Week 4 Previews

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Cleveland at Baltimore

Richardson is only play here, unless you’re looking to catch a magic kicker in Phil Dawson; Bal: Flacco has another big game, pass happy Bal goes off. Rice is always a play…how about Dennis Pitta, TE!


Carolina at Atlanta

Cam bounce back? I don’t think so…think Atl D is pretty good. Love them all! Tony Gonzalez, Julio, Roddy, Michael Turner, Matt Ryan

New England at Buffalo

Talk about a team needing to get on track…NE struggle again? Hard to call that. Buffalo, you’ve got the Fred Jackson/CJ Spiller/Tashard Choice issue. Stevie Johnson is quietly one of the most solid WR’s.

Minnesota at Detroit

Minn…looked good against SF at home, but two weeks in a row? Percy and AD are only guys I can trust. Don’t overreact to Kyle Rudolph, he has 6 targets in 3 weeks. Det: Stafford out? LeShoure a sure start now, KSmith DROP!

San Diego at Kansas City

SD must bounce back! But who and how? Matthews is back, but how can you tell? KC: Uh, yeah…that Charles guy is pretty darn good. Aren’t you selling that McCluster stock yet? Should be!

Seattle at St. Louis

Have defense will travel! Seattle will shut down Rams runners…yes, even Steven! Passing likely to take a hit too, but I have a hunch on Amendola. Lynch is an ALWAYS start guy, Wilson, not so much. If you believe in Tate, go for it…but for my money, it’s Rice.

San Francisco at NY Jets

SF loses, but do you think THAT is who they are or the previous team? Doesn’t matter, Gore is always good, Davis is a MUST and there’s bound to be a WR that you can count on. Jets are home, but 9ers will make it tough for Shonn Greene, Stephen Hill status still unsure, think Jeremy Kerley is worth a look.

Tennessee at Houston

This is a money game…for Houston versus the OLD Houston. Tenn defense is one of the worst in the league, against pass: 30th, against run: 29th. This is a week to start Foster AND Tate and all other Texan offense. CJ2K would be on my bench if he were on my team, Hou is top 5 rushing defense and Tenn will be behind all day. Nate Washington had a nice day this week, but it’s one week and it’s done. Maybe Craig Stevens, TE. Look at his targets and Jared Cook is Questionable.


Miami at Arizona

Reggie Bush is probably out. Daniel Thomas has been banged up. Long term (next 3-6 weeks) I like picking up Thomas, can’t start him here though. I won’t like anyone from Miami against this Arizona defense. But I do like the Arizona defense (available in 80%+ leagues) against a struggling Miami offense with a rookie QB and without healthy running backs. Arizona won’t give you a good RB option, but maybe Fitzgerald is back? Jury is still out.

Cincinnati at Jacksonville

Run Fest! These teams rank 30th and 31st in run defense, so RB’s from respective teams should have a field day. Andy Dalton and AJ Green are hot, I like Dalton if you’re struggling at QB. I would pump L. Robinson, but the concussion sets him back. Long term I think Blackmon is good, not sure this week though. Don’t look at Cecil Shorts, WR…make him do it again.

Oakland at Denver

Oakland is just disappointing. Palmer can’t throw it to anybody and DMC seems to be missing something, maybe an O-line? Denarius Moore gets shut down in this game by Denver’s above average CB’s. Denarius Thomas gets a TON of targets, but converts very few. For my money, Eric Decker or Brandon Stokley are more stable options. Tamme is ok, but not outstanding yet. Last thought…Peyton is overrated…look how many guys outscore him each week…young guys too.

New Orleans at Green Bay

Holy Smokes, the schedule doesn’t do any favors for a team that’s 0-3. NO still throws up points, but they can’t stop anyone. A gun to my head would have me starting Pierre Thomas over the other two, but that’s desperation talking. Graham always a must start as is Brees, but you can never pick out a WR. GB struggled a couple of times already, but at home against the WORST run defense in the league, they’ll be solid. So, Cedric Benson is a must start as are whichever of the Packers WR’s you prefer.

Washington at Tampa Bay

RG3 puts up numbers, fantasy numbers. In fantasy we don’t care if he wins, we just want the stats. If we’re right about Shanahan, Alfred Morris has few weeks left as a starter, who’s next? 10 different Redskins were targeted with passes last week, how the heck do you pick one? Fred Davis always good. Tampa is just terrible; Think Martin, RB is a solid guy and I’ll always lean to Vincent Jackson over Mike Williams. Freeman has looked bad for two years now, not sure what the deal is. Tampa is on opposite sides, worst pass defense in league, best run defense…means NOTHING!


NY Giants at Philadelphia

Giants throw up huge numbers. Which WR’s are in? Bennett is a MUST start at TE every week. Manning is a steal no matter where you drafted him. Supposedly Bradshaw is back this week…so that screws up the RB deal. Philly is a MESS! Can’t Vick snap out of this deal? Surely he will. I know I’m holding on for at least one more week. McCoy always a must start. I’ll go out on a limb with Celek, TE this week!


Chicago at Dallas

I think these teams are SO similar. Forte is out for the Bears however, Bush looked good, but not great. Chicago is the 6th best defense, passing and rushing. Dallas 19 against the run, 2nd against the pass. Cutler can help a secondary out though. Chicago’s regulars get theres, must start Michael Bush, Brandon Marshall (twice as many targets as next WR). Dallas, does the offense finally get going? Not a good team to do so against…but I think Witten bounces back as does Dez Bryant. Although, Miles Austin has been the most consistent WR on this team. Kickers may rule the day here. Either teams kicker could be a GREAT play here.

Be sure and let me know BEFORE the games if you think I’m way off base. C’mon, anybody can tell me I missed it AFTER…

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