2010 GMC Terrain

2010 GMC Terrain

2010 GMC Terrain

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Week after week, car after car, many things change. Muscle cars, trucks, sport car’s, and SUV’s come and go without a pause to reflect how much the domestic car industry has improved its products. Now like never before the big three are churning out better offerings than ever. Yeah, I know there seems to be more re-calls than ever too. But, even with the recalls the quality just gets better and better. Take this week’s review subject, the GMC Terrain. The Terrain has already had to deal with some small recalls, mostly for faulty defrosters. Now, I know you’re thinking Lonnie, how can you say products are better than ever if we are constantly bombarded by recalls. Easy, I drive these cars and can attest that quality throughout is better than it has been since I began reviewing cars three or four years ago.

The GMC Terrain gives you everything you need in a SUV/Crossover. The power-plant is impressive. That’s really hard to say about a four-banger but, it’s true. The 2.4 liter four boast 182HP and 172 pounds of torque. You can opt out of the four and order the six-cylinder if you need an additional 80HP and fifty pounds of torque but, you probably don’t. The four has more than enough chug to get the 3800 pound SUV up to speed quickly enough. It does so as quietly as BP handles the press for the Gulf fiasco. All the while, delivering 22 MPG city and 32 MPG highway. That’s the four banger. The six-cylinder is good for 17 city and 25 highway. Not too bad.

It’s the interior that won me over however. It’s sharp, comfortable and sensibly laid out. One gripe however is the audio control position. You have to stretch a bit too much to reach the audio controls. This can be as distracting as Sofia Vegara crossing the street. I think all manufacturers should place the secondary audio controls on the steering wheel. Distractions today are more frequent than ever. Why have one more?

The seats are comfortable and move fore and aft mechanically and electrically move the seat back and lumbar support. GMC must have done this to save a little weight. Sounds good to me. I’ll be happy to reach between my legs to move the seat up to save twenty pounds. Depending on the trim line you choose SLE-1, or, SLE-2 you’ll have more than enough amenities to choose from. The SLE-2 adds Bluetooth, 18 inch wheels, roof rails and a pioneer sound system.

Above all else the GMC Terrain was enjoyable to drive. Notice I didn’t say fun. It’s not. It’s easy. Sometimes easy is preferred to fun, like taking kids all over creation for summer activities. The Terrain seats five comfortably and has adequate room for gear in the rear. This space could be a little larger but, if it was, I guess you have more weight , worse mileage etc.

As I keep telling you, gas is going to get expensive again. Sooner than later. After all, we can’t ruin all of our coastal beauty to move from place to place. If higher gas prices are indeed in our future why not continue the trend of smaller, four cylinder powered SUV’s?

Congratulations GMC on building a product that blends into our hectic lives instead of complicating things with more frequent fuel stops and wasted space. Speaking of wasted space, that brings this week’s review to its conclusion. I Wouldn’t want to waste space on any more bad Gulf references. Get with it BP!

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