2010 Camaro RS-LT V-6

2010-camaro RS LT V-6

2010-camaro RS LT V-6

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Can you define “fun to drive”? I can. It’s a driving experience that involves most of your senses but not all of your attention. Very fast cars are enjoyable and exciting, However, at times, they require more attention than the average bear intends to give to the driving experience. At any moment, under WOT (wide open throttle), a very fast car can go sideways into a curb or offer too much power for most drivers to control. This usually results in mechanical and body repairs. Check out how many rear-wheel drive muscle cars wind up with broken wheels from inexperienced drivers going a little too nuts.
There should be at all times a heavy supply of “trainer” cars for the speed enthusiasts. Cars that are quick and fun but very manageable under hard acceleration or cornering are a blast to drive. I’ve said for years now on the show that I feel if you purchase a car that weighs under 3500lbs. and has more than 400 bhp you should be required to attend a training course or driving school. There is just too much power for most people to control in a Mustang GT500, Chevrolet Camaro Z28, or any Viper or SRT product for most people to manage responsibly.
Enter the all new Camaro RS with a 305hp V-6 and equipped for the first time in years with a six-speed transmission. I fell in love with this car. I actually prefer it to the SS with the nasty V-8 under the hood. If you listen to the show or read this blog, you know I appreciate performance in many differ forms. The Camaro RS six-speed is in the top three of fun to drive cars on my list. Subaru STI, Saturn Redline and the RS. Those are my three. They all share completely different drive trains and offer driver feedback that is more varied than Tiger’s mistresses. In the end game, however, they are all easy to re-gain control once you’ve made a bad driving decision.
At this year’s Crisis Center Show, the RS was placed near an SS that was the same very attractive “Inferno Orange” with SS striping and twenty-inch wheels. There is almost no difference in appearance in the two. So, you would still get all of the looks going down the road. It just cost you about ten grand less for the RS. That’s ten grand a person could use for college or an aftermarket turbo system.
The 2010 Camaro RS also boasts almost 30mpg on the highway. With the six-speed, the engine purrs around 1800rpm at 70mph. That’s an extremely easy gait.
Here are my gripes. The dash still looks goofy to me. I’m just not a fan of the instrument cluster’s retro look or those way oversized climate control buttons in the center of the dash. Looks like Pamela Anderson is sitting on the console. But, that’s it. I love every other thing about the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro RS-LT six-speed.
An exhilarating ride that keeps your heart beating responsibly, the all new RS-LT can be had for a song, if that song starts out at $24,000.00. I’m not sure there is a better “performance value” out there.
Visit the Peltier Showroom today and test drive one for yourself. Just don’t curb it!

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