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Effciency -V- Southern Hospitality…You Choose

Efficiency, we all say we want it. Our Bosses want it. Mine does. We require it of our cars, home heaters and firearms. But what is the human opportunity cost for task-efficiency? I’ll tell you, it’s southern hospitality. Yeah, I said it, southern hospitality and customer service in a high volume atmosphere do not always co-exist well. Sometimes you can be too busy to take the time to haunch over the counter and friendly-up to everyone in the room.

I’ve been a Seinfeld fan forever and could be the biggest “Curb Your Enthusiasm” fan you’ll ever meet. Both of those shows are set in big metro settings. Seinfeld, in the hard and cold city of New York and “Curb” set in Los Angeles, where the plastic is far more than skin deep. Both locales offer people forged by their environment. Tough and unimpressed.

Not so much in our little town of Tyler. Here you can soak up some serious southern hospitality. I bet Mrs. Palin gets a load of it. Seems fair, she’ll certainly be leaving a load of it. Like it or not, being overly nice is here to stay. Really, I don’t have a problem with it. Actually, it’s pretty cool. After moving from Dallas I found it kind of soothing to walk in Brookshire’s and hear the ever present “thank you”.

But, here’s the deal. If you want to get your car inspected and time is of the essence then drop on by “The Inspection Nazi”. Remember the “Soup Nazi” made famous by Jerry? “No soup for you”. Well his southern equivalent is inspecting cars and trucks in Tyler, Texas.

When you enter the inspection station there is calm. You hear various country artist playing at a low volume in the background. There are four chairs sat in a row for your comfort. They line the front wall. They are for sitting. Wait for your turn and have your insurance card ready. I hope you parked in the assigned parking spots before you came in. Come on, really, there was a sign clearly marking this area. NO INSPECTION FOR YOU! Just kidding, but, expect the owner to make you feel like the unobservant moron that you are. He will. You won’t do it again. I haven’t, not in five years.

What endeared me to this place the first time I dropped by was something I’d never seen in my Forty-three years of life. Ready? You sure? I saw a middle age normal dude treat a twenty something collegiate hottie no different than torn up old me. Or, for that matter the grandmother next to me. In case your keeping score on how often that happens in normal life you can use the same pen to write the score for the rest of your life, because it NEVER HAPPENS. The young girl walked up to the counter looking completely entitled and left completely humbled. It was a beautiful thing to witness.

Here’s the best part though. In the time it’s taken you to read this, your car could have been inspected. Depending on your literacy level. The actual time is usually ten minutes or less. Ten calm minutes.

Don’t expect to be coddled. If you’re getting a car inspected you are old enough to take direction and read signs. Right? God, I hope so.

The owner is not going to advertise with me. Hell, he, like a lot of people, might not be a fan of the show. Point is, I really don’t care. I just like getting my car and truck inspected at Rusty’s 10 Minute Inspection, located at the corner of Troup and the Loop. Rock on Rusty.