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2010 Chrysler 300C

2010 Chrysler 300C [1]

2010 Chrysler 300C

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With all of the hoopla surrounding the Lane Bryant Lingerie commercial there couldn’t be a better time to talk about the 2010 Chrysler 300C. Yes, the 300C is the plus-size beauty queen. Rubenesque in shape and full of cushion, this car is built for comfort. And after weeks in smaller offerings from different manufactures’, I can tell you comfort is not overrated.

Cars like the Corvette make you feel like you’re placed in the cockpit of a fighter jet. And for the record that’s the coolest feeling in the world. But, if you’re over forty and led any kind of active life, you’ll get tired of climbing into the cockpit soon enough. That’s the beauty of the 300C. Sure the styling is a bit dated. A complete re-styling is expected for 2011. But it’s not all about style…always. Sometimes it’s about ease of use and relaxation. Let’s face it every car can’t make you feel like Jimmy Johnson. But the 300C can make you feel like Rick Hendricks’s personal driver. That’s what I felt like when I drove the 300C, a professional chauffeur.

Whether it was a trip to the youth soccer fields or moving friends from one watering hole to the next, the 300C offered more peaceful moments than a retirement home quilting session. The 300C is equally comfortable in the city or on the open road. The suspension puts comfort ahead of performance. However, that’s not to say the 300C doesn’t handle well. For a car of this size it handles very well. I tried to push the 300C a little and found it was not terribly far removed from the SRT-8 stuff. Body roll was minor for a larger car, and the seats offered more than enough support in tight corners. Obviously no one buying the 300C is expecting to even attempt anything that produces body roll but, it’s nice to know if you need the car to handle well in adverse conditions it will.

I took the 300C on several trips around East Texas and the most surprising thing I encountered was the fuel mileage. In Fuel Saver Mode this portly ride achieved close to thirty miles per gallon. That’s with the Hemi. The stated numbers are 17/25mpg but I managed to coax a bit more out of the girl by just keeping my foot out of the power band and frequent use of cruise control. It was easy to relax and enjoy the ride with the 276 watt stereo and six Boston Acoustics speakers keeping the dull noise of the passing tea party rallies beyond my hearing range. Thank you for that Chrysler.
Now for the price, starting at $38,760.00 the Chrysler 300C will price some out of the market. There are just so many choices around the forty grand mark. Competition is tough but so is the brawny 300C and if you’re in the market for a large, soft, and loveable car the 300C is just right for your plus-size taste.