Representatives Keep Close Eye on State Funds

Posted/updated on: February 12, 2013 at 2:20 am

Four PriceAUSTIN — The Texas Legislature looks to keep closer tabs on state funds, with the high-profile help of an East Texas representative. The Transparency in State Agency Operations Committee has been created to oversee the reporting aspect of the financial transactions of government agencies. “Basically, it lays out that it’s in the best interest of Texas to remain engaged and informed about operations of all branches of government and to encourage greater transparency in the expenditure of our state dollars,” says State Representative Four Price (pictured). He’s a member of the new committee and says taking a look at the books may be uncomfortable for some, but it will be beneficial. Price adds it will be up to the committee co-chairs, State Reps Dan Flynn of Van and Carol Alvarado, as to how involved they actually get.

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