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2010 Toyota Pruis Review

2010 Toyota Pruis [1]

2010 Toyota Pruis

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On the show last week, I went on a rant about not liking the all-new Prius. As with most things I say on the air, time should be taken later to reflect. Now is a good time for reflection.

I don’t get the Prius. Nope. Not at all. It’s slab-sided styling and Spartan interior do little for the “car guy” in me. I’m all for the green movement, just don’t take away my passion to do it. At one time on the show I mentioned that everyone should own at least one hybrid. I still feel that way. After driving several Hybrids the last few years I’ve come to have an appreciation for the good ones. I especially enjoyed the GMC Sierra Hybrid. It does everything you want a truck to do, it just saves fuel while you do it.

So, maybe that’s the deal with the Prius. It does everything most people want a car to do. Start, run, drive, stop and turn. I forget sometimes that all the world does not look at cars the way my friends and I do. They are, after all, all about getting from A to B. No matter how you look doing it.

But, there is a cult following for this car. One listener was so mad regarding my opinion of the car he felt compelled to waste his time telling me about it. I get it. You like your Prius. Simmer down, cowboy. I like my dog but, I understand if you don’t. In many ways, I think people buy this car for many of the same reasons they buy high-end sport-yutes and Porsche’s. It’s a, hey look at me, I’m greener than you thing.

The truth is, however, this car performs very well in the fuel economy department. My wife averaged well over the estimated 50 mpg. Actually, it was closer to 60mpg. I’m sorry. That’s nothing to take lightly. I saw a picture on the web of a Prius doing 102 mph and registering 26 mpg. That’s impressive. But, for you performance guys and girls who may be interested in the all new Prius, the top speed is a computer controlled 112 mph. The new 1.8 liter motor is a huge step up in performance.

Since we all know what the exterior has to offer I’ll spend a minute on the interior. Why isn’t the shifter connected to anything. Also, why isn’t the Prius more tech-savvy? The competition is ahead in many areas. Like Ford’s sync system. The seats are supportive and offer a good comfortable driving experience but, the material feel is bland.

Over all, I guess the Prius would be a very good choice for the economy minded who wish for others to know what they are doing to help the environment.