Gohmert Reacts to Obama Gun Proposals

Posted/updated on: January 17, 2013 at 4:28 pm

thumb_louiegohmert-3WASHINGTON — East Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert weighed in Wednesday on President Obama’s sweeping gun proposals. In a statement, Gohmert says, “Most of the 23 items in President Obama’s executive orders today are not on their face particularly troublesome, although doctors and insurance companies should not be encouraged to intrude, probe or spy into Americans’ private lives for the government. The President’s 23 executive actions are estimated to cost, according to various media outlets, about $500 million without accomplishing anything substantive.

“Tragedies such as the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary are heartbreaking, but it adds to the travesty when a politician grandstands with proposals that have already been proven completely ineffective. When armed intruders break into homes, the women or men relying on a gun to protect their family should not have to worry about the restrictions on how many rounds they can have in a clip or magazine. Criminals do not worry about complying with the law – they are criminals.

“Mental health issues that have languished for decades may be a fertile ground for bipartisan efforts to make a true difference. Perhaps, a good first step toward curbing gun violence may well be rebuilding the sanctity and importance of the family and the home.” You can go to http://gohmert.house.gov/ to read Gohmert’s full statement.

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