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How important do you think the internet is for radio and TV stations?

Posted/updated on: September 15, 2015 at 5:10 am
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You are quite perceptive.

I believe that the internet is hugely important for information content creators such as newstalk radio stations, TV stations and newspapers. I believe that those of us that do a good job embracing the exciting
capabilities of the web will prosper in the coming years.

The fact that we can provide content on the air in real time while we offer the same content on our website in a form that lets the user access it on demand has enormous implications.

Beyond that, the internet allows us to provide enhanced material that takes our day-to-day coverage to a new level. We have only just begun to explore this aspect of the internet but an example of what I’m speaking of can be seen in connection with our coverage of the fifth anniversary of 9/11 which can be viewed here:

Special Coverage

We intend to dramatically expand our rich web content in the coming year. I hope you will check in at often.

Thanks for your question.

Paul L. Gleiser

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