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2011 Ram 1500R/T

2011 Ram 1500 R/T [1]

2011 Ram 1500 R/T

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There was a time long ago when the snow and ice made a fool of me. Caught in Denver in 1996 for a once every fifty year blizzard, I stayed holed up in my extended stay hotel for three days, afraid to test the roads and paralyzed by the fact this Texas boy had never seen his truck buried under three feet of snow. I was waiting for a break in the weather to run a mile to the store. I would’ve stayed in the warm hotel longer but, my new wife challenged my Texas manhood. She said something like, “really, you’re afraid to drive in snow.” So, off I went. The one mile trip took four hours. And to add insult to ignorance I got stuck in the parking lot of an Albertson’s. Most people just walked by and laughed. Denver’s like Dallas, only, the people who aren’t snooty are hippies. Go hippies. So, a hippie in a jeep decides to help. I’m in a light truck with wide street tires that worked great in Texas. The hippie quickly gave me a lecture on what not to drive in the snow. Number one was a light truck with wide street tires. You know what, that hippie proved to be right until Dodge sent me the 2011 Ram 1500 R/T.

This week brought Denver weather to Texas and I was stuck in the same situation as last time. Light truck wide street tires, and oh yeah, around 400HP. The cool thing is now in 2011 we have these things called traction and stability control. I don’t mean to imply that the Ram R/T is a rally car, it’s not. But, I did drive it in absolutely horrible conditions and it performed amazingly well. This truck was never meant to be driven in several inches of snow mixed with ice. But, hey, Dodge wants me to test them.

If I’m giving the 2011 Ram R/T a grade it’s a strong B+. The power is a little behind the SRT10 but, I think it actually makes for a more fun truck to drive. There are absolutely hundreds of mustangs, camaros, sport trucks, and vettes wrecked every day due to loss of control.

What makes the Ram R/T so good in bad weather makes it a beast when the sun is shining. If you hit the go pad this thing lights up the boulevard. What is surprising is how well it handles. Ford did it first with the Lightning. When the lightning was released it beat everything on the road. The lightning had a super- charger and it handled well. But, it was priced as a premium just like the SRT10 specialty truck.

The RAM R/T is within the reach of most of the people who are looking for something like this. That’s what makes it even more attractive. With a sticker price a little over thirty thousand you get a tremendous amount of speed technology and a spay-in bed liner.

The interior is as sporty as you can ask a truck to be. Buckets are firm and supportive and the gauges are well placed and easy to read. As with all new Dodge products you can enjoy Sirius Satilite Radio. I reallt think the heated seats would be a plus. Look, what do you want from me it’s cold. Having way too much fun I still averaged just over fifteen miles per gallon, in town. I did have 26 gallons of fuel on-board. So, the fuel stops weren’t nearly as frequent as I thought they would be. Once again, what’s so nice about this truck is, it’s fun to drive, fast or slow.

I can’t wait to see if Dodge does an R/T version of the Durango or Dakota. An SRT option will get you noticed, that’s a given. But look at the R/T in the Ram line for 2011 and save yourself some cash. Who knows what those aftermarket monkeys have in store for this platform. I’m sure somewhere there will be the enthusiast who sports a 600HP 2011 Ram R/T. I just hope he, or her have traction control.