It’s Super Bowl Sunday…

After a very relaxing, and much needed day off (stop laughing), it’s Super Bowl Sunday, Patriots and Giants, and Super Bowl XLII here in Phoenix.

My prediction has been 34-20 all week, and I’ll stick to that…

However, I’ve had more people tell me they think the Giants will win today.

I don’t have a dog in this hunt, and I’m torn emotionally.

I love watching history made, and that happens if the Patriots win.

And I love me some NFC East, and the Giants winning would be nice for the division.

Enjoy all the appetizers, drinks, and snacks, and enjoy the game.

Got a prediction?


A last look at Media Row at Super Bowl XLII

It was the fact that a radio station from a market the size of Tyler, Texas was willing to travel to a Super Bowl that the NFL expanded the idea of Radio Row. Now, every big event is likely to feature a Radio Row. And KTBB’S pluckiness back in 1993 is a big reason why.

For years you’ve heard us talk about Radio Row. Now you can see it as we wrap our our shows prior to Super Bowl XLII.

Thanks for listening and thanks for visiting and our Super Bowl coverage.

Management always follows the money.

We bring you the sports side of the Super Bowl story. But when we let our owner Paul Gleiser come with us this year, it was only a matter of time before he started talking money.

He thinks the Super Bowl isn’t about a football game. He thinks it’s all about capitalism.

Watch his story below.

David Smoak’s Sports Talk, Thursday, January 31st…

Hope you enjoyed the show…

Live from NFL Media Headquarters and Radio Row.

4:20pm-Adrian Peterson Acceptance Speech after being named NFL Rookie of the Year
4:34pm-Akin Ayodele, Cowboys Linebacker
4:45pm-Kurt Warner, Cardinals Quarterback, former NFL and Super Bowl MVP
5:07pm-Frank Caliendo, Comedian
5:20pm-Todd Archer, Cowboys Beatwriter-Dallas Morning News
5:34pm-Mel Renfro, Cowboys Hall of Fame Defensive Back
5:45pm-Peter King, Columnist, Analyst, HBO,, NBC Sports
6:10pm-Scott Van Pelt, ESPN Anchor
6:30pm-Jim Nantz, CBS Sports