2010 Mercedes E350

2010 Mercedes E350

2010 Mercedes E350

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When was the last time you purchased a new sofa? Yeah, I know this is a car review not a Martha Stewart blog. But, seriously, when you bought that sofa did you buy a cheap one or step up and throw down large amounts of jack to be VERY comfortable? I’ll tell you now that the more expensive sofas look better longer and are infinitely more comfortable. Well, the Mercedes E350 is like a sofa. It cost more than the domestic but, man, is it more comfortable.

When ESI delivered the shiny new silver E350, I was shocked at how stylish the car was. Body lines for days. The perfect wheel fitment with the exact ride height needed to catch someone’s eye. When you open the door…wow, the E350’s interior is every bit as impressive as the outside sculpting. I was greeted by saddle-leather seats that reminded me of the Mercedes of old. You know, the 80’s J.R. and Bobby Ewing Mercedes that all of my peers strived to own. By the way, who was hotter Sue Ellen or Pamela? Oh…Pamela. And much like the eighties Mercedes, she has held up well considering the high mileage.

But, it wasn’t until I embarked on a trip across county lines that I truly came to appreciate the elegance of the E350. It actually makes you feel more refreshed the longer you drive it. Positively effortless to pilot, the seats are more comfortable than newly laundered flannel sheets. Want to talk about technology? Let’s talk technology that matters like a driver’s seat that massages your spine while you drive, keeps you planted firmly by putting air in the bolsters on the opposite side of the turn your in. It also extends the base of the seat to make your legs more comfortable. I swear I felt like I needed to leave a tip on the dash. And speaking of the dash, it has more options than Bernie Madoff. The controls are easy to reach. The radio tuning device, placed where a shifter normally goes, fits right into your right hand so you never have to take your eyes off the road to tune the tunes. But, if you happen to stray, an avalanche of warning descend down from the heavens to let you know you just might be putting your safety in jeopardy. The warnings come in the form of steering wheel vibration and side marker indicators telling you to pay more attention to the task at hand and less about how good your back and backside feel. Just a sample of the safety features are Attention Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, High Beam Assist, Parktronic Plus, Blind Spot Assist, Night View Assist PLUS, Distronic with Pre-Safe Brake, Sand Assist Foor Mats, and Agility Assist.

As far as performance, well, for once I could care less. But, for your benefit, I’ll tell you that the E350 has 268hp and 260lbft. of torque. It feels much faster. Not a out of the gate burst but once you reach 3,000 rpm’s it pulls with the best of them. The mileage is 18mpg city and 24 mpg highway. For seven grand more you can add a hundred and twenty more ponies but, (yeah I said it) who cares.

The starting price for the E350 is $48,000.00. A well equipped example will drain the checking account somewhere just south of $60,000.00. But, did I mention the on board massage therapist always ensures a happy ending to any review, even this one?

I won’t kid you. I can’t afford this car. But, for those of you who can, get down to Classic today and buy one, you’ll be glad you did.

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