Tyler City Council Passes Alcohol-Related Ordinances

Posted/updated on: November 14, 2012 at 1:30 pm

TYLER The Tyler City Council has passed several city ordinances in relation to the newly passed alcohol propositions. KETK reports councilmembers took into consideration four ordinances — three pertaining to the regulation of beer and wine sales. Beer and wine stores’ property lines are required to be 300 feet from any church property line. The distance for schools and hospitals has not been determined due to possible differences in city and state restrictions. Stores will not be allowed in “RPO” zones, which are residential and professional office areas.

The opening of “beer barns,” or packaged drive through food and beverage businesses, will require special use permits and will limited to M-2 Zones, or General Industrial District areas only. Beer and wine stores will only be allowed one sign, unless the business is on a corner, thus permitting two signs. The sign’s content will be regulated by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission and the sign’s size by the city, which is no more than 50 square feet per banner. The City of Tyler restricts animated, flashing, blinking, or electronic message signs within the city. However, the use of “static,” or non-moving, signs, including neon signs, is permitted as long as they meet the TABC five foot distance requirement from any store front window or door. Heather Nick with the city’s planning and zoning department says there’s a business kit available on the city’s website outlining the process of implementing beer and wine sales.

Meanwhile, a petition to contest results of Tyler-area alcohol elections this month is filed by the district clerk. The petition alleges the city clerk and county election office did not comply with election law requirements during the certification process.

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