2011 Ford F350 Super Duty

Ford F350 Super Duty

Ford F350 Super Duty

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Jane!!! Park this crazy thing! Man, the all-new Ford King Ranch F350 is as impressive as it is hard to park. I’ll get involved in the details that make this Truck truly amazing in just a minute. But, first let’s talk about driving and parking this larger than life domesticated semi tractor.

The Mrs. and I had a date night last Saturday. You know “date night” is what you’re left with after your children take your formerly entertaining life hostage. We went to the local Big Box Theater, you know the ones…Huge screen, small 90 degree parking spots and a parking lot cluttered with tweeners and teens in various stages of consciousness. Not a great place for a behemoth like the F350. I almost had a panic attack trying to park the F350. It’s what I imagine docking a small destroyer might be like. The corners of the F350 seem as distant as Michael Moore at a Sarah Palin rally. It took me well over a minute to park correctly. The whole time the lovely wife was saying, “would you like me to park it…I’m not intimidated”. Really, who wouldn’t be intimidated at what you can’t see? There are times, I’m told by an F350 driver, when you can get trapped in a parking space until the parker next to you returns to let you out. Don’t get me wrong, there are cameras that make it easier. Without those helpful video devices there would be no chance for a man of my standards to drive this beast.

But, beast doesn’t begin to describe the King Ranch edition of the F350. It drives like a luxury car on the road. It’s quieter than my editor after reading one of these reviews. Ford put so much attention into the comfort of the F350 that it sometimes feels like you are going much slower than your speedometer reports. The instrument panel is one of the best I’ve ever seen, with every detail you want to know about the condition of your truck. From fuel mileage displays to the Ford Sync system. The King Ranch feels just like your driving around in your office. Maybe that’s why it’s so hard to park. The plush leather feels awesome and the seats, front and rear are extremely comfortable.

Let’s not forget however, this truck was built to use. The F350 that was delivered with the all-new 6.7 liter Power Stroke (R) V-8 Turbo Diesel could do absolutely anything a safe and sane person wanted it to do. The power is unmistakable, 390HP and 735lb-ft of torque. What, That’s not enough for you, you pansy? Ok, if you need even more heft how about buying a new F350 6.7 liter Turbo Diesel and taking to your local Ford dealer and ask them about the TSB that allows the dealership to ‘flash” the computer and instantly add 70lb-ft of torque and ten horsepower. That brings the total in at 800lb-ft of torque. That’s enough torque…well, that’s enough torque.

I could list the purpose driven option package but frankly I’m not that motivated. The list is longer than a Monday morning sales meeting. It includes such options as (PTO) Live Drive Power Takeoff, TorqShift, Heavy Service Suspension Package and almost a forty gallon gas tank for the diesel.

Here’s the joke however. The fuel in the 37.5 gallon tank last longer than you would think. On a trip to Athens I was able to coax a little over twenty miles to the gallon from my temporary rolling office. The air was cold and the drive was peaceful and comfortable.

So for you able bodied men and women who take pride in pulling small homes and being able to park a truck larger than Glen Beck’s ego, the all-new King Ranch F350 6.7 liter diesel is for you. You know how I feel about it. If you want one ,go to Tyler Ford and have David and the bunch to fix you up with a truck I can’t park.

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