus climb in order to see Jesus?
Ans..sycamore tree..Luke 19
Winner…Mark Lusk, Tyler

Friday 8/8
Name the Texas town with a massive salt lode estimated to be 16,000 feet deep and estimated to last another 20,000 years.
Ans..Grand Saline
Winner…Paula Rozell, Tyler

Thursday 8/7
Name the first NBA team to win 70 games or more in a regular season.
Ans..The Chicago Bulls in the 1995-96 season
Ron Hill, Bullard

Wednesday 8/6
What type of egg will yield 11 and one half average-size omelettes?
Ans..An ostrich egg
Winner…Michael Wilson, Big Sandy

Tuesday 8/5
Name the Russian revolutionary sent to Kazakhastan in 1929, deported to Turkey and killed in Mexico?
Ans..Leon Trotsky
Winner…Ann Baldwin, Fort Worth

Monday 8/4
The largest book in the King James Bible has 150 chapters. Name it.
Ans.. Psalms
Winner…John Byers, Tyler

Friday 8/1
Name the Texas born actor who has appeared in such movies as Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Platoon, Good Morning Viet Nam , Bird and Last King of Scotland..
Ans..Forest Whitaker. Was born in Longview in 1961. Moved to Los Angeles in 1965.
Winner…Tony Murray, Tyler

Thursday 7/31
What Pro Football Hall of Famer was the first to get a second bust in the Hall, for broadcasting?
Ans..Frank Gifford
Winner…Dwight Lollar, Van

Wednesday 7/30
Who is listed in Bartlett’s “Familiar Quotations” as the author of “It’s not easy being green.”?
Ans..Kermit the Frog
Winner…Will Apple, White Oak

Tuesday 7/29
Name the folk-rocker who said he’d like Billy Dee Williams or Mickey Rooney to play him if his life story was filmed.
Ans..Bob Dylan
Winner…Charlie Clower, Kilgore

Monday 7/28
How many days had Lazarus been dead when Jesus raised him?
Ans..four days John 11: 38-44
Winner…Clinton Norton, Van

Friday 7/25
Name the first Texan to walk on the moon
Ans..Alan Bean was the 4th person to walk on the moon. He was born in Wheeler, Texas in the northeast panhandle.
The others are Edgar Mitchell, the 6th man on the moon, from Hereford, Texas and David Scott, the 7th man on the moon, who was born at Randolph Field in San Antonio
Winner…Ken Popperwell, Teasleville

Thursday 7/24
Name the Red Sox catcher whose erect posture earned him the clubhouse nickname “Frankenstein”?
Ans..Carlton Fisk
Winner…Duffie Monroe, Tyler

Wednesday 7/23
What organ is inflamed when a person has encephalitis?
Ans..the brain
Winner…Kenneth Medlin, Red Springs

Tuesday 7/22
What Actor Lou Diamond Phillips’ wife left him for what rock star?
Ans..Melissa Etheridge..They have now seperated.
Winner…Brian Tuttle, Tyler

Monday 7/21
How many times did Jesus find his disciples sleeping when he was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane?
Ans..three..Matthew 26: 36-46
Winner…Jack Gaunt, Lindale

Friday 7/18
On November 9, 1881, what government building in Austin was destroyed by fire?
Ans..the state capitol
Winner…Patty Long, Tyler

Thursday 7/17
What Grand Slam tennis tournament is held every January?
ans..The Australian Open
Winner…Dustin Phillips, Tyler

Wednesday 7/16
What continent is cut into nearly two fairly equal pieces by the Tropic of Capricorn?
Winner…Eddy Moose, Tyler

Tuesday 7/15
Name the singer whose biggest song was the 1966 recording “Giddyup-Go.” It was an answer to Red Sovine’s “Giddyup-Go”
Ans..Minnie Pearl
Winner…No Winner

Monday 7/14
Name the person in the Bible who had 700 wives.
Ans..King Solomon..1 Kings Chapter 11
Winner…Hunter Hutto, Gilmer

Friday 7/11
Name the Texas native who sang the title song on the television series “Dukes of Hazzard.”
Ans..Waylon Jennings..He was born on a farm near Littlefield, Texas, northeast of Lubbock, in Lamb County
Winner…James Savage, Lindale

Thursday 7/10
Who set a major league record for fewest errors by a shortstop, with 3, in 1990.
Ans..Cal Ripkin Jr.
Winner…John Graham, Rusk

Wednesday 7/9
What was the first war in which one jet plane shot down another jet?
Ans..The Korean War
Winner…Brad Low, Tyler

Tuesday 7/8
What brand name for petroleum jelly comes from the German word for water and the Greek word for oil?
Winner…Scott Newsom, Tyler

Monday 7/7
How many days was Jesus on Earth after his resurrection?
Ans..40 days…Acts 1:3
Winner…John Byers, Tyler

Friday 7/4
No Quiz..Happy Independence Day

Thursday 7/3
Name the first father-son duo to hit back-to-back homers in an MLB game. They did it in 1990.
Ans.. Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr.
Winner…Buddy Furqueron, Whitehouse

Wednesday 7/2
Where in your body is your patella?
Ans…knee..It’s the kneecap
Winner…Slade Hogan, Gilmer

Tuesday 7/1
What was the name of the Italian cruise ship hijacked by Palestinian terrorists in October 1985?
Ans.. Achille Lauro.
Winner…Pat Elva, Tyler

Monday 6/30
Who named all living creatures God created?
Ans..Adam..Genesis 2:19-20
Winner…William Johnson, Lindale

Friday 6/27
For what reason is Cynthia Ann Parker known in Texas history?
Ans..In 1836, at the age of 9, she was captured by Indians in Limestone County and remained with them for almost 25 years. She forgot white ways and became thoroughly Comanche. She was captured, along with two ‘other’ Indians by Texas rangers in 1860. She was the mother to Quanah Parker, the last ‘free’ Comanche Chief.
Winner…Joe Fields, Troup

Thursday 6/26
Who did coach Jimmy Johnson call “The best north-south runner” he’d ever seen?
Ans…Emmitt Smith
Winner…Wes McMillan, Bullard

Wednesday 6/25
What slogan did Theodore Roosevelt coin after drinking a cup of coffee brewed at the Maxwell House hotel?
Ans.. “It’s good to the last drop.”
Winner…Marci Newsom, Tyler

Tuesday 6/24
What was the name of the Academy award winning song from Walt Disney’s “Song of the South.”
ans..Zip-A-Dee-DooDah..It was sung by James Baskett
Winner…Michael Wilson, Big Sandy

Monday 6/23
Name the Bible character who cooked his bread over cow dung.
ans..Ezekiel…Ezekiel 4:15
Ans…James Latham, Kilgore

Friday 6/20
Name the Austin, Texas born actor who has appeared in such films as “9 to 5,” “Tootsie” and “War Games.”
ans..Dabney Coleman
Winner…John Wetzel, Flint

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