NFL Week 11 Previews

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•Bye: Tennessee, Minnesota, NY Giants, Seattle


Miami at Buffalo
Ryan Tannehill suffered last week against a surprisingly tough Tenn defense. Reggie Bush didn’t fair much better, but don’t expect the same from Buffalo, they’re terrible. I think Bush is still a MUST Start guy and Tannehill is a good spot-start fill in, especially in this one. Even though the Phins didn’t score, Hartline is still the #1 WR on this team, followed closely by Bess. I still think Bess is worth grabbing for a rainy day.
Fred Jackson had a great day, unfortunately he also suffered a concussion against the Patriots and will be out this week. For CJ Spiller owners, it should be a clear MUST start situation, although this defense is pretty salty. Other than Spiller, Fitzpatrick is worth a spot start at times, but I wouldn’t touch him here. The WR’s put up numbers, but which one and when? Scott Chandler is still a good start and especially good this week against a good Dolphin Defense.


Cleveland at Dallas
Cleveland is coming off a bye, but so what, this team is limited on playmakers and Dallas defense doesn’t exactly present them many opportunities to shine here either. Want to believe in Weeden, go for it. Think Trent Richardson can blow up the Dallas run defense, good luck. Richardson is a start assuming you don’t have more depth at RB, but I can’t see anybody else that looks safe to me on this team.
Dallas’ defense score three different ways, with punt, fumble and INT returns. They scored 23 points in one game. Funny, that unit had thrown up 35 points in ALL 8 games combined previous to this. I think they’re a decent play this week, but will likely come back to reality. Trent Richardson has 5 rushing TD’s, Dallas’ whole team only has 4 and only had 5 all of last year. While Garrett is going to get pounded about not pounding the run more, they can’t be expected to deliver on the run. They’re a pass-first team, face it. That’s not all bad this week, as Cleveland is 27th against the pass. Upgrade Austin, Bryant and of course Witten.

Arizona at Atlanta
Arizona doesn’t offer many weapons. Even the once high-flying Larry Fitzgerald seems to have been grounded recently with the Cards bad QB play. I can’t see that changing much against Atlanta, who finally took a loss last week. Cardinals kicker Jay Feely maybe? That’s the only guy I can actually consider here.
For Atlanta, coming off a loss is going to fuel this offensive fire…you’d think. Arizona has a good defense, though, will be interesting to see where Atlanta makes its points this week. Ariz is good enough against the pass that I rank the Ariz points gatherers this way this week: Turner, Ryan, Gonzalez, White, Julio. Not sure where to stick Bryant the kicker.

Green Bay at Detroit
Green Bay was on a bye, but before the bye they seemed to have found their stride again. Jennings will still be out it appears, but Jordy Nelson should be back, adjust accordingly. It’s tough to figure out which Packer will have a big day, but against Detroit, this could be a high scoring day. I think any GB WR is a good start.
Detroit actually has the number one rated passing offense in the NFL, bet you wouldn’t have guessed that though. Megatron hasn’t been himself, but he gave owners a normal performance last week, 24 points. I don’t know what to expect there. But I like Titus Young if you’re strapped at WR. Mikely LeShoure is downgraded due to GB run defense and most likely a pass against pass game. But don’t sleep on local guy Brandon Pettigrew, he’s quietly the second most targeted receiver on the team and I predict a big day this week from the TE.

Cincinnati at Kansas City
Cinnci pulls the upset over the Giants, how? Andy Dalton, that’s how! Oh and the most consistent WR in the game today, AJ Green. Dalton threw for 199 and 4 TD, Green had 87 and one of the TDs, nobody else had more than 50 yards. That’s the formula, forget BGEllis at RB, look only at Green and TE Jermaine Gresham going forward.
KC, what the heck? I can’t figure it out. One week they run Charles, one week they won’t, but one things’ for sure, they can’t put up enough points. I say AJ Green outscores the chiefs here. Charles is back on the must start and I suppose Bowe is as well…but don’t expect much.

Philadelphia at Washington
Vick is out, due to a “severe” concussion or Andy Reid trying to save his neck, whichever. That changes everything doesn’t it? McCoy is a huge upgrade given this situation, as is Jeremy Maclin assuming his back is ok to go. He had 12 targets against Dallas, expect plenty of scoring from Washington here so passing will be the order for Philly. Take a chance on Riley Cooper, he’s not bad just don’t expect another TD catch.
Washington comes off a bye week, and they stunk against Carolina the previous week. So, what gives? The Eagles defense, it gives and gives and gives. Alfred Morris is always a must start these days, RG3, duh…but RG3 spreads his passes too thin to trust any of his WR’s. If Moss is back from concussion, maybe you hope for a TD from him…otherwise, I’ll shop somewhere else for WR’s.

Tampa Bay at Carolina
Tampa Bay is Richie Cunningham these days, “I’ve found my thrill….” This is the TB offense we’ve expected, I think they’re the hottest team in the NFL right now and Carolina can’t slow them down. Obvious: Doug Martin, Freeman in spot starts, Vincent Jackson and yes, Mike Williams all good starts here.
Tampa Bay is the #1 rushing defense! I dare you to start Stewart, Williams or think Newton can run for much. So, the Panthers are in trouble is what I’m saying. I would look at Steve Smith, WR, since it seems obvious to me that Carolina will be trailing most of this game and having to chunk it. Who’s the backup Qb in Carolina anyway?

Jacksonville at Houston
MJD is the 4th highest scorer on this team with 56. Realize Doug Martin did that in one game, nearly. This offense is bad and doesn’t get any favors from the Texans tough defense. They can’t hang here, take the PUNTER, he’ll see lots of action.
Houston, obvious guys…Foster, Daniels, Schaub, Andre Johnson? He’s disappointed this season so far.

NY Jets at St. Louis
Jets lose to Seattle, ugly and Rams TIE 49ers…so? I like Shonn Greene here, Jets struggling to find offense again, they’ll go back to run game. Also like TE Dustin Keller this week and WR Jeremy Kerley.
Sam Bradford chunked it, Steven Jackson ran it and Danny Amendola caught it… Those three are the only options on this team other than the kicker. Jets are terrible stopping the run…uh oh!


New Orleans at Oakland
New Orleans isn’t the team I would have picked to beat Atlanta, but they did. They score in bunches and this could be a bigtime rout. Oakland can’t seem to stop anybody. Look three or four deep at WR for the Saints and feel good about it. Chris Ivory was a good pickup…last week. Might be rush on him this week, and not sure he delivers consistently. Alhtough, I do like him here.
Oakland, love the two WR’s, Heyward-Bey and Moore to keep lighting it up. Much as I hate Carson Palmer, he could be a good start this week in what has got to be a shootout, if Oakland can keep up. Marcel Reese got the start at RB, but this team still can’t deliver the goods on the ground. Probably not worth another look.

San Diego at Denver
Danario Alexander snuck up and became the Chargers #2 WR in a big loss to TB, who knew. Well, a few of you did. Great find. Still think Malcolm Floyd is the main threat, and of course Antonio Gates…finally. I think I can trust other QB’s more than Rivers at this point (Dalton comes to mind).
Peyton has done it long enough now, we know what he is. He spreads the ball around, but has made his favorite WR clear, Demariys Thomas, same as Tebow. McGahee might not be a good play this week against the #2 run defense in the league.

Indianapolis at New England
Holy Cow, Andrew Luck has been really good. This is a perfect matchup, against NE who doesn’t boast a very good pass defense. I like Luck, Wayne, and Donnie Avery even. Vick Ballard is a sit this week in most leagues. NE can stop the run.
Speaking of run, NE ran against Buffalo, again. Might see more of the same here, upgrade Ridley again. But he’s the only one. The rest are standard plays…Brady, Welker, Gronk…etc.


Baltimore at Pittsburgh
Baltimore offense hit their stride as predicted. Boldin didn’t do much, but still… I think they continue that, yep even against Pitt. I think they’re that good. I start Rice, Smith and Boldin here, which by default means I would start Flacco if I needed to. Oh, and Pitta might be worth a look too.
Pitt couldn’t put up much against KC, but Baltimore is very weak on defense now. I like Big Ben, and Mendenhall if he’s back. Mike Wallace is no brainer and remember Emanuel Sanders is in for injured Antonio Brown. Shootout potential!


Chicago at San Francisco
Lock down defenses!
Not sure what to think here. Bet San Fran bounces back though. Matt Forte is a must start, no matter what, but this is a week I’d have to think about it. Cutler and Marshall will HAVE TO deliver to keep the Bears in this NFC championship preview (assuming the bears stay healthy). Believe it or not, I trust Cutler more than Alex Smith, although both are coming off injuries. But if Cutler can’t go (concussion) it’s Jason Campbell and all bets are off.
San Fran lost Alex Smith to a concussion as well…so in comes Colin Kaepernick, who passed nicely and even ran nicely…the next phenom? Not in this game. Crabtree still top target, with Vernon Davis (winners) but keep an eye going forward on Randy Moss…yep. He and Kaepernick seemed to have something.

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