Perryman Upbeat at Economic Conference

Posted/updated on: January 18, 2013 at 5:23 pm

thumb_ray_perryman-1TYLER — More good news as famed economist Dr. Ray Perryman sizes things up at Tyler’s 29th Annual Economic Outlook Conference. Perryman says the Tyler area’s doing quite well at the moment. He cites a lot of growth in a number of key industries. According to Perryman, the oil and gas sector’s providing some benefit to the area, and the health care sector is expanding. He says a lot of business services, including manufacturing, are also beginning to expand again.

Perryman says the picture’s also rosy for the state in general. He notes, “Texas seems to be rated as the number one economy in the country on just about every list that comes out these days. It’s created a number of jobs, and at least for the short term, I think the momentum’s in place to keep that going.”

According to Perryman, “The U.S. economy is still growing, but it’s sluggish. It’s having a hard time finding its sea legs, and a lot of that’s because of all the uncertainty that’s out there right now.” Perryman cites “the combination of the budget debt, deficits, and debt ceilings, and all those issues,” as well as what’s going in Europe and the Middle East. Perryman says those factors are making a lot of people nervous, “and when they’re nervous they don’t want to make the final calls and turn loose of a lot of money and buy something new, bring out a new product, hire a bunch of people, that sort of thing.”

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