2009 Fall Barrett-Jackson Auction Fails To Impress

1965 Shelby Cobra

1965 Shelby Cobra

Is it me or has the economy taken the bite out of Barrett-Jackson. Three years ago buses were being sold for millions. This past weekend the auctioneers worked overtime to convince the buyers to break out there big boy wallets, mostly to no avail.

The first few years it was televised on The Speed Channel it was must-see T.V. I would actually attend parties designed for nothing more than viewing the yearly automotive spectacle. Seemed like Saturday nights were just huge. Never knowing what overly cool ride was going to take the stage next.

Last year the auction took a turn, not a good one. The auctioneers and the two Barrett-Jackson namesakes became more vocal by necessity. Trying to convince the world’s most informed buyers of this or that particular nuance that made the car or truck on the block more valuable than the bidding suggested.

Also, the number of cool Mopars has seemed to diminish. The Ford products reined this year with a 1965 numbers matching, one owner Shelby Cobra, bringing in $400,000.00. I think there was only one car higher than that.
Granted this wasn’t the big auction. The big Daddy is in the spring of each year. But, I have to wonder will next year’s Barrett-Jackson even beat Pas Time in the ratings. If it keeps trending this way maybe someday guys like me can make the trip…even without the big-boy checkbook.

When The Car Show returns on October 25th be prepared to review the Barrett-Jackson auction. Who knows, maybe the show will be good enough to win a Nobel Prize.

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