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New Public School Coalition Formed in Tyler

Posted/updated on: November 14, 2012 at 2:09 am
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TYLER A new coalition has been formed to help the Tyler school system make the grade. The four person group Monday presented a list of reasons the TISD is unacceptable in its handling of everything from education results to how it treats its teachers. The group is called “No More Excuses, Tyler ISD!” They say the problems are not new, they go back several years.

The group feels that a school bond issue that may come next spring is not the answer. They feel the school district must first address academic, personnel and student discipline issues before they consider constructing new buildings.

JoAnn Fleming from Grassroots America: We the People say they are tired of hearing excuses. She said “The time has come to face these issues head on.” The main issues addressed by the group were TISD’s poor academic results, growing discipline issues and the lack of respect for teachers.

A member of the group is Cedrick Granberry, a father of students in TISD. He said he is ok with paying money to improve the school system, but after the latest results from the state comptroller’s office, he wonders where his money’s going. “My youngest goes to an elementary that was given a 1.5 star and that’s a brand new school,” Grandberry said.

KETK said it contacted TISD and this was their response; ”As always, Tyler ISD appreciates and welcomes concerns and input from the community. We will review the information presented today and will forward these concerns to the Board of Trustees for further review.” After school trustees look over the information they should have more to say later this week.

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