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Ford Transit Connect

Ford Transit Connect

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We all know the old saying, give a man a fish… Well, Ford is teaching Americans how to fish like Euros. Ford’s new global platforms are coming to the states in mass. The Focus, Verve and Transit Connect are all recent passengers on the trans-Atlantic pipeline bringing big ideas for small cars to the U.S.

The Transit Connect is the most forward thinking, work gadget intensive vehicle I’ve ever driven. Start with the fact you can carry up to a 1600lb payload. What’s that, three quarters of a ton? In a tall minivan? Well, no, this is in no way a minivan. This is a work truck built to make money and make small business owners lives easier and less complicated.
Start with the Ford Work Solutions System. This very useful tool is borrowed from the full size truck line and it gives the driver of the vehicle help in remembering tools or any merchandise marked with a SKU sticker that may have been left on the jobsite. Each time the Transit Connect is started it automatically reviews all of the tools on board. This may be a carpenters square or a photographers extra lens. There is literally no end to this cool feature. Just ask any contractor what they spend replacing lost tools in a year and you will quickly grasp the value of the Transit Connects brain power.
Ford Work Solutions don’t end there. You are provided with a keyboard to access the on board computer that has a Microsoft Word program among many other apps. All of which are extremely useful in the trade industries.

Then, there is the scale, performance, and mileage of the Transit Connect. For starters, it’s small, easy to park and nimble. It drives like a small pick-up. Well, actually it drives better than that. It also sips fuel for a vehicle with this kind of load capability. Try 19 mpg city, 24 hwy. All this while enclosing 143 cubic feet of payload. Think about it, at 6’8’’ tall the Transit Connect can consume a piece of cargo 6.5 feet long and 4.7 feet wide. This could be anything.

Ok, so, it’s a little funny looking. Kind of looks like a rhino without the horn. Actually, it has a horn just not mounted on the hood. I’ve enjoyed tooling around in this van and it turns as many heads as the Mustang GT500 I had a couple of weeks ago. Sure, they are different heads but the interest is the same.

One lady at my son’s taekwondo class is a fleet manager for Lennox. She spent twenty minutes looking over the Samson of minivans. If you own a small business that requires you to haul various items and keep them organized and consolidated the Transit Connect is your huckleberry.

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