Mustang Shelby GT500

Mustang Shelby GT500

Ford Shelby GT500

Ford Shelby GT500

She broke my heart. She left me. I’ll probably never meet another like her. Yeah, she wore too much lipstick and sure she was a little flashy and quick as a coiled rattlesnake. But, man, could she turn heads. Everywhere we went together people would stop and look, smile and give the thumbs up sign. All the guys and many of the girls would give anything to be seen with her. But, she left me. So, screw her. No, I don’t mean that. I loved her, but, now she’s gone. Wonder if they’ll ever be another as fair.

The all new 2010 Mustang Shelby GT500 is gone. It has taken me a week to calm down enough to be able to be objective about this car. It quite frankly humbles people. Either those who drive it, or those who drive against it. It feels like Ford changed almost everything from the last edition of the GT500. The new car is more refined. there’s no clue of the 540hp that is waiting to be unleashed. That’s thanks in part to the new clutch assembly. In the previous model the clutch was a crippler. Having had a few back surgeries I found it very difficult to use. Not so with the new car. The clutch is almost effortless and the new short-throw shifter makes it a breeze to run through the gears. And best of all, the shifter is topped off with a que- ball made by some folks who make real que-balls.

I will say that it was the most peculiar assimilation of color I’ve ever seen. The test car was a red convertible with white stripes. Not bad, right? Well, the top was BLACK. Further complicating things were the smoke gray wheels. Not a great look. The coupe comes with better looking wheels. Maybe red with black stripes would have been better. For my money, the best looking convertibles are black…triple black. That would have been a great choice of color for this car. Sinister black.

If there is one thing that stands out about the car to me, it is the wide spectrum of interested parties. Everyone takes notice. In the parking lot or on the highway, the red convertible GT500 made people ask about it. Even some guy in the parking lot of Academy Sports, who was driving a BMW 335i, had to pay his respects. Moms and Grandma’s with cameras. This car got more looks than the all-new Camaro I was in a couple of weeks ago.

I’m seriously glad Ford decided to re-do the clutch. Same hydraulic clutch as before, they just made a smaller diameter slave cylinder which, oddly enough, makes the clutch easier to push. The fact that a car with this kind of power can be manipulated this easily is a sin. Hell, the clutch in the new GT500 is softer than the Dallas Cowboys in December.

As for what the clutch controls, the fire-breathing, manhood-wilting 540hp 5.4 liter four-cam killing machine. Well, it’s nice! It humbled a local power nut whose daily driver is a 630hp (est.) Ford Lighting with like a trillion pounds of boost going through a supercharger. Isn’t Ford great? Sitting on top of the GT500’s 5.4 liter motor is a super charger blowing an easy six pounds of boost. Imagine a little tuning there. There are stories on the internet…unbelievable, what this car is capable of.

But, if you just want to cruise around and know that you could embarrass many who are uninformed, then, do that. Go buy the new Shelby GT500 and just putt around town or lobe down the interstate. The interior of the convertible is church prayer quiet compared to other convertibles I’ve driven. That allows you to enjoy the fact that the seats are perfectly bolstered and extremely comfortable. Not to mention the sound system. That’s easy to enjoy.

Yeah she broke my heart when she left but….goodtimes
Although the Shelby GT500 isn’t eligible for the C.A.R.S. program I’m sure there are many Ford dealers happy to sell you one. Go see for yourself. And make her yours to keep.

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