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(More to Love) 2010 Dodge 2500 Mega-Cab Laramie 4X4

2010 Dodge 2500 Laramie Mega-Cab 4X4 [1]

2010 Dodge 2500 Laramie Mega-Cab 4X4

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Bigger is better, right? Just ask Bob. Seems to me everything gets bigger with each passing year. Ears, nose, knuckles, and prostates enlarge and become more noticeable. Well, it seems the automakers grow their trucks in size each year also. Take the all-new 2010 Dodge Ram 2500Mega-Cab 4X4 6.7 liter Laramie pickup. Hell, even the name is big.

In the space below I’ll cover just how useful size is…to the best of my ability. You see, I’m not exactly a size king when it comes to trucks. I like to be able to park them in the tight spaces afforded to you at local watering holes. I like to enter the truck without having to grab onto something. I like to not look like tattoo jumping down from the dinner table when I arrive at my destination. All of these tasks are difficult for me in the new BIG Dodge. You see I’m a man of average size, well, for someone born in the late sixties anyway. It seems people, like trucks, get bigger each year. If only people could improve themselves as well as the automakers improve their cars we could actually send some bright people to Washington someday.

The amazing thing to me is how nice the living room, err…the cab is. Absolute luxury. Plush leather, electric everything…everything, the best sound system and every conceivable work assist gadget you could hope for. There is even a button for hauling “small loads”. Are you kidding me? A truck so powerful you need to push a button to tone it down a bit to haul a motorcycle or, bar-b-que pit. Sounds like a hard worker indeed. And there’s the key to the all new torque monster hauler. It can pull anything. Well, anything just shy of twenty thousand pounds! I wonder how much a house weighs?

Here’s how the Dodge boys “pulled” this off. They gave this tyrannosaurus rex of trucks 650lbft of torque. No, you can’t imagine it. You’ve got to experience it. You can even stuff five thousand pounds into the bed. The new motor is designed to meet 2010’s more stringent emissions standards. The new 6.7 liter emits 30 percent less emissions than in 2006. Dodge even included an exhaust brake. Fine with me, I’ll always take more braking help in stopping a beast towing twenty thousand pounds (with a fifth wheel).

Although the truck is larger than Rush Limbaugh’s ego, it drives as easy as my family sedan. It’s just amazing how in control you feel with a big truck and an engine brake.

Even though Dodge still hasn’t called me for input on their new vehicle line up…waiting, I have a suggestion. I would love to see a mega-cab Dakota. Dodge is killing the Dakota soon and it’s a shame. There are a lot of us out there who love the act of riding around in a truck with such a spacious, leathered-up, sound proofed interior. We just want to be able to park it when we arrive.

So here’s the deal, you boys and girls who need size (payload) and want to bathe in leather appointed luxury while towing well, the all new 2010 Dodge Laramie Mega-Cab 4X4 is just the right size for you. I bet you’ll be the best looking fifth wheel driver on the Ponderosa.

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