2015 DFW Car Show

2015 DFW Car Show Gallery

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2015 Mustang GT “Modern Muscle”

2015 Mustang GT “Modern Muscle”

Everywhere you go, if you are into fast cars, the term “modern Muscle” is sure to come up in conversation. What does modern muscle mean? What it means to me is an element of controlled chaos. A high horsepower, high torque power-train, paired with brakes as large as a Lance Armstrong lie and a suspension capable of competing in weekend autocross events while also handling daily driving with ease and poise. There are many examples out there, some better than others.

I’m not sure there is a better all-around example of “modern Muscle” than the 2015 Mustang GT. The newest version of the Mustang must have the Blue Oval Boy’s smiling more than Ted Cruz at an open carry demonstration in South-Central Texas.

Ford delivered the Mustang GT a couple of weeks ago. Deep Impact Blue was the color and it caught my eye immediately. The color was just really compliments the body lines which are perfect for me. I remember, the 2014 DFW Auto Show was the first place I laid eyes on the car. Older purist did not seem impressed. One remark I heard over and over was, to Euro. Not for me!

The exterior styling was a huge gamble and it paid off big time. The 2015 Mustang GT is a world class car that leaves the old straight line track runners of the past in the grave where they belong. Nostalgia is cool, as long as you can turn it, stop it and cool it. But, for me, give me this modern interpretation of the original every time. My favorite body line of the Mustang is the C-pillar to rear-quarter slope. My next has to be the rear-end. I even posted a picture of the rear of the Mustang on Facebook with a description I can’t post here.

The 2015 Mustang GT is much more than a pretty face….and nice butt. It is a track warrior. With the available Track-Pack you can monitor and log all kinds of useful gear head info. This car even allows you to view air/fuel mixtures in real time. GPS allows you to run your own quarter mile blast anywhere you want….yeah, I did it. The steering has three different settings that allow you to twist the steering wheel with the ease of an eighties Oldsmobile or, choose the sport or track settings and get more response than an ad for free gas.

Also, new for this year is the IRS. No more solid rear axle. The best thing about the IRS system besides cornering, is the ability to gain traction. Much like the Corvette, the Mustang GT wants to go in a straight line under hard acceleration. Going sideways is for Paul Giamatti, not muscle cars….not modern muscle cars

2015fordmustang2One thing I would suggest. Unless you are a super model pass on the Recaro racing seats. I’m not a big man, 5’10” 185, but I found the seats way too snug for any kind of comfort. And, as for the back seat…bahahahahahahaha! Come on Ford, there is no back seat to speak of. We tried fitting grown men in the back seat with hilarious results. None of those results looked comfortable.

I will say this, I think Ford has the easiest infotaiment system to use. All the needed setting can be adjusted with ease. No reaching too far or trying, unsuccessfully to provide over-exaggerated dexterity.

The 2015 Mustang GT pricing starts at $32,000.00 and can hit $46,000 with the Trac-Pac option. That’s an option I would exercise if I were buying this car.

Chevrolet, the ball is now in your court. The new bar has been set.

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2015 Volkswagen Convertible R-Line

2015 Volkswagen Convertible R-Line

Every now and then you come across a car so fun to drive that it requires a nick name. So, when Volkswagen dropped the newest version of the Beetle on me I had to come up with a great name for this fun to drive little ride.

There is a Ten-spot lady-bird Beetle, a Beet Carrion Beetle and a Black Ground Beetle. None of these names seem to do this little chariot justice. So, I’ve settled on Torque Beetle. It’s the best name I can come up with to describe the sheer thrill of driving the most feminine of automobiles, the Volkswagen Beetle Convertible.

I don’t know how I feel about writing this but, from the cockpit of the 2015 Beetle Turbo R-line, it feels extremely masculine. Mind you, I never dropped the top. The whole time I had with the Beetle the convertible top was closed tighter than mountain top mining operation’s record books.

More and more of the” pedestrian” cars are coming equipped with turbochargers to aide in performance and fuel economy. One of the obvious extra benefits of turbo charging is a ton of normally missing torque. Seriously, can you ever remember getting out of a Volkswagen Beetle and saying to yourself, man, that car has a ton of torque. If your answer was yes to this question before 2014 then, I’m sorry you’re more clueless than Marshawn Lynch at a Super Bowl presser. Hmm, I guess I could also use the name “Beast Mode Beetle”.

Volkswagen took steps a couple of years ago to make the Beetle more appealing to the guys. It seemed to me at the time that they must have consulted Porsche because now the Beetle looks more racer than renter. The lengthening of the C-pillar was a huge help in making the Beetle appear to have broad shoulders. By doing this it also helped with that old Beetle rounded look.
What really surprises me about the ‘Torque Beetle” is that it doesn’t matter whether you’re driving in the city or, on a curvy East Texas road, you will have trouble wiping the smile off of your face.

There is one thing you will need to know before taking a road trip, however. The 2015 Volkswagen Beetle is extremely limited on trunk space. You would think with the Beetle being a front engine design now that a small trunk would not be an issue but, it is. with the top cover in the trunk there is room for little more than a six pack of pop.

As I’ve mentioned above the Beetle is fast but, it is also very economical getting 25/33 mpg city/highway.

2015 Volkswagen Convertible R-line2

The interior on the R-line is sporty and warm, with trim accents throughout. The steering wheel feels fat and comfortable in your hands and the front seats are extremely comfortable. As for the backseat….well, not much there. I would not recommend the Beetle for a family of more than two.

Pricing for the 2015 Volkswagen Beetle R-line is right around $30,000.00. That seems about right to me given the performance level the R-line reaches.

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2015 Infinity Q60S

2015 Infinity Q60S

You never know in life what will appeal to you. You may think you have your taste refined to the point of your personal perfection, and then you see something that speaks to you in a way that can’t be denied.

Before I was able to get serious seat time in the 2015 Infinity Q60S Convertible 6MT, I would have classified it as a “chick car”. Rather jelly bean in its design, the Q60S gives off that vibe as it sits there.

Then you open the door, slide in the driver’s seat and hit the start button. The sound of the 3.7 liter DOHC 24-Valve VVEL V6 engine is glorious. I decided right then and there that I would put away my initial impression. This Q60S is anything but feminine.

Delivering 325HP and 267lb-ft of torque, the Q60S offers more than enough power to make driving a blast. But, power, as great as it is, may be the least impressive part of the Q60S. The overall driving experience…the total package is what sets the Q60S apart.

A six-speed close-ratio gear box and independent front and rear suspension, front and rear stabilizer bars and a 14.7:1 sport tuned steering gear give you complete control. The steering is quick and precise and the brakes are outstanding, using 4 piston brakes at the front, and 2 pistons at the rear. The whoa is as impressive as the go.

The centerpiece to me however is the folding retractable hood on the Q60S convertible. When closed the roofline is crisp and clean. What impressed me even more though was how clean the Q60S looks with the top down. My eleven year old was speechless (which never happens) when he saw the mechanical, transformer-esque folding style of the roof, for the first time. I have to admit, it got my attention too.


Once inside the Q60S you slide quite comfortably into the leather-appointed, heated driver’s seat. The lumbar support is tight enough to keep you seated properly but, comfortable enough for any extended trip you would want to take.

And speaking of road trips, the Q60S shines on the highways. the cockpit is Monday morning meeting quiet at highway speeds. I did hear a bit of gripping from the backseat occupants. But hey, it’s a sports car. It is.

As with anything Infinity produces there is tons of usable tech like a Bluetooth hands-free phone and Homelink universal transreciever. I found the basic controls for the infotainment system to be very straight forward and the Bose Open Air Sound System sounds great whether the top is up or down.

With a sticker price of $54,000.00 you should expect a certain feel, and Infinity must realize our expectations because the Infinity Q60S convertible is a perfectly executed play on sport/luxury.

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