Big Baby Born at Caldwell Zoo

Posted/updated on: August 29, 2014 at 4:57 pm

Caldwell Zoo-baby giraffeTYLER – The newest baby at Tyler’s Caldwell Zoo is 5½ feet tall, weighs 112 pounds, takes 14-15 months to arrive. It’s Knox, a baby Giraffe. The son of Mom Cricket and Dad Ramses was born August 15th. Zoo officials say they are working hard getting Knox used to his surroundings and the day’s activities. At this time he is staying inside the giraffe building, but soon he will be introduced to the outdoor holding areas and eventually to the giraffes’ outdoor yard.

Caldwell Zoo saw its first giraffe arrive in 1978. Since first housing reticulated giraffes, they have had 26 babies born. The last giraffe baby, Gus, is now at the zoo in Philadelphia and is father to a little girl. Caldwell Zoo participates in the Association of Zoos and Aquarium’s Reticulated Giraffe Species Survival Program which is a cooperative breeding program among AZA accredited institutions created for the purpose of ensuring the survival of species in need on conservation efforts.

You’re invited to come to the zoo this weekend for a special viewing of the newest baby. You can see Knox inside the giraffe building Friday, August 29th, through Monday, September 1st from 11:00am through 2:00pm. Because they are always concerned about their animals’ safety, if mom begins to feel uncomfortable mom and baby may be allowed access to the back areas of the giraffe building.

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