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2010 Dodge Dakota

2010 Dodge Dakota [1]

2010 Dodge Dakota

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Ten years. Ten years I’ve owned what I consider the best truck ever built. The Dodge Dakota Quad Cab. The Quad cab Dakota was released in 2000 as the only quad-cab truck with a new, more powerful V-8. Dodge was advertising everywhere. I lived in Dallas at the time and I needed a truck that I could move clients in and out of easily and still have the power to tow more than 6,800 pounds. I know, today, those towing numbers seem low, but ten years ago they were the unbelievable.

The years passed. Dents came and were mended. Tires were bought, a radiator was replaced , and oil (synthetic of course) was changed. As a matter of fact, all the fluids were changed before their scheduled intervals. The truck cost me nothing in ten years but a radiator, maintenance, and wear items; brakes, tires, etc. Not too shabby. As a matter of fact, I think most of you reading this would be impressed, if not by my excessive maintenance, then, by the shear durability of the Dodge truck brand.

Sure, there were the red-neck jokes like; what’s the matter, couldn’t afford the whole truck? After all, the Dakota is not a full-size truck. It’s a truck you can actually park in congested parking lots. It’s a truck a five-foot-ten mountain of a man can get in and out of perfectly. It’s a truck that begs to you to use the “Bubba Rule”. Ask David Irwin about the “Bubba Rules. He’ll tell you it applies to enterprising folks who are sure tow limits are estimated not actual…Tyler’s full of them.
The point is, Dodge built an amazing truck in 2000. Maybe that’s why so little has changed structurally with the Dakota in the past ten years. Yeah, the skin is different. There are more gadgets to keep your attention. The satellite radio, nav-system, and heated seats make life more enjoyable. But, the heart of the Dakota has stayed the same. Check the V-8 option and you’ll receive a 4.7 liter motor that gets 14 mpg city and 19 mpg highway. The same as it was in 2000. Sure, there’s more power and torque, but little else has changed. Why mess with perfection?

2000 Dodge Dakota [3]

2000 Dodge Dakota

When the new 2010 Dakota arrived, it was wearing the same tires as my truck currently is shod with. BFG’s, raised white letters, letter side facing out. It’s a great look on this body style. Maybe Dodge should call me for future styling ques.
The Dakota drives great. Not too stiff. With a revised 4.7 liter, the new Dakota makes 302HP and 342LBFT of torque, almost 60Hp more than mine. Also, the new Dakota can tow up to 7,200 pounds and has a payload of almost three quarters of a ton. Think about that. The beauty of the Dakota to me has always been the power of a full-size truck with the ease of driving like a smaller truck.

So, here is my suggestion. If you want an uber-reliable truck and don’t have “size envy” then, you should consider the Dodge Dakota. Take it from someone who has ten trouble free years of service with an older model. Treat your Dakota right and maybe you can keep yours for ten years.