Week 9 Previews

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Bye: St. Louis, New England, NY Jets, San Francisco


Kansas City at San Diego

Kansas City can’t score. Six points a few weeks ago and now SIXTEEN, against the Raiders? Granted, this time was with Brady Quinn at QB, but even with Cassel back, they’re not very good. Be concerned if you’re a Jamaal Charles owner, four for five is great if you’re in baseball, not for an elite RB. I downgrade everyone on this team at this point, watch and see with Charles and Hillis.
San Diego has games where they scored 3 (Atlanta) and now lose 7-6 to Cleveland, 7-6? Really? I do think Philip Rivers and crew get it going against a KC defense that can’t get any pressure on the QB. Figure out the right WR for the Chargers and enjoy, but Matthews is the clear RB start.


Denver at Cincinnati
Peyton is back and he’s making the whole team shine. Willis McGahee, Demarius Thomas, even Eric Decker had huge days thanks to Peyton. This week though, I say, expect the same thing. Cinci is average or below on defense…
For Cincinnati I think AJ Green even has a tough time this week. Wouldn’t you double him? I would. Benjarvus G-E is dropping like a hot rock and there aren’t many other options on this team. Good Luck!

Baltimore at Cleveland

Many people have written Baltimore off, like the guy who dropped Anquan Boldin in my league…thanks. I think they’ll struggle to win games, but should find their stride on offense from time to time. With Cleveland, stride is found. I think Flacco, Rice, Boldin and Smith all go off here. Big points just to stay in the game sometimes.
Cleveland unfortunately can’t go big, but they can try and slow things down and control the clock. I wasn’t sold on Richardson early, then there’s talk of sitting him and saving him…then he goes for 24-122 and a TD. Uh, yeah. He’s their main threat, but never sleep on their young WR’s, Josh Gordon and Greg Little. Could be great solutions during bye weeks. Baltimore is 24 against the pass and 30 against the run, go figure.

Arizona at Green Bay

Arizona plays good defense. Offensively they’re terrible. If I’m them, I trade Skelton and Kolb to Dallas for Romo and Bryant…I digress. Can’t start a QB for the Cards, because they can’t. Green Bay defense can be had, but I don’t think Ariz is the team to do it. Turnover city for the Cards and I’d sit them all if it were me. But if you love Larry Fitzgerald, enjoy the less than 10 pt day. You must be starting to expect that by now.
Green Bay versus a tough defense…hmmm Chicago and Seattle shut Rodgers down while SF and Houston couldn’t manage the same. I say Rodgers and the Pack continue to find their groove here. Check the news on which WR’s are healthy on this one.

Chicago at Tennessee

I’m starting to love Da Bears and my guy Jay Cutler. Things couldn’t line up any better for those guys this week. Tennessee is 28th in Run D and 29th in Pass D. Forte, check, Marshall, check and even Cutler this week.
Tennessee, well at least Chris Johnson is back right? Uh not this week. Chicago ranks #1 Numero Uno in run defense. He’s history. Still like Kendall Wright this week though, but this game is way blowout city.

Miami at Indianapolis

Tannehill is hurt, Moore back in for the Phins. Who was his favorite receiver….Well, obviously it was Brandon Marshall who is no longer there, but then it was Davone Bess. Mark my words…Bess is Best here! Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas may be in a timeshare at Rb, which just SUCKS but Indy can’t stop the run…I mean CAN’T. Tenn, Cleve, even the Jets had big days running against the Colts. I’d start both Miami backs.
Indy, hard to tell. Miami is good enough on the Run defense that you can’t start Carter or Ballard (flash in pan?), but the WR’s should be high value in a come-from-behind kind of game here. I like Reggie ALWAYS, and Donnie Avery could be a sneaky little matchup.

Carolina at Washington

Carolina can’t score. Not Cam, not Stewart, not Williams…which makes it hard to believe that Steve Smith will…but he will. Washington is dead freakin last in pass defense folks…shootout!
Washington runs the ball well, RG3 is a freak and Santana Moss would be my only WR consideration on this team.

Detroit at Jacksonville

Something just doesn’t seem right in Detroit does it? Yeah, can you say over-achievers last season? Jacksonville will help fix a lot of those problems because they’re terrible. Don’t get over excited about Titus Young Sr (is Jr in the NFL?), Megatron upgrade and I love me some Mikel LeShoure this week.
Rashaad Jennings is the new MJD, but that ship has already sailed as far as a pickup move. Other than that, it’s Josh Scobee, Kicker. That’s it!

Buffalo at Houston

Buffalo will play from behind most likely, so Fitzpatrick and the boys could be a good start, unless there are turnovers. Steve Johnson, Scott Chandler and Donald Jones all good target numbers. Downgrade Bills running backs though.
Houston will do whatever they want. Mostly run. Makes me uncertain about Andre Johnson though, which I hate. I think maybe, trade him…yep.


Minnesota at Seattle

Peterson continues to shock my pants off, but they’re still limited on offense. Seattle stops the run fifth best. Tough day for AD and crew. Big upgrade to Kyle Rudolph, TE this week.
Seattle, it’s all Lynch for Seattle. Minn is just average on defense and the Seahawks are just average on offense, except for the running game.

Tampa Bay at Oakland

Josh Freeman is back, I’m convinced. So convinced that I think I’ll pick him up to sub in for Brady this week…yep. Oakland pass defense is 20th, that’s not great. TB has found their groove. Vincent Jackson is THE GUY, but you can get good play out of old Mike Williams still.
Oakland won against KC but the offense still isn’t clicking. Heyward-Bey and Denarious Moore are both good targets here with TB ranking 31st in pass defense.

Pittsburgh at NY Giants

Pittsburg defense is the best against the pass in the league. Big Ben is solid, but his WR’s haven’t been. Heath Miller may be the best play here this week. NO Pitt RB!!!
Well, it’s Eli and the pass or it’s nothing. Great matchup for the week. The Giants can’t continue to get down and then comeback. But that’s the MO which kind of hurts Bradshaw’s prospects. Upgrade WR’s and Marty B for this week.


Dallas at Atlanta

Dallas finally figures out how to score, but can’t do it when it counts. DeMarco Murray should be back and I think he’s a clear start. Not sure what to expect from the Cowboys passing game. Hunch: Dez doesn’t show up two weeks in a row, I’m going with Austin.
At this point, EVERY Atlanta offensive players is a clear MUST START guy. Julio, Roddy, Michael T, and Matty Ice. But wait, I thin Tony Gonzalez has the biggest day with Dallas middle backers out or banged up.


Philadelphia at New Orleans

Philly is terrible, but Vick still has potential. Looks like LeSean McCoy is the guy who will “get his” no matter what. Vick’s train wreck is becoming Andy Reid’s train wreck so there’s no way to know what to expect, but hang on… New Orleans defense is HORRIBLE. Vick saves his and his coaches job with this performance. Prepare for 35+!
Brees, Colston, etc….

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