2011 Honda Odyssey

2011 Honda Odyssey

2011 Honda Odyssey

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I can’t believe what I’m about to write. I really like a mini-van. I’m having a lot of trouble categorizing my emotions. First of all, like many other mini-vans, this one is well, less than attractive. You know how some people say puppies are so ugly they’re cute? So is this mini-van. It looks sort of like someone drove an Accord under a bus and when it came through the other side, the bus rear-ended it. But, it’s actually a good look. No one, however, buys a mini-van for looks. You buy them for their primary job of hauling too many kids and far too much stuff.

Enter the 2011 Honda Odyssey. With as much to offer cosmetically as an aged Madonna at six a.m. Stick with me. That’s where the negatives come to an end. The 2011 Odyssey gives you great mileage, wide screen(16.5 inches) monitors and amazing comfort while heading over to grandma’s house. Just for this review I took the Odyssey on a trip across East Texas. I packed it full of firearms (bb-guns), ammo (bb’s), assorted food and enough kid’s movies to entertain the most discerning seven year-old. No problem with the Odyssey. It swallows cargo faster than birds fall from the sky in Arkansas.

The odyssey drives extremely smooth. It really feels more like an Accord than a mini-van. The seats are comfortable and heated, of course, and the Odyssey offers many of them. You could carry over half of Octomom’s family in the Odyssey and give them all a cool drinks knowing that up to fifteen drinks can be held in place at one time in the Odyssey. To keep trash to a minimum there are rings that pop out to hold trash bags and a cooler between the seats to keep your colas cold. Since you’ll be too busy to select a song trying to drive, hand out drinks, keep up with the trash and yell at kids you’ll really appreciate the Song By Voice that allows you to pick the tunes you want to listen to while the kids, enjoy Hanna Montana and the Coral Reefer Band. I kid Miley.

While you’re driving down the road relaxed and entertained you can’t help but notice the gas gauge seems to be stuck on full. How about Tyler to Texarkana and back on less than a half a tank of go juice? Sounds good, huh? This is something that definitely got my attention. Honda says the Odyssey gets 28mpg highway. All I know is that in a week of driving I never had to stop and fill up. The Odyssey is powered by a 3.5 liter 258HP V-6 that offers plenty of get up and go probably due to the 250lbft of torque.

Now, for the handling. I drive a ‘74 Camaro from time to time (spring and fall) and it handles better than most mini-vans. Not the Odyssey. The Odyssey offers precious little under steer for a mini-van.

Thank you, Honda for stepping up to the family plate and knocking it out of the park. Now, just make it better looking.

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