Bill Coates caught up with former Dallas Cowboys Director of Player Personnel Gil Brandt. He shared his thoughts on the changes to the Super Bowl over 43 years and the current state of the Dallas Cowboys.

Smoaky on January 26th, 2009

As I mentioned on ktbb.com/cowboys, I’m an NFL Idiot, so I missed on the Cowboys playing in Super Bowl XLIII as much as anyone.

I also picked the Chargers, and how wrong was I?

Very wrong.

I also gave serious consideration to the Jaguars (missed the playoffs), and of course the Patriots (missed the playoffs at 11-5), so I wasn’t even close.

But let’s get straight to the point.

There are many teams who expected to play in Super Bowl XLIII, including the Cowboys.

Why aren’t the Cowboys here in Tampa?


Smoaky on January 25th, 2009


We’re all setup at NFL Media Headquarters and Radio Row in Tampa, Florida.

Amazingly, despite Jeff Wood’s absence, all the equipment is ready, willing, able, and online with KTBB studio’s in Tyler.

Jeff is in deep negotiations with me over his Super Bowl pay-scale, and apparently, a week-long credential, and time with me isn’t enough.

So he’s sending a message by coming in late this week (Tuesday night).

Thanks to Tim Thompson and Craig Smoak for their help in setting up our location on Radio Row. The best assist from Bill Coates was his conspicuous absence…which by the way, was a good thing.

Bill will start us off on Monday morning, bright and early at 6:00am eastern time, and Tim, Craig, Paul, and I will most likely be having sweet dreams.

Sports Talk starts on Monday afternoon as normal at 4:07pm-cst, with Jennifer Floyd-Engel, Nate Newton, Randy Galloway, and UT basketball star Damion James, of Nacogdoches.

For the first time in memory, neither one of the two Super Bowl teams will arrive on Sunday.


Smoaky on January 24th, 2009

Bill Coates, Tim Thompson, Craig Smoak, and I are wrapping up our first day, and uneventful day in Tampa.

Sunday is the long-grind with credential check-in, and setting up our location with the equipment on Radio Row inside NFL Media Headquarters.

Meanwhile, perhaps one note of interest on our flight from DFW to Tampa, we think, but haven’t confirmed a possible record for most trips to an airplane restroom on one flight.

Bill Coates says it was three trips, Tim, Craig, and I think it was four.

After our usual lunch at Hooters, and dinner at P.F. Chang’s, we’re settled in and ready for Sunday’s marathon day.


Smoaky on January 23rd, 2009

Brady’s Patriots Favored to Win 2010 Super Bowl, Oddsmakers Say
Bloomberg News

By Larry DiTore

Jan. 21 (Bloomberg) — The New England Patriots, who failed to make the National Football League playoffs this season, are favored to win the Super Bowl next year by Las Vegas oddsmakers.

The Patriots, with former Most Valuable Player Tom Brady’s probable return at quarterback after a knee injury sidelined him for most of the season, are 6-1 favorites to win the NFL championship on Feb. 7, 2010, according to Las Vegas Sports Consultants, which advises casinos on betting lines. The team was undefeated last season until losing the Super Bowl to the New York Giants.

“The Patriots coming into this year were overwhelming favorites based on what they did last year,” said Mike Seba, Sports Consultants’ senior oddsmaker. “They’re going to have pretty much the same team as long as Brady comes back, so they should be the favorites again.”

The Pittsburgh Steelers, who are 6 1/2-point favorites against the Arizona Cardinals in the Feb. 1 Super Bowl, are second to New England for next year’s game at 7-1. The Giants and Indianapolis Colts are 8-1.

The Patriots this season became only the second team in NFL history to miss the playoffs after finishing with an 11-5 record. Brady was sidelined with a season-ending knee injury in the team’s opener in September.

Matt Cassel filled in and threw for 3,693 yards, with 21 touchdowns and 11 interceptions, as the Patriots narrowly missed the postseason. New England won three of the past seven Super Bowls with Brady at quarterback.

The Dallas Cowboys have 9-1 odds to win the 2010 Super Bowl, while the Baltimore Ravens, who lost to the Steelers in the American Football Conference championship game, are 11-1. The Carolina Panthers, Philadelphia Eagles and Tennessee Titans, all playoffs teams this season, have 12-1 odds.

New England Patriots 6-1
Pittsburgh Steelers 7-1
New York Giants 8-1
Indianapolis Colts 8-1
Dallas Cowboys 9-1
Baltimore Ravens 11-1
Carolina Panthers 12-1
Philadelphia Eagles 12-1
Tennessee Titans 12-1
San Diego Chargers 14-1
Arizona Cardinals 15-1
Atlanta Falcons 16-1
New Orleans Saints 18-1
Green Bay Packers 20-1
Minnesota Vikings 22-1
Miami Dolphins 25-1
Washington Redskins 25-1
New York Jets 28-1
Chicago Bears 28-1
Jacksonville Jaguars 30-1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 35-1
Denver Broncos 35-1
Houston Texans 40-1
San Francisco 49ers 40-1
Buffalo Bills 50-1
Seattle Seahawks 60-1
Cleveland Browns 60-1
Cincinnati Bengals 75-1
St. Louis Rams 100-1
Kansas City Chiefs 100-1
Oakland Raiders 100-1
Detroit Lions 150-1

Smoaky on January 22nd, 2009


Smoaky on January 22nd, 2009

on Saturday, January 24th with our arrival in Tampa, Florida.

Bill Coates, Tim Thompson, Craig Smoak, and I, will arrive at 2:00pm eastern time, and begin 2-days of preparations for our on-air coverage from NFL Media Headquarters and Radio Row.

It’s always a little interesting early, we know we’ll be at the Tampa Convention Center, but not sure where, compared to others stations, and there are usually well over a hundred of them.

Location on Radio Row is extremely important for the flow of traffic of guests, and sometimes it’s like catching fish in a barrel, sometimes, like our last trip to Tampa, it can be more difficult.

We’ll spend Sunday putting together our mass amount of on-air equipment, which also means Bill Coates won’t be involved in the process at all.

Bill, remains clueless of the Internet, Cell-Phone’s, Text Messaging, and even Email.

In fact, we broke his heart earlier in the week when we told him we were not shipping his typewriter to Tampa.

God Bless Him though, he’s good at covering press conferences, which I can’t stand.

Meanwhile, our owner, Paul Gleiser, who—after several weeks of negotiations, was allowed to make the trip, will arrive on Sunday evening, and that will end all of the fun.

He’ll probably embarrass us by walking into Radio Row, looking like, well—a photographer and not a radio guy.

After his first-ever trip to a major event last year (Super Bowl XLII in Phoenix), we’ve laid the law down, “Do not infringe on our post-Sports Talk, nighttime schedule.”

On-site producer, Jeff Wood, is arriving late this year, not sure if his excuse is valid, or he’s holding out for better pay.

We’ll seriously miss his presence, because he’s been a stud in securing guests, and he’s also the only person I can rely on helping me setup the equipment on Sunday.

Oh well, that’s it for now.

More earth-shattering gossip to follow.