2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart

2011 Mitsubishi Ralliart

2011 Mitsubishi Ralliart

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Stability. We strive for it in our lives at work and at home. We look forward to it in our old age. When it comes to cars, there is no greater joy than driving a car with stability. No, I’m not talking about ride quality. I’m talking about the ability for the car you’re driving to execute your wishes just the way you command it to. Whether you’re on an icy road in wind driven conditions or putting the car in a four-wheel drift the car with the most stability wins out every time. In fact, in competition, I think I might give the edge to stability versus raw power. Yeah, I said it.

The Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback Ralliart was sent to me last week. If you follow my reviews or listen to the show you know I love power. Smoking tires is fun, don’t get this twisted. The problem is, unless you have a thousand horsepower, you can only spin tires for so long. Nothing, I repeat, nothing compares to flying around a corner way above the common sense curve, knowing you will come out of the corner exactly where you want to. It makes you feel talented and in control like Tiger Woods. Sorry, I meant talented and controlling.

The first thing to catch my eye was the Octane blue paint. The redesign of the body and the stance of the car told me immediately that this was going to be a fun car to drive. I had just seen the sedan version of the car a couple of weeks ago at Donnybrook Exxon. I remember thinking it was one of the better looking cars I’d seen in a while.

What separated and elevated the car for me even more was the utilitarian nature of the Ralliart. I’ve told you before I have a side gig as a roofing contractor and recently our area was hit hard not only by hail but by out of town roofers. Hey, that’s cool. They need to make a living too. The funny thing is most of them drive these HUGE 4X4 trucks jacked up with wheels so large and shiny you know they’ve never seen the off-road. Perched above the cab, reaching for the heavens, is a sixteen foot ladder. If you live in Bullard or Flint, you’ve seen these on your way home lately. The fact is, you don’t need that huge carbon footprint. You don’t need that sixteen foot truck. I bet I saw just as many houses and just as many rooftops riding around in my Ralliart with my quad-fold twelve foot ladder in the back. The hatchback allowed me easy access to all of my tools of the trade.

I could list the hundreds of options on the Ralliart, but you can get that off of the Mitsubishi website. What I can tell you is, you will never have more fun driving a sub 250HP car. The Ralliart feels much faster, I’m sure, in part to the exotic full time four-wheel-drive system . This system employs the ACD (Active Center Differential). The ACD has an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch center differential vectoring drive torque to the front and rear depending on driving conditions.

Keyless entry and a (^%&^%&%**) 650 watt sound system that made me thank God for the new Sirius Pearl Jam station are just a few of the goodies.

If you need a family friendly, fast, and fun car to drive you, should think about putting the Ralliart under the tree for yourself this year. I’m sure it’s a blast at the north pole.

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