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2010 Corvette Grand Sport

2010 Corvette Grand Sport [1]

2010 Corvette Grand Sport

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Why didn’t Tiger just go buy a Grand sport? Seriously, do you have any idea how much of our time and his lifestyle could have been saved if he just would’ve elected to turn into car buff instead of a well…caged tiger. And Jesse, really Jesse, you are a car guy. You possess some of the nastiest rides out there. Don’t you think a ride in a Grand Sport would have put a ride with “Bombshell McGee to shame? I have to mention the paint job on the Grand Sport just puts the ink on Ms. McGee to shame. Plus, a new Grand Sport just has to have less miles than the Bombshell herself.

Now, I know I can’t compare flesh to fiberglass but just suspend reality for a moment. There were people fighting over the opportunity to spend serious seat time in the all-new 2010 Corvette Grand Sport. Grown men, ex racers, dealership owners, crazy automotive techs, all of whom are automotive experts in one capacity or another wanted to spend un-interrupted time with my new girlfriend…ah, Corvette.

When your butt hits the seat in the Grand Sport all other interests take a back seat. Well actually, there is no backseat. Look at it as suspensional therapy. The Grand Sport’s suspension is everything in this car. The power-maker is the same LS-3 in the base Vette with some additional flow which increases horsepower and torque numbers slightly (436 HP). Most of this is due to the two-mode exhaust flaps that allow the beast to breathe better at wide open throttle. It sounds great too.

But, here’s the deal, the Grand Sport gives enthusiast what they need, more grip. After all, I’ve never gotten out of a Corvette and said, “this thing needs more power”. However, many times I’ve wished for a bit more grip. The grand Sport has better grip on the road than any of Tiger’s chicks had on his…cell phone. Without grip, power is wasted. Wasted power equals lost potential. Lost potential equals Bombshell McGee. Man, I could go all day with this stuff. The Grand Sport can pull .98g’s in the corners and can brake from 60-0 mph in 110 feet. And it’s not just the stopping that’s impressive. Anyone who races from stop light to stop light or down the quarter mile track knows “Spinin’ ain’t winin’”. What good is a thousand horsepower if you can’t hook it up? The Grand Sport takes care of this worry with three suspension options from street mode to track mode one and two, two being the stiffest.

Here is the genius of The Chevy Guys. Most of us can’t handle a Corvette ZR1, in any capacity. The price tag of $100,000.00 or the monster power (600+ Hp). The Grand Sport offers for the first time, a great balance between the base Corvette and the ridiculous, but coveted ZR1 and the somewhat less crazy and still coveted Z06. You can actually enjoy the grand Sport, putting your foot in it knowing you’re in control. It’s the best feeling in the world to have total control. Just ask Tiger.

All jokes aside. This car effected me like no other car I’ve tested to date. Just pure performance, sexy lines and an interior that makes you feel encapsulated in a controlled anger management class.

So, it’s your choice. You can give away half your fortune to have a few dates with the Tiger’s den divas or Bombshell McGee, or you can separate yourself from $55,750.00 for the Corvette Grand Sport. Wait, that is half my fortune. Oh well, at least I can take the Grand Sport home.
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