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2010 Toyota Tundra Extended Cab

2010 Toyota Tundra Extended Cab [1]

2010 Toyota Tundra Extended Cab --

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I never thought I would use the word “massive” when referring to a truck produced by Japanese auto manufactures. But, the all new 2010 Toyota Tundra feels plenty massive when you’re trying to park it. It feels big on the inside as well. A friend at the office bought a new Toyota truck a couple of years ago. He’s a SOTA (slightly older than average) dirt bike racing dude. Point being, he uses the truck regularly to transport his dirt bikes and all the extras deep into the sticks in search of collar bone busting trails to ride. To date, there’s been no bad news from the guy regarding his truck. Also, I’m happy to report, no broken bones.

The Tundra feels tough. It definitely feels fast. The test Tundra was the extended cab powered by the 5.7 liter V-8 pushing out 381HP and plenty of truck grunting torque (401lbs) to satisfy almost any recreational towing need.
I was expecting much less. After testing all of the domestics, I was going to be hard to impress. After all, the domestics are impressive. From the quiet smooth ride of the Ford, to the interior of the Chevrolet, to the exterior styling of the Dodge, all of the trucks produced in the mainland are impressive. The Tundra, however, stands up nicely to the competition. I’m not a huge fan of the body lines on the Tundra but, I like my trucks like I like my lawyers…square. Don’t get too fancy with the sheet metal just give it some edge.

If I had to describe the Tundra in one word it would be “nimble”. It just drives smaller than it is. That’s great around town. As a matter of fact, its highway manners are impressive as well. There is the problem of the hard to reach dash board controls. Fortunately there are audio controls on the steering wheel to assist non Shaq-like humans. The controls are so far out of reach it can really distract you to adjust the climate control. As a matter of fact, although very comfortable, the interior was a bit pedestrian compared to the domestics. I’m sure for all of you “formidable” truck drivers, you could care less. But, if you ask me it needs more saddle leather.

The real surprise though was the power plant. 381HP is impressive. Put your foot down and prepare to be somewhere else quickly. Very quickly. The mileage for the 5.7 is respectable at 16MPG city and 20MPG on the highway. Those numbers out- perform the 4.7 power plant. Also, look to pay a $950.00 premium for the 5.7 over the 4.7. But, that’s less than ten dollars per HP. Not too shabby. Nowadays, anything you can get for ten bucks is worth it.