Time Running Out on NFL CBA

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As of 11P.M. East Texas time the current Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NFL owners and the NFL Player Association will expire. The issues are pretty clear for the most part, and yet, the two parties have not been able to find enough common ground, even with a professional mediator, to be able to come to an agreement.
With the news of civil unrest in other countries, and the whole Charlie Sheen debacle, the expiration of the NFL CBA may fight nicely right in the middle. Important to our entertainment needs, not important to the overall society, but that’s not really my thing.
If you are a football fan, you should be worried. Not afraid, certainly not terrified, but worried.
Fact is, if the NFL owners and players can’t get this worked out the fans of the NFL will find something else to do on our Sunday afternoons, Monday, Thursday and Saturday evenings. It will be awkward at first I’m sure, but no doubt we will fill that time with something else.
As we come nearer to the deadline, I keep having to ask myself the same question: who’s side am I on? If magically I was randomly picked to decide the differences between the two parties what would I decide, who would I favor?
I’m not sure, I can see both sides and don’t really care who wins at this point as long as there’s football in 2011.

But that speaks more to the issue. There is not a clear cut right side and wrong side here. There are only going to be losers (the fans).

Listen in Thursday night on 92.1 KTBB-FM as Steven Sikes and I mix our opinions in with yours. We want to hear who you believe and trust and what you would do.


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