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Teacher of the Month – February 2015

TISD – Angela Stewart, Owens Elementary School
Chapel Hill – Amanda Adair, Chapel Hill High School
Lindale ISD – Kevin Simmons, Velma Penny Elementary
Arp ISD – Ruth Forester, Arp High School
Winona ISD – Israel Reyes, Winona High School

Teacher of the Month – January 2015

TISD – Yolanda Wade, Dogan Middle School
Chapel Hill ISD – Bethany Chancellor, Kissam Elementary
Lindale ISD – Salana Campbell, College Street Elementary
Arp ISD – Morgan Broyles, Arp Junior High
Winona ISD – Jenna Gillit, Winona Middle School

Teacher of the Month – December 2014

Teacher of the Month – December 2014

Tyler ISD – Lindsey Lott, Andy Woods Elementary School

Arp ISD – Jeanine Sulser, Arp Elementary School

Chapel Hill ISD – Jill Williams, Jackson Elementary School

Lindale ISD – Megan Stanley, Lindale Early Childhood Center

Winona ISD – Nancy Bergbower, Winona Elementary School

Teacher of the Month – November 2014

Tyler ISD – April Caldwell, John Tyler High School

Winona ISD – Leah Overman, Winona High School

Lindale ISD – Neda Morrow, Lindale High School

Chapel Hill ISD – Nicole Read, Wise Magnet School

Arp ISD – Angelia Neal, Arp High School

Teacher of the Month – October 2014

October Teachers of the Month (To be updated as we receive new winners)

Tyler ISD – Andy Haas, Clarkston Elementary School

Chapel Hill ISD – Carrie Fry, Chapel Hill Middle School

Arp ISD – Maegan Knuckles, Arp Junior High

Lindale ISD – Bene Davis, Lindale Jr. High

Winona ISD – Lisa Cole, Winona Middle School

Teacher of the Month – September 2014

Teacher of the Month – September 2014

Tyler ISD – Emily Tannery, Jack Elementary School

Winona ISD – Clarice Bledsoe, Winona Elementary School

Arp ISD – Jodi Waters – Arp Elementary School

Lindale ISD – Cynthia Sample, EJ Moss Intermediate School

Tyler Teachers of the Year Named

Beverly McRaeTyler ISD announced the 2014 Teachers of the Year at the annual Teacher of the Year Banquet held last night at the Harvey Convention Center. The District honored Campus Teachers of the Year before naming Beverly McRae as Elementary Teacher of the Year and Jennifer Sheffield as Secondary Teacher of the Year.

Ms. McRae is the reading intervention teacher for kindergarten through fifth grade at Owens Elementary School and believes that the greatest blessing of her teaching career has been the students who have given her abundant joy through their smiles, laughter, and fun. According to McRae, “I am just so proud to be a teacher. I have loved teaching my entire career. And it’s really a tribute to the students who have given me love, and I have felt every moment of their love.” She said, “It isn’t a career, it is my life calling.” Read the rest of this entry »

Teachers of the Month – May 2014

Tyler ISD – Kristin Miller-Moore MST Magnet School

Arp ISD – Rhonda Pawlik-Arp High School

Winona ISD – Katrice Gibbs-Winona High School

Chapel Hill ISD – Karen Jabr-Jackson Elementary School

Teachers of the Month – April 2014

Tyler ISD – Judy Sukiennik, Birdwell Elementary School

Arp ISD – Tiffany Ellis, Arp Junior High

Winona ISD – Amanda Parker, Winona Middle School

Lindale ISD – Jennifer King, Velma Penny Elementary School

Chapel Hill ISD – Leia Poskey, Chapel Hill Middle School

Fort Hood Gunman Sought Mental Health Treatment

FORT HOOD (AP) — Authorities say the gunman, Ivan Lopez, who reportedly opened fire at Fort Hood, killing three people and himself, was an Iraq War veteran being treated for mental illness. Wednesday’s attack also wounded 16 people at the Texas military base, where a 2009 shooting rampage killed 13 people and wounded more than 30. A federal law enforcement official says investigators will interview the gunman’s wife, search his home, and examine whether his combat experience caused lingering psychological trauma. The official, who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity, says investigators also must find witnesses who know what the shooter said and did during the attack. Fort Hood’s senior officer, Lt. Gen. Mark Milley, says the gunman had sought help for depression and anxiety, and was being assessed for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Hospitals Near Fort Hood Getting Wounded Persons

Fort Hood SignFORT HOOD (AP) — The patient count is now eight going on nine at a Central Texas trauma hospital after a Fort Hood shooting rampage. Army officials say four people are dead after the Wednesday rampage, including the gunman, and 16 others were injured. Officials at Scott and White Hospital in Temple say Darnall Army Community Hospital at Fort Hood transferred eight patients Wednesday, with one more en route. Doctors say the eight already under treatment are all soldiers, seven men and one woman. Three are in critical condition and five are in serious condition and may be upgraded to fair condition later this morning. Three patients are on ventilators, but the others are speaking. Doctors say the eight had gunshot wounds to chest, abdomen, neck and extremities. Read the rest of this entry »

Teachers of the Month – March 2014

Tyler ISD. Corpus Parra, Austin Elementary School

Winona ISD…Natalie Brown, Winona Elementary School

Chapel Hill ISD….Valorie Brooks, Chapel Hill High School

Lindale ISD….Vicki Cantrell, College Street Elementary School

Arp ISD….Lezli Jacobs, Arp Elementary School

Teachers of the Month – February 2014

Tyler ISD – Laura Gilbert, Bell Elementary Global Communications Academy

Arp ISD – George Greer, Arp High School

Lindale ISD – Roxie Miles, Lindale Early Childhood Center

Chapel Hill ISD – Charitie Wright, Kissam Intermediate School

Winona ISD – Melissa Neal, Winona High School

Whitehouse ISD Teachers of the Year

Andrea Ramsey, Brown Elementary School

Ashley Castle, Cain Elementary School

Cynthia Swinney, Higgins Elementary School

Ginger Halford, Stanton-Smith Elementary School

Sharyn Womble, Holloway Sixth Grade School

Anna Boney, Whitehouse Junior High School

Grant McDonald, Whitehouse High School

Patti Roberts, AIM Center

Teachers of the Month – January 2014

Tyler ISD…Sophia Pinedo, Dixie Elementary School

Lindale ISD..Sally Clemmons, Lindale High School

Winona ISD…Charlotte Jones, Winona Middle School

Chapel Hill ISD..Mindy Bentley, Wise Magnet School

Arp ISD…Theresa Jones, Arp Junior High

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