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2011 Mustang V6

2011 Mustang V6 [1]

2011 Mustang V6

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What’s crazier than the next Mel Gibson phone message released? How about a Mustang V-6 with 305bhp? What’s more surprising than Dale Earnhardt Jr. winning a Sprint Cup race? How about the all-new 2010 Mustang V-6 having a faster ¼ mile time (13.5 seconds) than a 1968 Boss Mustang (14.8 seconds).

Seriously, let that bounce around in the brain pan for a minute. But, while you’re thinking remember the V-6 may well be the old V-8.

Before the new V-6 mustang was delivered, I had the privilege of driving Ford’s big beast, the Mustang GT500 Cobra. Let’s just say it’s a nasty car that you will hear more about, just not in this review. The cool thing about getting the V-6 after the Cobra was the contrast offered by the cars. Compared to the Cobra the V-6 is much easier to drive and almost as much fun. You have to understand that you could never see the top-end of the Cobra on public roadways. I was lucky enough a few years ago to go to Dearborne and meet Carol Shelby to test drive, at the time, the all-new Mustang GT500 on an auto cross course. That car had about 90 less horsepower than the current GT500 model. It was an absolute blast on the course. Carroll just advised me to “stay in it”. But, that was on a closed course. On the “street” you could never push the car that far. That’s what makes the 2010 Mustang V-6 so fun to drive. With 305HP you can have more fun than Lindsey Lohan at an Adderall convention.

When I was growing up my father, who’s not a car guy always encouraged me to get the V-6 and make it look fast. Well, Ford took it one step further. Not only does the Mustang V-6 look fast, it is fast. There is almost no way to tell the difference between a V-6 and the GT at this time. If the decals were removed and both cars had a wheel and tire package, I would argue it would be damn near impossible to tell the difference. Just last week someone brought a V-6 up to the station that had been “slicked”, that means all of the tags had been removed. Only paint remained. The car had a different hood and wheels and tires. It may be one of the best looking mustangs I’ve ever seen.

The funny thing to me though is before too long Ford is going to shove the 3.5 liter eco-boost motor in one. Then it’s over. There will be tuners getting 500-plus horsepower out of the new generation of six-cylinder power makers.
The gear box in the standard Mustang is silky smooth. Think Steve-O’s brain. Each gear falls into place effortlessly. The one gripe I have with the new mustang is no telescoping steering wheel. This is one addition to any creature comfort list that should be on all cars, at this time. I just couldn’t get my arms to feel comfortable if my legs did.

But, far and away the second most impressive thing about the Mustang V-6 is the mileage. This car sucks up fuel at a slower pace than two turtles in line at Wal-Mart. How does 30MPG sound with 305HP? Unreal, right?
Look, for price, starting at just over $22,000.00, the new mustang can’t be beat. As a matter of fact it’s very hard to beat period.