Why Take a #2?

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Ok, maybe not the best headline, taking a #2…but stay with me anyway.

Three years ago, I happened to notice that in projections or my mock drafts I hadn’t seen any Houston running back go before round 4, the 40th pick or so. At that point, lots of running backs had been suggested or selected, but none from Houston. People had even taken some backup running backs, great handcuffs if you will, but nobody from Houston.

At that time, Houston hadn’t shown itself as a powerhouse running team necessarily, although I picked up some major contributions from Slight Steve Slaton in his rookie season. But surely, I thought, they were worth more than backup RB’s or WR’s.

I went directly to the Texans information, looking at their depth chart and news. Depth charts showed another rookie, Ben Tate as the projected starter, backed up by Steve Slaton and Arian Foster. However, news out of camp said that Tate had a knee injury and wasn’t going to start the season, and that Slaton had fallen out of favor with Head Coach Gary Kubiak.

All this to say, I started to think…Foster is going to be their starter, but we don’t know who he is or how good he will be. Longer story made short, I intended to draft him around that position, 40th and would have if the guy one pick ahead of me hadn’t taken him. The rest, as they say, is history. Foster is probably the overall #1 fantasy pick this season (although I don’t think he should be).

That was three years ago, what’s the point?

The point is, I bet your drafts are just like mine. Guys take names they know but NEVER look at a depth chart. I don’t know who the starting back will be for EVERY team, but one thing I always have is a depth chart. Here’s a great example from my most recent draft. Some guy drafted Jahvid Best, RB Detroit. Nobody said anything, as much trash as my league talks, we don’t kick a guy when he’s obviously screwed up. Any good fantasy player knows, Best was a good pick last season and a good player. Since then he’s had like 15 concussions and is likely not to play at all. (day after our draft he was put on the PUP list).

But the guys he didn’t know about, were sitting there on the depth charts screaming at him…I’m a #1!!! Maybe on a bad team, maybe he doesn’t even start the whole season…but how can you draft an unsure #2 when there are #1′s still out there?

Maybe the next unknown #1 is the next Arian Foster? He either will be or he won’t be…but if you happen to draft him, you’ll look like the Fantasy genius. Isn’t that worth it?

Stop taking #2′s (again with how that sounds) and take #1′s until they’re gone!

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