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2011 Honda CRZ

Posted By Lonnie Johnson On December 16, 2010 @ 10:50 am In Car Reviews | No Comments

2011 Honda CRZ [1]

2011 Honda CRZ

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The more things change… I’m sure you’ve heard that tired line before, but I can’t think of a better line to start this week’s review with. Last week, the new Honda CR-X …er,CR-Z was delivered to the station. I was kind of excited about it. I’d seen the pictures. The car was capturing my attention early and often. I purposely chose not to read any other reviews because I wanted the visceral reaction that comes from a much anticipated date. When I first laid eyes on the new CR-Z I loved it. The lines, much like the original CR-X, were impressive. A wedge-like design to attract the sports car lovers and small stature to please the tree-huggers awaited.
Then, came time to get in and drive the car. That’s where it all fell apart for me. The original CR-X was a peppy, fun to drive (see light-weight) little coupe that stole the spot light during the Seattle music movement. For those of you who post date that reference that would have been from 19, yes, 1988 – 1991. Back when men wore plaid and women wore large hair. In those days, Honda was king for the young people. And for good reason, Honda offered un-matched reliability with amazing fuel mileage.
In 1991, the Honda CR-X got an astounding 40MPG city and 50MPG on the highway. The 2011 CR-Z gets 31MPG city and 37MPG on the highway. Good God, help me with this. How can you introduce a Hybrid that gets worse mileage twenty years after you made virtually the same car with better mileage and performance standards? I mean I really don’t get it. I try to be fair in all of my reviews and there are good things about the CR-Z. For one, I think it’s a great road car for a single guy or girl. It drives well. Quiet and comfortable would be one way to describe the experience. Fun to drive? Not so much.
We recently had a guest on the show who was a twenty-seven year old automotive engineer. He had only read about the original CR-X. He was the one who brought up the fact that the CR-X out performs the CR-Z in just about every category except the electric motor.
Somebody help me. My world is slipping away. What next? Justin Bieber trying to play Alice in Chains. Rest in peace Lane Staley.

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