Week 2 Plans

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As heard on Tuesday’s show, here is what I think will happen, wait should happen…wait might happen this week in the NFL related to fantasy.

Chicago at Green Bay

Another tough Def for GB; Do you dare sit A Rodgers? Me neither. Jennings likely out, Jordy Nelson upgraded. Chicago, if you believe Michael Bush continues to steal TD’s from Forte, make that play. I do not!


Kansas City at Buffalo
Buffalo was BAD, Jamal Charles runs wild! Buff pass defense very suspect, upgrade all KC WR’s. At this point, CJ Spiller is only play I can see in Buffalo.

Cleveland at Cincinnati
Snore Fest~! B Green-Ellis is a strong play for Cinci; Cleveland literally has NOBODY that I would feel good about starting.

Minnesota at Indianapolis
Adrian Peterson, I was wrong…he’s the most reliable back in fantasy over the past 5 years. I like some Percy Harvin! For INDY, Reggie Wayne obviously, maybe Colby Fleener, but I think TE is deep enough to avoid him, Donald Brown? He’s a starter but not likely to have many leads, probably throw a lot!

New Orleans at Carolina
NO running backs have always been hard to figure, but it seemed to me that Pierre Thomas had the best day there last week in a game they trailed the whole day. It’s a bench him and watch deal, but I’ve always liked Pierre. Carolina only rushed 13 times as a TEAM. I don’t know what to make of that. But with Jonathan Stewart back, I can’t see which back would be the starter play.

Houston at Jacksonville
Andre Johnson is back, or at least for week one was pretty solid. Arian Foster still has starting job…for now. And Owen Daniels still a good play at TE in a deep field. MJD is a must start despite missing training camp, Gabbert NO WAY, but he seems to like Laurent Robinson as much as Romo did. He had 9 targets in Week 1. Watch it!

Oakland at Miami
I believe Darren McFadden is the best back in the league outside Peterson, but he can’t stay healthy. Until he’s hurt he is a MUST PLAY. Check the news on the Oak WR’s. Both starters were out hurt in week 1. I’m not sure it will matter with Carson Palmer chunking it. Miami; honestly, Reggie Bush may be the only play here. I would play the Oakland defense against Miami if needed. Defenses against rookie QB’s usually find success.

Arizona at New England
Kevin Kolb gets the start in Ariz, due to Skelton injury. Doesn’t impact your QB play at all. Can only help Fitzgerald right? I still think he’s a downgrade this season. Keep an eye on Beanie Wells in that RB spot. New England, I guess I start Steven Ridley until he burns me, but I bet he burns us this week. Don’t bench Welker, just don’t!

Tampa Bay at NY Giants
Eli bounces back! Both WR’s have big days, keep an eye on Marty B. Bradshaw is a downgrade for me. I think the rookie gets another shot and that’s a timeshare at RB for NY. Freeman may be the boat anchor in TB. Once a rising star…maybe not. Vincent Jackson is the play at WR, not Mike Williams. Doug Martin was decent, but not available to anybody. You took him, you must play him.

Baltimore at Philadelphia
Talk about a defense licking it’s chops! Vick throws 4 INTs against CLE, only manages 17 points. This is where the NFL won’t make sense. I think Vick levels out, McCoy still must start, but very average day. Baltimore, I love them all…especially Anquan Boldin and the TE, Dennis Pitta (9 targets, 13 pts in wk 1).


Detroit at San Francisco
Hmmm, Matt Stafford struggled. Was last season his new normal or did he play over his head? I think he struggles again and EVERYBODY is affected. It would probably be a mistake, but I would consider benching Megatron here…yep, probably a mistake…we’ll see. San Fran; Gore looked great, even in a crowded backfield. Crabtree is a nice pickup if available. I don’t expect Moss to keep it up, but who knows.

Washington at St Louis
Ok, I don’t think RG3 keeps that up all season, but I think he could be good again against the Rams. I also love Alfred Morris here. Morris starters life is uncertain, Shanahan has a tendency to change it up for no reason, but for now he’s the guy. St Louis is not very good still, but Steven Jackson is a must start and I think you take a hard look at Amendola this week.

Dallas at Seattle
I’ve never been so happy to own Dallas’ defense! Against Russell Wilson at QB they will eat his lunch. Lynch could even things out, but don’t think he will against the Cowboys D-line and linebackers, leaving a short rookie QB to take on two all-star caliber corners…pick city! Dallas has stars everywhere. Ogletree is probably already owned by now in your league, as is Romo, Witten, Bryant, Austin and Murray.

NY Jets at Pittsburgh
Mark Sanchez was a top 7 QB in week 1, can he do it again? Not likely against this D, but he’s better than you think. Stephen Hill is the best WR pickup on the waivers if you ask me. He’s a pure starter, as opposed to Ogletree who is only in in 3WR sets. I like the Jets offense and I still like Shonn Greene. Pittsburg, still struggling at RB, but passing should be their thing now anyway. Big Ben is always solid, WR’s are talented. Let’s see if Mike Wallace shakes off a little more rust this week.

Tennessee at San Diego
If you make a move to bench or trade Chris Johnson after one week, you deserve to watch him take his new team to the Fantasy Super/Shiva/Whatever Bowl. Don’t overreact! He’s a top 5 back! Not sure about the QB position for the Titans however, which should affect the WR’s. Still think Kendall Wright is a great Bench and watch player and Jared Cook is a top performer at TE. San Diego; What the Heck are you doing at RB? I can’t figure that out. I thought Ronnie Brown was THE play last week, but no… Till then it’s just pick a WR and Antonio Gates. Oh and of course, Phillip Rivers, but I assumed we all new that.


Denver at Atlanta

I should have asked this on the show, it’s a great question: Do you have more confidence in Peyton Manning or Matt Ryan doing it again? It’s that tough a question. I can’t believe Peyton is top 10 all year, but is this a drop off game or not? I can’t believe Ryan can do THAT again…period…so of the two, I think they’re both in the 10-15 ranked QB range this week. Denver running game could be a nice surprise, Demarius Thomas for sure. Atlanta’s WR’s we knew about, Tony Gonzalez we knew…but the lack of running game is weird from Atlanta. Granted, that many pass attempts limits your chances to run, but still…I’m looking to pick up Jacquizz Rodgers to bench and watch if he takes over from Michael Turner. Something’s not right here. But I do LOVE Matt Bryant, Kicker from Atlanta…I know…the ONLY kicker reference in the whole thing.

It will be fun to look back and see if any of this was right. Hey, I can be a lucky as the next guy. Don’t think fantasy football is luck? Really? So, you started CJ Spiller, Ogletree and Stephen Hill week 1? Yeah, me neither.


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