2011 Kia Sportage

2011 Kia Sportage

2011 Kia Sportage

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Most of us have gotten very used to the SUV concept in recent years. After all, the SUV/Crossover has seen an impressive run. They are perfect vehicles to haul small kids, family and small loads, all the while delivering decent mileage for a utilitarian vessel.

This past week, Tyler and the surrounding areas were decimated with unusually large ice rocks falling from the sky.They surely would have killed Chicken Little. What a lot of you might not know is there are not big bucks in radio or journalism in mid level markets. Therefore, I also have owned and operated my own roofing company for over ten years. When the storm hit Sunday night I knew I was going to be busy again for the next six months. Long days at the station, and longer nights and weekends going up and down damaged roofs all over East Texas are awaiting me.

Enter the 2011 Kia Sportage, a mostly great little Crossover with enough storage for my twelve foot ladder, various brief cases, tape measures, and endless amount’s of pens and pencils. The basic “storm survival kit”. The funny thing is, this all fit perfectly in the Sportage. The navigation system makes finding my destination a breeze and the absolutely vast amount of features are mind numbing for a Kia. As I’m writing this I can tell you I especially enjoyed the heated seats as we saw or first frost in East Texas. Goodbye to another hot Texas summer.

The ride of the Sportage may be a little stiff for some and the steering seemed odd to me. But, for a people mover, it drove great. Cars have come so far in the last few years. Almost any choice you make is a safe one, yes, even a Kia.

The new Sportage is about $1,600.00 more than last year’s model. With that little nudge in price it places the Kia Sportage directly in the thirty-grand range. That’s a bit too steep in my opinion. What the Kia shows however is that if the creature comforts are astounding then the rest of the vehicle can be average. That’s actually okay with me. If I’m driving around town taking my son to various practices or looking at storm damage I am far more likely to enjoy myself with an abundance of creature comforts.

The mileage is also nothing but impressive for a Crossover. The Kia Sportage gets about 30MPG highway and 26MPG city. All I know is you can see a lot of hail ridden roofs on a tank of gas.

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