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Does the wind ever get over 5 MPH at Verkhoyansk, Russia?

Posted/updated on: September 26, 2012 at 11:02 am
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Does the wind ever get over 5 MPH at Verkhoyansk, Russia? Everytime, any season, I look at their weather, the wind is calm or 2 MPH.

Russian stations report in MPS–meters per second; to convert that into miles per hour, multiply by nine-fourths; thus, a 5 mps wind velocity would about 11 mph. All stations in the former Soviet Union and many stations in the former Soviet block still use the mps wind velocity measurement, and measure barometric pressure in millimeters of mercury as opposed to inches or millibars.
As a better answer to your question, yes I believe that it would. I tried to find the station on the locater list so I could check their coordinates–as I do not really know where it is. I could not locate the station.
My guess is that the equipment is old and is not reading correctly. It would be highly unusual for a station to have wind velocities that low.

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