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Posted/updated on: June 16, 2011 at 10:04 am

Texas Overnights w/Charley Jones – The caller-driven program is an open forum for listeners to discuss the day’s local news, national controversies, or whatever’s on their minds! Texas Overnight with Charley Jones is a major source for information, focusing on conversation rather than contradiction.
The Wall Street Journal: This Morning – The Wall Street Journal’s exciting new one hour radio program brings the Journals insightful, informative and imaginative way of covering business and financial news, as well as the business of life to your early mornings. It gives you the opportunity to preview the the top stories of the day …before the the day begins! Visit the Wall Street Journal: This Morning website.
The Morning News – Thousands of East Texans start their mornings with Mike Edwards and the Morning News. Mike delivers all the information you’ll need to get rolling in the mornings, with Garth Maier handling news, Kerri Compton with traffic, Dr. Bob Peters and the weather and Paul Berry with sports. Podcasts and mp3 files available
The Glenn Beck Show – Glenn Beck is the host and star of a nationally syndicated radio talk show as well as the fastest growing TV show in cable news. Known for his quick wit, candid opinions and engaging personality, Beck has attracted millions of viewers and listeners. Visit the Glenn Beck website.
The Rush Limbaugh Show – Perhaps no other conservative media pundit has reshaped the political landscape more than Rush Limbaugh. The nation’s top talk show host, Rush Limbaugh has conquered the airwaves with an entertaining and informative brand of conservatism that hits home with millions of Americans. Visit the Rush Limbaugh website.
The Sean Hannity Show – Sean Hannity is a media superstar. Hannity is the second-most-listened-to talk show host in America , heard on more than 500 radio stations nationwide by 13.5 million weekly listeners. He’s known for his provocative, free-wheeling, passionate commentary on politics and the American agenda. Sean Hannity also hosts the #1 rated primetime cable show on the Fox News Channel, Hannity. Visit the Sean Hannity website.
Michael Savage – Author of the best selling books ‘The Savage Nation,” “The Enemy Within,” “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder,” and “The Political Zoo,” Michael Savage is the number one drive time talk show host in the San Francisco market and in many other cities across America. He is currently syndicated on over 350 stations. Visit the Michael Savage website.
Rusty Humphries – Rusty Humphries has been in the radio and music business for over 25 years. The nationally syndicated talk-personality is heard through The Talk Radio Network and is featured on over 250 radio stations nationwide and growing. He’s also one of the only hosts heard on both XM and Siruis Radio. Visit the Rusty Humphries website.

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