2010 Camaro SS

2010 Camaro SS

2010 Camaro SS

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America’s automotive waistline continues to expand. Turn on the boob-tube and you’ll likely see a story about the weight American’s gain each year. It’s not just the humans.

In 1974 a new Camaro weighed in around 35-3600lbs. Today that number has surpassed four thousand pounds. Think about it. With all of the new weight saving technology that is a travesty. Carbon fiber, aluminum, and plastics make it possible to build a much lighter car than decades ago. So, why the added weight? It’s for your comfort and ease of operation. Wiring weighs a ton. Bigger wheels and tires add to the issue. Sound deafening material and safety equipment round out the weighty problems.

Although I do love the styling of the new Camaro SS, I would feel less than truthful if I relayed anything to G.M. other than asking them to please call Jenny Craig asap. When I test drove the Camaro RS with the six cylinder (305HP) and six speed trans, I found it more fun to drive around town. Don’t misunderstand. I love power. I also like to feel sporty sometimes and I don’t feel terribly sporty in the Camaro SS. Sure, you can explode off the line and surge toward the finish line in the quarter mile faster than BP fills the Gulf with oil. But there really should be more to it. I don’t want to feel the same as the old man in the Cadillac CTS.

The weight is really one of only two gripes I have. The other is the interior. Scheduled to be updated soon, the fit and finish is rough. The knobs are oversized and confusing and the console needs to be re-visited. Also, please put the unlock buttons back on the door where they belong.

All of that aside it’s still a Camaro. The car everyone else tries to beat. And for now it’s finally out selling its closest competition, the Mustang. I love the lines around the car. The factory two inch cowl hood, big wide stance, and a truly classic front-end give this new Camaro undeniable muscle appeal.

There are ponies galore and with the ever greater involvement by GM performance you can upgrade the performance and customize your SS to look like no one else’s, unless you chose the BumbleBee.
The other good news out of GM is that a newer version is expected to be shorter and smaller. Now we’re talking. With the new CAFÉ standards coming down the mountain there may be no other way to meet these goals with the current rubenesque offering.

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