We’re all setup at NFL Media Headquarters and Radio Row in Tampa, Florida.

Amazingly, despite Jeff Wood’s absence, all the equipment is ready, willing, able, and online with KTBB studio’s in Tyler.

Jeff is in deep negotiations with me over his Super Bowl pay-scale, and apparently, a week-long credential, and time with me isn’t enough.

So he’s sending a message by coming in late this week (Tuesday night).

Thanks to Tim Thompson and Craig Smoak for their help in setting up our location on Radio Row. The best assist from Bill Coates was his conspicuous absence…which by the way, was a good thing.

Bill will start us off on Monday morning, bright and early at 6:00am eastern time, and Tim, Craig, Paul, and I will most likely be having sweet dreams.

Sports Talk starts on Monday afternoon as normal at 4:07pm-cst, with Jennifer Floyd-Engel, Nate Newton, Randy Galloway, and UT basketball star Damion James, of Nacogdoches.

For the first time in memory, neither one of the two Super Bowl teams will arrive on Sunday.


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